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Rumours are flying that someone is preaching the Word of the Unicorn

Story Emits

All over the lower docks people with white lines drawn on their foreheads - rough marks like a horn - are preaching the word. The Unicorn will save us! Strength is good! Hold the line! Fight the fog! Some say that there is a prophet. Where described, the prophet has a hat a lot like Kyrie's.
The lower city is having an odd sort of trouble. Cultists of the Unicorn are following the path laid out for them by Kyrie, and some are having trouble keeping to the True path. Others are taking responsibility for herding them back to the Correct and Proper Way, by violence if necessary. Mostly, this looks like ordinary gang warfare, but there are some indications of cult leaders rising to gang status, or gang leads rising to lead these cults.
The rejuvenation of the old dolphin fountain in the lower city led to violence lately, when two gangs clashed over the water supply. The outcome is unclear, but while the fountain has been cleaned, it has not been restored to sparkling flow. Both gangs were said to be followers of the same new Unicorn religion.