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Talents, Gifts, and Will

Posted by Pinion on 05/02/21
The GMs are currently adding more gift and talent descriptions to those which have not been fleshed out. In general, from now on, using Will is going to make it possible to do something you could nearly do before, and not easier to do something you can do already. Most talents and gifts will have a general (and wide) area in which you can use the talent or gift for a bonus, and then a 'stretch goal' which will allows you to do a little bit more, by stretching, concentrating, or just believing in yourself. If there is a person running the scene, it is up to them whether the chance to use Will is there - it might be that today is an off day for the universe, or that Will is not going to help.
Please read through talents and gifts, to see if they have changed. If not, they may soon. It is our plan to fill these in, and then extend the gift set.