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Social Rank: None
Concept: Mage Guardian
Fealty: Amber
Family: None
Archetype: Guardian
Gender: Male
Marital Status: single
Age: 37
Height: 5'11"
Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Dark Brown
Skintone: None

Description: There is a graceful line that traces this man's five foot and eleven inch height. His shoulders are a touch wide, and his waist is slender. His lashes are long and black, framing his eyes neatly, and his eyelids seem thin. His eyebrows are black where they softly arch above his eyes, and his complexion is of a warm and pale amber tone. His eyes are a deep and dark brown, and there is a youthful smoothness to his features. A shorter fall of hair tumbles across one side of his forehead.

Black hair frames his face, the strands of it as dark as midnight, faint wisps of it to lightly touch his cheeks and jaw. Starting an inch above each of his ears, and every inch or so apart up each side of his head, are horizontal braids that are neat and small. They extend almost to the back of his head, the tails neatly braided into a knot which is held securely in place with a white jade hairstick with an engraving of flowing water. From there, the length of his hair has been braided and the lengths of it looped up to be caught between his shoulderblades in a leather clasp with a stick speared through it. This makes the length of it difficult to tell. His ears are close against the sides of his head. He is clean shaven, his nose a touch narrow but fitting his features well. His lips curve in a gentle cupid's bow, a soft pink shade, and it seems oft that there's a smile hovering near to the corners of his lips.

Falling lightly over his physique is the soft grey-ish blue silk of robes. Threads of blue embroidery flow in soft shapes of waves along the back of the robes. Little of his skin is visible. He seems to keep himself in good shape, his body lean and toned, muscular. His shoes are soft soled and of dark brown leather. A long and slightly curved blade is sheathed at his back with the hilt of it extending over his left shoulder, and a shorter blade of similar design is at the left side of his waist. There may be other weapons elsewhere upon him but these are the visible ones.

Personality: None

Background: None

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