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Water Falls Further?

People are out on Kolvir looking for the source of the water there, and also trying to deal with a large but not unfriendly purple dragon. What could go wrong?

The event will start in the Pump House OOCly, but you can assume that there are people up on the slopes and it's known that there are. To reach us use +go the switchback, Residential Cul-de-Sac, Pump Street, Pump House.


March 13, 2022, 11 a.m.

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Amethyst Gavin Danielle



Pump House

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Comments and Log

Another expedition set off from the Pump House, trying to find the Kolvir spring. Filinia is now walking up the mountain, in apparent stunned silence.

Amy is not walking with Filinia, nope. She's still a purple dragon soaring overhead. Who then drops suddenly. There's a crash thud, and then a roar a little ways in the distance.

Filinia yelps as the dragon crashes down. It's a whole-body cringe-jump.

Gavin is in the area searching.... searching for Amethyst and the Kolvir spring. The sound of the roar and the crash bring the knight charging on foot. His blade drawn and his shield raised.

There's a grumblehiccup from the dragon, who then trudges over towards Filinia. "Fiillllllliiiiiiii," she says. "Ooookkkkaaayyyy?" Questions, yes, that's the thing. She stops though at the sword and shield charging knight, watching him cautiously.

Filinia points at Amethyst. "A WYVERN!" Maybe she did not get the memo. Maybe she used it as padding for something. As the dragon gets closer Filinia starts backing away.


Gavin moves to impose himself between Filinia and the dragon. He's not attacking, "Amethyst?" But he's not dropping his guard. "Is that you?" His tone questioning and a bit confused.

Filinia shouts, "Wyverns come in purple now!"

Funny how nobody ever listens to the dragon when they talk. So much trouble could be avoided, even if they do have a terrible accent. "Aaaammmmmyyyyy," the dragon says. It's not approaching any closer, nor is she making any threatening moves. In fact, if folks look close, she has two wounds that someone has put salve on. When Gavin seems to realize, she settles on her haunches. "Aamammyyyyyy."

\ Gavin lowers his blade and looks back to Filinia, it looks like a weight has been removed from his shoulders. "It's not a wyvern. It's Amethyst." He looks up at the purple dragon, "You look different my love. Have you done something with your hair?"

Filinia stares. "Is that normal out of the city?" No matter how she stares, there is still a purple dragon there.

Amy Dragon blinks at Gavin, trying to see her hair. But she hasn't got any. She rumbles gently, not quite a purr, but also not threatening sounding. "Haaaiiiirrrrrrr - gooonnnne." Then there's Filinia's question, and Amy simply shrugs her foreshoulders, then rests her head atop her forepaws. "Nooooooooo."

"It is." Gavin agress, "I was trying to make a jest." The knight sheathes his sword and moves forward a bit awkwardly to rest a hand one of her shoulders. Not quite sure how to comfort her. "Do you feel alright? Lucasfrase said it was a spider bite and a curse." He looks to Filinia, "We're going to need some magic or Engineering to fix this situation. Math."

Filinia sighs. "Uh, I hate t'tellyer, but Engineering probably ain't good with purple wyverns."

Danielle is running a bit behind but has managed to join the group on the mountain in tine to hear amy complain about her hair "there's every hope it will come back once your human again. It wasn't the spider. well the spider had something to do with it but not like that be it happened with ice mage too. near as i can make out whatever it is is inside amy and i've not yet sensed anywhere but her

Amy Dragon looks as Dani arrives, but doesn't move. Relaxing once she knows it's not that leather worker who wants to make dragon hide armour. "Nooooo biiiitttteeeee. Ssssppppiiiidddderrrrrrr falllllll." Try and sort that one out. She looks at Gavin and Filinia at the math and engineering conversation and just blinks.

Amethyst rolls with advantage -1 at difficulty 15, using no talents or gifts.
The result is a failure.

Filinia asks, "A waterfall made of spiders?"

Danielle rolls with advantage -1 at difficulty 15, using no talents or gifts.
The result is a failure.

Gavin rolls with advantage 0 at difficulty 15, using notice.
The result is a success.

Filinia rolls with advantage 0 at difficulty 15, using notice.
The result is a success.

Noticed only by Gavin for a moment, there is something with lion body and curved tail in the trees nearby. Then Filinia bolts directly away from it, whatever it is.

It probably was not that Filinia was fleeing the dragon - she seems to have got the idea about purple wyverns pretty well.

Gavin's head turns at a sound of the lion like beast. His sword and shield raised once more. He lets out a yell, "Be gone, creature!" Hoping by making himself bigger looking and yelling it might frighten the feline away. Ah the age old tradition of man yelling at cats.

The thing saunters out of the forest. Lion body? Check. Big one. Head of a man with jaws that have three rows of serrated teeth? Probably. It's hard to tell at this distance. Scorpion tail that fires darts of bone when shaken? Definitely. It just did!

The good news is that it is pretty easy to identify this thing. Everyone who knows what a manticore is will know they are facing a manticore.

Danielle may not have noticed the lion on her own but gavin's gesturing and yelling takes care of that and she endeavors to scamper out of its way "Uh, this is not a good time" she says, as if there was a preferable time to be a manticore's lunch

Once Gavin yells and Filinia runs, Amy's attention goes to the critter coming out of the woods. Amy Dragon hisses as she gets to her feet, watching the incoming critter. "Daaannnnngggggeeerrrrrr," she says, gathering herself to leap.

The thing makes the leap easier, for it comes in with greater speed than expected, by spreading bat wings as it leaps, and soaring, then landing and leaping again.

Amethyst rolls with advantage 1 at difficulty 20, using athletics, dragonform.
The result is a success.

Gavin rolls with advantage 1 at difficulty 20, using combat, combat trained.
The result is a failure.

Danielle rolls with advantage -1 at difficulty 20, using no talents or gifts.
The result is a failure.

The hail of bone shards hits first, sharp and horrible and heralding far worse.

\ Gavin goes charging forward with his blade raised high to strike as the angry manticore, who may or may not just be socially awkard and confused, leaps up to pounce the kight. The beast proves fast than Gavin, who wasn't distracted, and comes crashing down on the knight, pinning him to the ground. Only Gavin's strength and his shield save him from death as he's now pinned under the beast.

The sound of Filinia retreating fades.

The huge thing roars over its prey, and flicks its tail around to discharge more bone shards, arcing them off at random.

Danielle does not succeed in getting out of the way and is scratched by bone shards in several places on her arms and legs. Thankkfully the wounds are not deep but impede her efforts to run

Amy Dragon's launch means that the bone shards miss the dragon as her wings unfurl raising her up high enough that her divebomb down at the manticore has weight behind it. There is a huge loud dragon ROAR to go along with it as the manticore lands on Gavin, prompting a /slllight/ change in plans. Maybe dragons and manticores just don't get along? The Dragon drops at an angle in order to fling herself at the manticore. Dragon scales and thick hide do much to protect the dragon from the manticore's attacks, as she promptly dives in, claws digging for purchase to pull the thing off the knight and distract it from him.

The first thing that happens is the dragon impacts. Gavin's shield holds up. Lucky really, as there are a couple of tons of meat on him. Then the purple avenger's claws slice the foul beast's wings, and bite into a muscular shoulder, and the manticore is half torn, half rolled off Gavin. It comes up snarling, layers of teeth bared at Amethyst, then snaps its head to Gavin, as if threatening him.

Gavin rolls with advantage 1 at difficulty 20, using combat, combat trained and spending will.
The result is a success.

Danielle rolls with advantage 1 at difficulty 20, using occult,sorcery.
The result is a failure.

Danielle rolls with advantage 1 at difficulty 20, using occult,sorcery and spending will.
The result is a success.

Danielle takes a deep breatth and punches the air is not a good time. Get off him"

Gavin's feels the beast ripped off him. His shield dented and a couple of places where a few claw puncture points. Gavin's sword is several feet away from him as it had been lost in the struggle. So he rises and raises the battered shield. Then he goes charging at the beast letting out a battle cry. Then moves in to crush the manticore with punnishing pummels of his shield and his well above average strenght. Nobody tell Steve Rogers (or Peggy carter if you've seen that.)

The manticore snarls at Danielle, ignores the puncture wound to its shoulder, concentrates once more on the dragon, and gets side-swiped by an unarmed knight. Today is a bad day to be a manticore.

Amy Dragon's tail lashes as she works to keep the manticore distracted from the other two. In fact, Amy was not so very long ago saying she was hungry, and well, hungry dragons may be as dangerous as hungry manticores. There's a snap of her jaws at the manticore's throat, missing as there's air punches and knights with shield bash on the attack. After a moment, there's another attack by Amy, seriously aiming to rip the manticore's throat out if she can.

The manticore is saved, at first, by its retreat from Gavin. Then there's another chance for Amy's teeth to take it, and the dragon sinks long fangs into the mane, and the throat beneath. It claws out in vain, and its tail strikes at her and the bone club with its tiny sharps just shatters on her skin, and it falls.

Filinia, far away, is probably in no danger...

Amy Dragon Roars in victory as the manticore falls, but it's not a pretty sight, as she might have manticore bits and gore all over her teeth and streaming down. Still, it's victory, and probably there are dragon sized toothbrushes somewhere. She comes down to land atop the body, still feeling that adrenaline rush.

It tastes good...

Danielle sighs and looks about for friends of the defeated beastie

Gavin is wailing away on the manicore with his shield when he realizes Amethyst is doing just fine killing the beast. He steps back trying to hide the mildly horriified expression of his lover eating raw critter in dragon form. It's a lot to process and quickly goes to find his sword before putting on a brave face. "Are you alright?"

There is no other manticore in sight, thank heavens.

Is she alright? Well, yes, she is, in fact. Also she's no longer feeling that hollow famishedness in the pit of her stomach. She pauses though, to look over at Gavin. Slowly realizing - a glance to the manticore then back over to Gavin, and Amy Dragon says, "Yesssss, oookkkkaaaaayyyyyyy." Pause. "Fooooodddddd." She stops though, because now she's somewhat grossed out by the whole process. "Ssssssttttttuuuuuccccckkkk."

TRhe manticore's tail twitches one last time, post mortem.

\ Gavin looks to Danielle and then back to Amethyst, "Stuck? What do you need to be unstuck?" He says moving closer to the dragon. It still hard to imagine it's Amethyst in there.

Danielle nods "I believe the new mage was on the right track with trying to get her to remember about being human. The conversation was a bit to awkward and may have produced the wrong set of emotions. I've got ideas though

Amy steps on the manticore's tail with a hind foot absently. She looks to Gavin and Danielle now. "Dooooo nnnnooooottttttt kknnnowwwww." She stops then, and says, "Yeeeewwwwaaaannnn. Sssmmmarrrrtttt."

\ Gavin nods, "Wrong emotions and being human." The knight stands there for a moment thinking. He even narrows his eyes at Danielle. Then stalks toward Amy. He leans up to whisper somehting in her ear and then he kisses her ontop of her muzzle (? is that the correct term) cause well dagger sized fangs, gore, dragon breath may be real.

Danielle nods "He got her upset whereas i think calm and safety are probably needed , but on the right track with focusing on human motions and sensations

Amy doesn't move, other than to lower her snout so that Gavin can whisper in her ear. She listens and then settles down on her haunches, whining a bit.


"I don't think anger is the right emotion." Gavin says a bit sadly, "And maybe not what I tried." He gives Amethyst a sad smile, "Come back with us to the switch back. We will get this figured out, my love."

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