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Sticky Situation

Story Emits

After the unexpected and unseasonal snow, some of our heroes went to the hospital to help Amy move boxes. Nice, calm, mundane work. Except they found a door, hidden by so many boxes it was almost invisible. They did manage to get it open, but then shut it again very quickly. Why? That's a great question ....
It started with one itsy bitsy spider. And then another, and then ten, and then hundreds of them, scurrying out of the hospital as fast as their eight legs would carry them. They didn't bother anyone, they didn't do anything but scurry out of the hospital and then into whatever cover they could find. Thousands of them. Maybe more.

So many little spiders. Creepy.

Web of Intrigue
The hospital seems to have had an episode of breaking and decorating - has a burglar come in, repaired the walls, and whitewashed over the top? If only all those spiders were gone, it would be tip-top. Still, at least the webs are clean and clinical and white.