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Waking Up

A tremor can be felt, starting at the Royal Palace in Amber and extending throughout the universe. The tremor continues for several minutes, becoming more pronounced and impossible to miss. The sky goes slowly dark, as a large cloud slowly crosses over the sky.

The tremors continue, spreading into the countryside, along the beach, past Kolvir. Past all the mountains everywhere.

Where did the birds go? The sky continues to darken, and the temperature drops. A large crack sounds, but nothing seems to be broken. A second crack, and then a third. The stairs up to Tir appear, and then seem to crumble, the tremor shaking them to pieces. The stairs down to Rebma crack, and half of them fall. The Shadowpaths break. Routes between Shadows vanish without a trace. There are still no birds. No animals.

The city lights in Amber itself begin to go out, making the darkness seem darker. This happens everywhere. Did the stars go out too? Did the sun dim? Shadows grow, taking over, as darkness comes. As the last light goes out, and darkness takes over everything, the tremors stop. There is a final large horrid never ending CRACK. And then nothing ...

... nothing ....

... nothing ...

In the darkness, in the void, the sensation - a nibble at first - of something trying to pull you apart too. Something trying to unmake you. A struggle to stay together, requiring the Will to just be. For what seems like forever. Until finally, a crack of light in the distance and the sensation of struggle fades. Some time passes.

The world is a different place.