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Looking Out

What is this lookout place?


Sept. 12, 2020, 7 p.m.

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Kyrie Danielle Gavin



Halfway Lookout

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Amy is exploring. She shouldn't be by herself likely but that doesn't seem to be stopping the petite blonde. She has made her way down the path, angling along the side of the mountain to where it angles back again, and she pauses, trying to look out. But there's only fog. She frowns and stomps a foot. Not that it helps. Her hand find her hips and she glares at the fog. "You are most uncooperative." That's her solidly spoken comment.

The fog roils and turns, almost swimming against itself as it sits there, looming ominously.

Kyrie has a sack over one shoulder as she meanders about this part of their small world. Apparently, she's still collecting corroded coins. Everyone needs a hobby, right? Though, she does seem to also be looking for anything else of interest.

Amy is glaring at the fog, so of course, she doesn't notice Kyrie at first. It takes her a moment or two to give up on scowling uselessly at the fog. Then she turns resignedly, moving to pick up one of those coins and fling it off into the fog. There's no sound of it landing, not even after several seconds. "That's not - obnoxious at all," she mutters.

Kyrie spotted Amy, of course, and studies the blond as she wings a coin into the fog. She looks up at the sky then, and calls upwards "No, really. Send cows next time." If a cow falls from the sky and lands on someone, you know who to blame.

As Amy turns, there seems to be a slight sparkle in the fog. Just a tiny bit. It's not easy to see, if one isn't looking right at that spot. And it moves, blinking here and there.

Amy definitely doesn't notice anything different about the fog. She's looking away from it. She hears Kyrie though and that causes her to grin. "Hey," she calls with a wave, her mood improving drastically. "How are you doing? Did you find anything interesting besides coins?" Then she looks up at the sky, mostly checking to see if there is a cow falling.

Kyrie waits, looking up, as though expecting something. Maybe a cow. When one isn't immediately forthcoming she looks down again. She, too, missed the sparkle while checking for falling cattle. "Hey." she says. "Not much, no. And I haven't found any ammunition fixings in any of the houses. That's vexsome."

"Amu-what?" Amy asks, with a blink. She wrinkles her nose as if not quite so surprised at Kyrie's comment. "Be careful. We went and explored a house, and one of the rooms is half eaten by fog." She pauses. "And the fire as lit, a candle too, and it didn't seem like they'd been left long, but there was nobody there." And hasn't been since they've been here. "Did you see anyone? Other than us I mean?"

"Ammunition." Kyrie replies. "Bullets. Casings. Powder. Didn't any of these people use arms?" She shakes her head then, and says "Just the ones you already know about. Maybe one of them was yanking your chain?"

Danielle comes out onto the overlook and takes her turn staring resolutely into the fog. She is far more hesitant to poke it mentally now that it has fought back "strange though the fire was roaring when we came in but begining to burn down as we left"

Amy shrugs at that. "Or they got caught by the fog," she says. "Danielle, Merrisol, Gavin and I went in together, so - not likely. But I guess possible." She's not discounting it, just - well, there was something off about the whole thing. "Next time you come with us, and then we'll know it's not you yanking our chain." She is teasing though, not at all believing that. She tilts her head a bit, as Danielle arrives, and nods. "Yeah, it was strange, that's true. But we did get some food in the kitchen for Martha." Supplies, yay! She frowns a bit at Kyrie, still not really getting it. "I guess, maybe you will find what it is you are looking for?" she offers slowly.

Danielle rolls with advantage 0 at difficulty 15, using occult.
The result is a failure.

Danielle rolls with advantage -1 at difficulty 10, using no gifts.
The result is a success.

Kyrie rolls with advantage 0 at difficulty 15, using survival.
The result is a success.

Kyrie chuckles. "Not me, no. Not that I'm not capable, but I don't think what we need right now's more crap creating distrust. But, I'm glad you found some supplies. We don't exactly have time to grow crops before we run out here."

Despite the earlier misgivings, Danielle gets a strong sense of foreboding, not painful but somewhat opressive, like a big storm is incoming. And Kyrie notices that the fog is starting to roil more and more, as if it's disturbed by something.

Danielle glares at the fog once more "It might be going to rain again" Don't get to close the edge, if it rains cows, we don't want to get knocked. she too seems puzzled by mention of bullets, powder and the like but knows full-well what a cow is so sticks with tat

Amy glances over at Danielle, shrugging a bit. "I don't think it's going to rain cows," she says. She isn't moving nearer the fog, but she's not moving away either. "It's true, and I think we're all agreeing that this is not the time or place for crazy practical jokes. So, I think - maybe it was really something else."

There's another glance upwards when Danielle mentions that it might rain again, but it's a brief one. Then, something draws Kyrie's attention back towards the fog. "Hm. Should move back more, away from the fog. Something's happening there." she nods in that direction.

And just like that, perhaps spurred on by thrown coins, a tendril reaches out from the fog, then a second and a third. One for each of the three here, with a surprising speed, trying to wrap around them. If it succeeds, it will start pulling them in towards the fog.

Amethyst rolls with advantage -1 at difficulty 10, using no gifts.
The result is a success.

Amethyst rolls with advantage -1 at difficulty 15, using no gifts.
The result is a failure.

Kyrie rolls with advantage -1 at difficulty 15, using no gifts.
The result is a success.

Danielle rolls with advantage -1 at difficulty 15, using no gifts.
The result is a failure.

Kyrie rolls with advantage -1 at difficulty 10, using no gifts.
The result is a success.

Danielle eeps as she is grabbed and dragged to the edge before she is aware of what's happening, but she will reflexively try to push back with magic much like a swordsman will reflexively draw a weapon

Danielle rolls with advantage -1 at difficulty 10, using no gifts.
The result is a success.

Pushing back with magic doesn't seem to work much at all. The tendrils grab hold where they can and slowly pull the three towards the fog.

The fog tendrils where they touch seem to make cloth age, skin dry out just a bit.

Amy yelps loudly as she is grabbed around the middle, and the fog starts to pull her in. "Look - " she starts, but realizes she's too late, so that she finishes way more softly with, "out." And now she's running in place, nearly held up by the fog tendril, sort of like road runner, except not getting anywhere.

Kyrie takes her own advice, and just as one of those tendrils reaches out for her she's moving back and dropping that sack of coins to draw her rapier. She's still grabbed though, and pulls against it as she growls and tries to cut through and free herself. Probably won't do a whole let against fog, of course.

"GET OFF ME!" Danielle hollers trying to drag her nails along the rock surface to slow momentum forward toward the rock edge

It's not a fast momentum towards the fog, it's very slow. There's time for Amy to scream again, and a third time. Kyrie's rapier cuts through the fog like it's not there, but it simply reforms, and continues its inexorable pull.

Amy continues to scrabble, but as she does so, one can maybe actually see her getting angry. "Stop that," she growls, sounding both like she means it, projecting really well for someone her size, and just about the same time as Danielle hollers.

The rapier does exactly as much good as Kyrie looks as though she expected it to do, and there's another growl before she settles on "Fuck!" She continues to try to pull against it, but it's magic fog. Magic. Fog. And then she sees the effect it's having on her coat. Her coat! There's a longer string of just as unladylike terms as she manages to pull harder. Not that it helps.

There is a moment of stillness, and the fog stops pulling. It then pulls a bit, stops, pushes backwards, stops and then it suddenly uncurls, almost sheepishly, and retreats back to the fog. There are little sparkly patches throughout the fog, visible now, as they brighten and fade.

Amy looks very puzzled now, pausing to look at the fog balefully. "Don't do that again." There's no response, but then who was expecting one? Strange thing that it is. "Are you okay? Kyrie? Danielle?" She insinctively goes to help the other two, not even realizing that her own clothing is overly quickly wearing out.

The fog sparkles for a bit, slowly fading back to normal.

When the fog's behavior changes and then finally lets them go, Kyrie first focuses on getting farther from it. She backs away, letting loose a few more unladylike words for good measure, holding her absolutely useless rapier in front of her. She glances towards the other two, and says "That sucks."

Danielle stands up and brushes herself off "That was quite close what made it stop I wonder? our efforts didn't seem to be doing much

Amy backs away from the fog as well, glaring at it. She is grumbling under her breath, as she stands there. All three have areas of exceptional wear on their clothing that weren't there previously. And where skin was touched, the skin has become dry and flaky. She looks to Danielle, making sure she's good, and then at Danielle. "That was - unexpected," she says.

There was screaming from here just a few moments ago, though it might feel like it was a lifetime.

From the fog, one coine comes flying out with a sllluurping sound, and it lands on the ground, bouncing a couple times and rolling to a halt.

And then the coin flies back out of the fog. Kyrie blinks once, and watches it bounce a few times to a rolling stop. "Kinda just insult to injury, aren't you, little guy?"

The sounds of screams must have been heard all the way at the switch back cause Gavin is charging toward the women. He's carrying the chopping ax with him as a weapon. He comes to a stop to look at the women a bit dumb sruck, "What happened? Is it throing coins at us?"

Danielle hms as she scratches off flaky skin and peers at it as if this is a distinctly knew experience, though not so foreign that she does not recognize it for what it is "could it symply have adged all life from existence?" she says frowning " and if so why have we surved--not complaing mind" she says to the space at large " It gave it back apparently. After trying to grab us"

Amy glares at the fog for a long moment. Kyrie's comment gets a laugh, but just as she's about to answer, Gavin comes charging in. "My hero," she says, and she sounds like she means it. "It - the fog reached out and grabbed us," she explains. It seems to be safe for the moment, the fog returning to its regular gloom and doom. "I don't know," she says, sounding bewildered. "I don't know at all. Around her middle, it's like there's a belt of frayed and faded material.

Kyrie looks again towards the others, including the charging Gavin. Then focuses on the condition on the clothes, and looks down at her coat. "Damn it. I love this coat..." she says with a sigh. Her hand is roughed up from when she was swinging at the fog tendrils, but she seems far less distressed about that.

"Any time." Gavin says, "Though I don't think I did anything." He says looking at the coat, "The fog did that? He says pointing at Kyrie's coat with the axe handle. He lloks at Danielle, "Perhaps running into the fog not such a great idea."

Danielle nods emphatically at gavin "one should always revise one's plan "it seems that the fog is either itself an active force that is potentially sentient and reactive or can be manipulated by someone or something that is. the question is what does it want. We were all firmlyy in its grip if it." she dooesn't speak the rest aloud but looks meaning fully at the other three

Amy simply reaches for Gavin's hand, the one that is not carrying an axe. "It - that was not fun," she says quietly. She shivers a bit as she listens to the others speaking. And then she smiles at Gavin. "You came running to help us," she adds. "That's not nothing." Looking at Kyrie, she makes a face. "Your coat, I'm sorry. Maybe we can figure out a way to repair it?"

Kyrie mms quietly, studying the damage. "Unlikely." she says, then shrugs. "I'm guessing this isn't the last damage it will see, though." She finally resheathes her sword.

Gavin has a dopey smile on his lips. "Anytime." He looks out at the fog, "So yeah... Maybe we need to search the other houses. I think that house we found this afternoon may hold secrets. Then again So should the others perhaps."

Danielle mms "Lots of questions, yet more than answers. You said someting about books. maybe we can figuire something out there too"

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