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Using the Fog

Posted by Pinion on 10/25/20
Dear People,
By now, you know that the fog allows you to get in and out of it, but please remember that this is a difficult, difficult proposition. If you are using the fog for dramatic exits or entrances, then you are using it for dramatic license. We are cool with that! But do remember to use the fog commands. It is absolutely fine to use +go to get out of the fog and into a scene, but fog is draining, horrific, and terrible - and it takes Will to get out of it. So, if you leave a scene via the fog, or enter one with a fog taxi, pay up front. There may be truth in the rumour that the fog takes account of the people and things that enter it - please keep using it as coded. If you see other people taking advantage of the cool dramatic factor of the fog, please remind them to do so as well.