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Into The Fog

Some of our intrepid heroes discuss the fog and decide to check it out.


Sept. 20, 2020, 9:40 p.m.

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What kind of day is it today? Foggy. Same as it was yesterday and same as it will be tomorrow, likely. Still, there are traces of what could be sunlight filtering down from above. At least it is lighter now than it was. A red-headed woman, hair tamed in a braid, has made her way down from the Inn above and is walking parallel to the fog bank that encircles this spot. She is wearing a deeply green coat that is well loved, old and often repaired. Her concentration is pretty intently focused on the fog, though she does note where she is going.

Standing guard on the fog, often has Gavin standing at the edge as if the's trying to see if anything is on the other side. The Knight hasn't explored or conducted theories or experiences. Though at the moment, it's none of that. Gavin has found a tree to lay under and fallen asleep.

Everyone's staying at the inn, all - what 8 of them? Maybe 9. 10 if you count Martha. There's nobody else here. The fog lightens during the day, darkens at night, but it's still foggy. A swirling ominous mist that seems to continue forever.

Amy doesn't have her rock to sit on here, that's up a ways. But she comes down this way, taking a look around. She nods to the quiet redhead who has shown up. "Hi," she says. "I'm Amy." cause they haven't met yet, even if everyone else has. Then she glances around, but she's not necessarily the most observant. "Anyone seen Gavin lately? Is he okay?"

The redhead stops her motion parallel to the fog. Slowly, she turns toward the speaker, her feet almost automatically moving away from the bank. The motion is wary enough, reflexive enough, that a familiarity with the fog's tendency to snatch and grab is hinted at. "Amy?" Her voice is rich and low, almost a whisper. Seeking the other she adds, "I knew an Amy..." Just before her gaze lands, sweeping the woman up and down, though in a speculative sort of way, she adds, "I'm Maggie." Tentative delight begins though her wariness does not fade yet. Maggie continues, "I... have not seen Gavin. You are the first person I've seen."

Gavin is searched for but not seen and not roused. So the knight does what he would have dressed down one of his footman for. He dozes under the tree not aware of the goings on around him.

Amy pauses at that, blinking briefly. "You are I think the second person to say that. I'm sure there are many Amy's though," she says softly, with a bit of a shrug. "And I am very sorry, but I don't remember meeting you before." Her eyes then widen, and she says, "You - really? You must have just got here then. There's Martha, though she's usually at the Inn. And then a few others of us, who have found our way here. Did you see the coin shower?" She frowns, as she hears the answer about Gavin, and shrugs. "Gavin, Hey, Gavin?" she calls out. For such a petite thing, she has a stentorian shout.

You say, "Yes, there are a lot of Amys." She tilts her head slightly, adding, "Or... were." Listening, she shakes her head, "Coin operated...? Uh, no." Lifting one arm, she tucks her head a bit to sniff her underarm twice. "Um. Maybe I should find it soon." Her tone is a little sheepish. Straightening, "I got here yesterday. But, no, I have not met Martha." A wince begins as Amy shouts. The small one is loud. Turning, she tries to assess the reactions from the fog to the noise. If there are any.

r Gavin is searched for but not seen and not roused. So the knight does what he would have dressed down one of his footman for. He dozes under the tree not aware of the goings on around him.

Amy pauses at that, blinking briefly. "You are I think the second person to say that. I'm sure there are many Amy's though," she says softly, with a bit of a shrug. "And I am very sorry, but I don't remember meeting you before." Her eyes then widen, and she says, "You - really? You must have just got here then. There's Martha, though she's usually at the Inn. And then a few others of us, who have found our way here. Did you see the coin shower?" She frowns, as she hears the answer about Gavin, and shrugs. "Gavin, Hey, Gavin?" she calls out. For such a petite thing, she has a stentorian shout.

You say, "Yes, there are a lot of Amys." She tilts her head slightly, adding, "Or... were." Listening, she shakes her head, "Coin operated...? Uh, no." Lifting one arm, she tucks her head a bit to sniff her underarm twice. "Um. Maybe I should find it soon." Her tone is a little sheepish. Straightening, "I got here yesterday. But, no, I have not met Martha." A wince begins as Amy shouts. The small one is loud. Turning, she tries to assess the reactions from the fog to the noise. If there are any.

Gavin sits up suddenly, he wasn't far but far enough that he hadn't heard them immediately. He'd heard the load roar of Amy. He rises with blade and shield in hand. He looks around for a moment ready to fight the great roaring creature. when he only finds Amy and Maggie, there's a confused look on his face. He calls out, "Did you hear something yelling or roaring?"

Amy blinks. And then she blinks again. It takes her a little bit to realize what Maggie is thinking. "Oh," she starts, only to be interrupted by Gavin's arrival. "There you are! I was worried," is her first comment. "Roaring? I just was calling for you." And then back to Maggie. "Not that kind of shower. Like a rain shower, only it was coins."

Maggie shakes her head slightly, but turns to Gavin when he bounds up from his repose. SHe nods slightly in approval at the knight's nearly immediate readiness. "I think that it is safe to stand down, Sir Knight. You heard Amy calling. I am Maggie." Again, she faces Amy, "Oh. A shower of coins. No, I did not see that. It sounds odd..." Concern grows within, "Was anyone hurt?"

r Gavin blinks away his sleep. He sheaths his blade and shoulders his shield. "I could of sworn I heard a might roar call my name." He says making his way to the pair of women, "Lady Maggie, I am Sir Gavin." He says taking her hand and giving a slight bow, "The pleasure is mine." Though he releases her hand and steps to the side of Amethyst and casually reaches for her hand. "You've found me, what did you have in mind upon finding me?"

Amy grins at Maggie's reaction to the actual rain shower of coins. "No, nobody got hurt," she says. "That we are aware of. We were all in the inn. It did break a window." Which hasn't been fixed yet. "We haven't really found anyone - in fact, it was a couple days without anyone new, we were starting to think it's just us and someone's experimenting on us. I guess they might still be." Amy shrugs, and then smiles up at Gavin. As his hand reaches for hers, she automatically twines her fingers with his. "Mostly making sure you are okay, and then - well, I honestly didn't quite think that far. Maybe yelling at you for making me worry?"

Maggie inclines her head a bit when Gavin bows over her hand, "Sir Gavin. It is good to meet you." When he moves to Amy's side and the two hold hands, Maggie's expression turns faintly whistful for an instant that changes her countenance from pleasantly wary to thoughtfully sad, but only for that moment. In less than a heartbeat, the prior expression returns. She slowly tucks her hands into the pockets of her coat. "I am glad that no one was hurt. In the coin shower, I mean. But... How many people have... arrived?" "Around a half dozen give or take. Though most of us seem to have varying degrees of amensia. We all seem to be heading to Amber." He looks at Amy and gives her an innocent look, "Why would you want to yell at me? THat doesn't sound near as fun as alot of the other things we could do." Hey that charming thing works for her, maybe it will for him? Probably not.

Amy arches a brow at Gavin, shaking her head. "If they end up with you giving me all yoru money, that's fine then," she grouches. And then she says, "Well, there's us three, Danielle, Martha at the inn. Cat. Merrisol. I think that's all of us." That she knows of, at any rate. "But we all sort of woke up here, some of us with a lot of amnesia, some of us with just a little. Some of us seem to remember stuff, but none of us seems to know why we're here. Or where here is. Oh! Except that Martha said here is the Switchback. Not that it helped me any."

Maggie tries to hide a smile at Gavin's obvious attempt at misdirection coupled with faint innuendo. The smile fades away as she listens to the names stated. None gain a reaction until 'Merrisol' is mentioned. Her eyes narrow ever so slightly and she nods a bit, though that could be for any of them. Then she almost whispers, "Merrisol." Her tone is edged with emotion though naming it might be uncertain. Inhaling, she softly tries the name again before sighing, "I know that name as well. Is he the one who said he knew an Amy?" He. Not She, though the name's sound has some femininity to it. A glance around is taken then, "Switchback?" She turns to look downward, then upward, "That has implications, doesn't it...? I wonder what is up or down from here."

"We're on a mountain like Amber was. I dunno if it's the same mountain but there's a mountain under the fog." He points out into the dark fog, "We're on an incline here but if you walk into the fog then the ground that is nothing becomes level under your feet. It almost seems there's something out there." He considers, "I was wondering about tryng to reach it. Just to see if it could be done."

Amy nods, just in general. "Yes, Merrisol said he knew an Amy. He thought it was me at first, but - " She shrugs there, as she does not recall him at all. "Amber is a name I do know - it's where my father is from. I was there once, but only once - there was some crazy thing I had to walk in a spiral. But something was wrong at home, I remember that. I was headed to Amber to find Dad, because my mother sent me to find him. To help with - whatever was wrong." She shrugs then, not sure of anything else, other than that. "So far as I know I ended up here instead." She hasn't let go of Gavin's hand, it might be said, regardless of what she's saying. "It does seem there's something out there, yes. Every once in a while. Oh. And Danielle said something about a monster in the fog?"

Gavin nods, "Aye there's a creature in the fog. Though this sword and shield came from the fog." He nods, "I remember the Pattern and walking it. My father had me do it." e shakes his head, "But Why I don't recall."

Maggie listens, her expression shifting from a form of recognition to uncertainty. Her attention focuses on Gavin first, "We should try, Sir Gavin. I will help in the investigation, if you like." More softly, and to each of them, she continues, "Funny. I remember Amber. Or... a place called Amber anyway. My father was also from there and... yes, I walked a pattern there, too. I remember the effort, the sparks and that it was supposed to change me. Bring me into alignment or grant some kind of power. Maybe. I remember that things were falling apart and... some of us were trying to fix it. But..." she lifts her shoulders in a shrug, "But I don't remember much of that. I went somewhere to study. To try to figure out... Something. Anyway. I think that I finished my studies. I... think that I was going to try and find someone. Someone really important to me." HEr gaze lowers as though in thought. If she focuses on the joined hands of those before her it is accidental. Isn't it? After a silent moment, she inhales and looks up, "But I guess that is neither here nor there anymore, right? What are our prospects? The inn works for shelter, but what about food? Water?" A hand lifts to brush a few errant strands of red hair from her forehead, tucking them behind her ear.

Amy listens, and then shrugs. She has no answer alas for most of that. "The inn is meant to house a lot more than just us, so there is food and water there, for the immediate future." That's the first thing. "We went into one of the houses, and found some supplies there. There seem to be no people here, for some reason. None. But if you do go into the houses, be careful. The one we explored had - fog at the back of it."'.

Danielle comes from the direction of the inn to look around . yes, something has again changed that being Maggie's arrival but she does not appear to pose threat. "Another new arrival or have we managed to find anothe local?" she looks to both amy and gavin with this question before turning to greet Maggie "I'm danielle of amber in any case, granddaughter of prince brand. A pleasure to meet you."

"Sounds good, Maggie. Though I think we should gather Danielle and either Kyrie or Cat. Danielle is a red head and knows magic. The others know science, the other magic. So maybe we do it smart than just charging in like I did last time." He nods, "We are not in danger of going hungry for a time."

rMaggie nods to Gavin, "That sounds good to me. I prefer calculated risks, generally speaking." One hand lifts to cross before her, hand clasping her other arm above the elbow. "I know magic, of one sort and another and have been in enough battles to be a decent tactician, though..." Her mouth begins to form a name then pauses, "Uh. I want to say that Merrisol is better, but... I don't know that for a fact." Turning, she nods to Danielle, "Hello. I am Maggie." Her attention lingers on the redhead for a while, "Brand. Prince Brand?" Her brows lower toward a frown and she half turns her head to one side. Her expression is one of mitigated pain, or disgust or anger. Time ticks by as she regains control of her features, "His name is familiar to me. I think... That he was... or is... my father."

"Ooh, that makes you two - sisters?" Amy asks, catching up with this whole fun thing. "I think someone from the fog, Danielle, though I mean, if we were local, how would we know?" She's not clear on that bit, not at the moment. "But I think there has to be more than just here. Right? Doesn't there?" She takes a deep breath and scowls at the fog. "Stupid fog."

Danielle hm "No she and my mother would be sisters, I do believe> i'll be interested to see if you have a better time with your magic than i've had with mine. i'm waiting on ,errisol to take another look at that lab

Gavin watches quietly as he listens to the fact they found another Red headed wizard. "Then well another one that can help with the magic. Danielle. I was thinking of actively going into the fog. See I can reach whatever is out there." He points out to the thing off in the distance.

Maggie's expression smooths out a little as the topic moves from Brand to others. "She is my niece, I guess." Danielle is given a shy smile, warm and fleeting. Then, curiosity returns, "Who is your mother, Danielle? And yes, from the fog... Though I have no idea how long I was in there. Or when this is... Or even if this is the Amber or a... a copy?" Shrugging, she turns to Gavin, "I know magic, yes. But I am also a fighter. I... think. Or, I was. Maybe." Helpful, no? Turning to Danielle again, she nods, "What is up with your magic? Oh, you found a lap?"

"It's half fog," Amy adds helpfully, about the lab. "And oh, right, grandfather!" She takes a breath and then adds, "I'm I think a healer." Not that she has any healing supplies, but she thinks she is. Go figure. The questions about magic, those she leaves to the others to answer cause she is at the moment not even sure what that might be. "I did remember that my father's name is Random."

Danielle looks around " It doesn't seem to work. The other night I almost did something but it wasn't what intend and didn't particularly finish eith. As for the lab. We found it in an otherwise standard house. It struck me as odd but i suppose an alchemist might have one. This place seems somewhat responsive to our words and actions but i'm not sure we can purposefully direct it like the pattern" she looks to Gavin "is that staff still around.

r "I thought you kept the staff? I have the sword and shield." Gavin says as he looks around, "Could one of us try walking? See if one of us can shift this shadow around maybe actively control it." He snorts, "Our luck one of our Uncles is doing this for some reason."

Kyrie makes her way down, keeping her eyes out for any further aggressive behavior by the fog. She's again rolling one of those buffed coins over her fingers, but her other hand rests on the hilt of her rapier. Not that it wold do her much good if there were a further aggression.

Maggie's gaze flashes around the area, "Half fog? I don't understand..." But, she turns a grin to Amy, "A healer. So was the Amy that I knew. It would be neat if you turn out to be the same one. But either way, it is good to have a Healer. Random's daughter... I think you are that Amy." Her gaze lingers on Amy for a moment more, "And that means that you are the Amy that Merrisol knows too, I bet." Maybe. Close enough. Turning to look at Danielle again, she purses her lips, "That is odd. Maybe the fog is making magic more difficult. Maybe... it will take both of us to have something happen. Or a lot more effort." For an instant she looks around, perhaps to see if a staff is around somewhere. Shrugging, she steps a bit closer to Gavin, "I'd be willing to give it a try. Or maybe we can all try together?" As she is sort of scanning the area, she spots Kyrie coming closer. The woman's defensive attitude pricks Maggie's curiosity and she traces Kyrie's glance to the fog, then back again. While she does nod a greeting, she does not call out

"All of us together?" Amy suggests thoughtfully. "At least if we end up lost, we'll end up there together?" She shrugs and then says, "Why not, it seems like a good thought." As she continues through this, it occurs to her to say, "Wait, you all have uncles/" Still oblivious to family dynamics. "Hey Kyrie, this is Maggie. She came out of the fog too." There's a bit of a grin, and then she adds, "And it seems she and Danielle are related!" It makes things seem better to Amy somehow. Family. She hasn't got any staff or dagger, but she stands there, thoughtfully.

"Do we need to leave a note for the others not here?" Gavin says though he nods, "Yeah lets go together." He says preparing himself. He steps forward drawing his shield and sword. Unless somebody tells him to stop he's going to walk into the fog.

Danielle hms "Maybe it's back at the inn. Oh well. I'll have to stay behind gavin and try to get my magic to work again" So saying she positions behind gavin and she laughs at his remark "So I'm not alone in my desire to scream "grandfather I am not amused and see what happens"

Kyrie nods to those gathered, her free hand briefly tugging at the wide brim of her heat. "Howdy." she says both to those she knows and the one she doesn't. "Pleasure." she adds, to Maggie, then spends a moment taking in what they are up to. Her forehead furrows. Apparently, what she's gleaned in just that brief moment isn't her favorite thing ever. But, she also looks as though she'd do it if she had to.

Maggie nods to Amy, "Right. Okay." Turning to Kyrie, Maggie lifts a hand to wave, "Nice to meet you." Turning to the fog, she adds, "We are going exploring." Her tone is serious, her expression focused. Her hand dips beneath her long coat and she draws a dagger from her belt. Holding that in one hand, she lifts the other, nodding to Danielle, "I will try magic too, but I found a dagger when I came out of the fog. If anyone lost one, I would like to get it back home. I hope that they do not mind me borrowing it."

Amy listens and then she says, "Was it dark, when you all went into the fog? Maybe ropes?" she offers softly. "Because I can imagine we might get separated or something?" She is eyeing Gavin, and she does reach out to touch his arm, hopefully slowing his rapid descent into fogginess.

Gavin slows his roll as he feels the tug of Amy, "It was dark and we got separated but it gathered us up separately last time. It snatched up Kryie, I charged in, and then Danielle arrived. Though it ages and damages clothes."

Kyrie listens, then nods. "It was dark, and there was a grue. Ropes might be a good thing, to keep us all together. I plans to rustle up some rope, then got side-tracked polishing more coins."

Danielle hms "speaking of clothes. We can make a rope out of and she removes the cloak androlls it up" Waiting for others to add to the rope

Maggie glances from Gavin to Amy, then to Kyrie and Danielle. "Um..." Tucking her dagger into a pocket of her coat, she relaxes the 'spell-ready' hand and works the clasp of her belt open. Drawing the belt off, she shifts her hips a few times to be sure that her pants won't go a sliding down around her ankles. Satisfied that she won't commit a faux pas of the wardrobe malfunction variety, she takes the belt to add to Danielle's clothing rope. Clipping the belt to the cloak, she nods, "Good idea." Then, she takes the free end of the belt and passes it back through a loop on her waist, thereby anchoring herself to the belt. "A'right. Let's do this." Recovering the dagger and her spell-focus, she nods to the others, ready to go.

Amy tilts her head, as she watches the entire group. She has to chuckle. "Didn't you all ever go exploring with yours siblings?" A psuse. "I guess I did," she reflects, sounding startled. She has some cloth she can add to the mix, and she hands that over, still decent. It makes the rope probably long enough that they can all hold on, or something. "Right then," she says, standing right about with Danielle - behind Gavin. "Let's do this."

Gavin draws his blade and makes ready. He looks at the others with him that have now been fasten to him by a cord of cloth. "If we're ready Ladies." Then Gavin starts to walk towards the fog and more importantly the distant object in the fog. His expression becoming one of a determined man. He tries to do as he walks through shadows making the fog more plasant by lighten it.

Kyrie eyes the others, as they risk their clothing in this mad endeavor. "You know." she says conversationally, "there are linens in most of these houses." she waves towards the buildings a little up the hill. "Just sayin'." Then, she notes "I didn't have any siblings to adventure with. Well, I did later, when my momma married. But they were a lot younger than me." Fortunately, the 'rope' is now long enough that she doesn't have to remove and add anything, so she moves to take hold of it with one hand and follow. With the other, she pockets her coin and draws her rapier.

Maggie slides her coat off as an afterthought, leaving it on the ground before entering the fog.

The fog is dark, murky, slightly damp. It's quickly impossible to see each other, so it's a good thing they have that rope.

Danielle holds as tight as she can to the cloak cum rope and blinks when even that which she holds disappears from her sight she trudges forward and tries to focus on a single thought while still walking "Light"

Maggie steps into the fog and is enfolded by it's darkness. She does not pause, unwilling to trip up anyone behind her. Nor does she move forward rapidly for fear of bumping into someone ahead. Her belt is still through the loop, but is it still attached to others? She cannot see anyone. For a moment, she just moves, then remembers that she was going to try magic. Lifting a hand, she concentrates on calling a small flicker of fire to her palm.

Danielle rolls with advantage 0 at difficulty 15, using occult.
The result is a success.

Maggie rolls with advantage 0 at difficulty 15, using occult.
The result is a success.

Danielle's sattempt to get light generates a small globe of light that floats along just over top of her shoulder. it does provide a bit of light, but no further out than her shadow, and it's more like late dusk rather than any great amount of light. Maggie's attempt gets a bit of fighre flickering, but it doesn't provide a lot of visibility beyond her hand.

Amethyst rolls with advantage -1 at difficulty 15, using pattern initiate.
The result is a success.

Amy walks along, shorter than some, but holding on to the rope. She feels rather on tenterhooks, all alert and nervous. She can't hear anything or see anything for a bit, though in the back of her head, there's that sense of tugging she recalls. A frown, and she says, "I don't think we should ever stay in this fog long. Can you tell where we are going, Gavin?" She's a bit worried, hoping that Gavin is there and listening. He is there, right?

Gavin rolls with advantage 0 at difficulty 15, using notice.
The result is a success.

"I am still here." Gavin says as tugs on the 'rope' that keeps them together. " Thank you Danielle and Maggie. "We are all still here." He says pushing forward.

"Still here." Kyrie adds in, holding on and watching out. Which, of course, is a hard job with it being so dark. "What's next?" she asks the others. It's possible she showed up after the planning stage for once inside the fog.

Danielle allows herself a small smile at the minor victory "Forward I suppose" she answes and continues to put one foot in front of the others eyes peeled ears alert

Maggie nods, then closes her hand to snuff out the fire. "I recommend putting out the light unless it helps you. For me, it made the fog darker, but anything out there who is used to it will see us for miles. Assuming anything is out there." Her tone has grown more confident, her stride more relaxed. "Also, close your eyes tightly for a count of five and open them. That will help your eyes adjust." She moves forward with the others, but then adds, "We are aiming for what might be a structure."

Amy nods, relaxing as she hears Gavin's voice. And Kyrie's. The others as well, as they chime in. "Okay, so we can't see, but we can hear. That's good," she says. Well, it's something at least. "But I guess - we had a target, right. That thing we can nearly see in the fog whatever it is. We are heading towards it. Can you see it, Gavin? Are we getting closer?"

"NO. We're not. We're going in circles." Gavin frowns, "Danielle, Kyrie. Do you remember how we got out of the fog last time? YOu two set yourselves to get out of the fog. I fell behind. Maybe need to shift the fog to get us there."

Kyrie hms, then takes Maggie's suggestion and closes her eyes for a count of five. Hey, can't hurt. She thinks then, before saying "Yeah. We couldn't just walk out. It was like we had to insist in getting out. Push it until it gave us what we wanted."

Some folks used clothes and belts and things to make a rope. And then they walked right into the fog, like they knew where they were going. That's darn right dangerous and strange, isn't it?

Maggie frowns, "In circles. Okay." Drawing in a deep breath, she gathers her will, "All together, now... Anyone who can shift, let's envision a thinning toward the way out. Once we get that, we can envision whispy views of the place we came in from. Let's have that tree. Once there, we can probably get out. Sound good?" She is set to try but waits for the others. "Amy, would you give us a count down from three, please? Everyone try shifting together when Amy hits 1."

Amy is somewhat puzzled by this shift business. But Kyrie's suggeston of insisting on getting out, that makes sense to her. "Oh. uhm, sure," she says, with a nod. "Everyone ready? Three, two, one, and go." That said, she tries concentrating really hard on wanting to get out of the fog. Out. Thin to wisps and let us out. She tries to push out with her mind, but unlike Danielle and Maggie, she's not sure quite how to do that. She tries though, as hard as she can.

Gavin, who can shift but probably not as skilled as some of the others. Closes his eyes and start to work through the exercise. He actually stops for a moment before pressing forward. His eyes open and he walks again.

Kyrie notes to Maggie, "I don't know what that means. Shift. You're not the first person to say something like that since I got here." But, she'll try that insisting thing, to try to make the fog let them go where they want.

"Ah. Okay. I'll... try to explain it once we are out of this." She would offer a smile, but it won't be seen in the fog anyway. As she hears Amy count down, she again reclaims her concentration. Forming the sequence of desires in her mind, she envisions them and pushes. Hard. Thinner fog first. The play of light on the wavering black tending toward grey. There and there, she wants them. Then hints of the tree where Gavin slept. That is the sequence she wants, the sequence she envisions and tries hard to call into being. She moves with the others when they move, waits when they wait.

Of course, things don't always quite work as one might expect. While the fog does thin, it also thickens, and this means that the rope holding the group together is suddenly coming apart. Not necessarily the separate pieces, but where they are clipped and tied to each other, they come apart. And that means that now the group is suddenly free to walk - in different directions.

Amy continues to walk, secure that she's got that rope to hold onto. "I think it's working." She nearly trips over something, her own feet maybe, and then is back moving again. Trying hard to get out of this stupid no good fog.

"Amy are you still there?" Gavin says as he reaches out with his shield hand to find Amethyst. His attention still focused on breaking through the shadows, "It's working. I think we can move through this."

Kyrie is not here for the thinking part of this venture. She's just here for the... Huh. Come to think of it, why was she doing this? Oh, well. She keeps doing it, under the assumption they are still connected. She just keeps walking, trying to get out of the fog on raw stubbornness.

Concentrating on getting out, shoving the fog out of the way according to her own mental design, it takes Maggie a moment or two to realize that the belt that passes through the loop on her pants has gone slack from ahead. "Wait." The realization shatters her focus and she stops. One hand falls to her belt, holding the connection to be sure that it is not utterly lost. "We are not together. Kyrie? Danielle? Amy and Gavin are off ahead somewhere. Let's cluster up a bit so we don't lose anyone else. Yes?"

"I'm still here," Amy replies, but she gets that sinking feeling. "But I think - that maybe we've lost the others, Gavin." Uh oh! She takes a breath, but for sure, the cloak she was holding, she's still got it, but there's nobody at the other end. "That's not good. What do we do now?"

Gavin continues to hold Amy's hand, "We continue with the plan. We continue to walk foreward. Though we do it together. What ever we face is what we face. We do it together." He continues with Maggie's plan. He contuines to shift the fog away.

When Maggie suddenly stops, Kyrie walks right into her being on the other end of that belt. So, at least she's still connected to someone. "Ooops! Sorry about that." she says from right behind the redhead. "What happened?"

Kyrie leaves, following Maggie.

Amethyst leaves, following Gavin.

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