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I didn't start no trouble...

As always, Filinia will disappear at the first sign of trouble. What that trouble is, we'll find out together.


May 1, 2022, 11 a.m.

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Danielle Dirk



Pump House

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Today the shutters are closed, and the door is barely ajar. Filinia is over in the far corner of the room, whistling as she waits by a small fire in a tripod beside her. It has bits of metal stuck into it.

Danielle comes in to the pumphouse quietly with a smile and wave to Filinia "All quiet so far"

Filinia says, "Close the door!" and then, "Sorry. A bit loud. Keep it closed so I can see the colours?"

Danielle blinks "Colors? Are you testing metals?" she quickly does as bid and closes the door peers at the fire more closely to see what she can discern with the nak

Filinia says, "No, I'm making tools. I guess you don't know what temper is?"

In the fire are several rods of a dark metal, with some buried in charcoal and one big chunky on lying right in the middle. "You ever pumped bellows?"

Danielle hms "well not a smith myself but seen metals melt and cool before but i imagine i could menage. be good exercise

Filinia says, "Right. You get onto the handles there. Just keep it regular. One goes up while the other goes down. Both of them blow both ways." She turns over the bar of iron on top of the coal. "We want to get this to being yellow, with enough light to... well, I'll tell you when it's done."

Danielle places her hands on the bellows handles moving as directed, one up and one down. it takes a moment to find the right strength to apply. she's not much into physical labor but manages and once she got it understands rhythym will enough from other context to keep them going well enough "Gavin would be laughing right now"

Filinia says, "Yeah. Just keep it regular, though. You get the air to the right place and don't waste coal that way. Charcoal's best, if you can't get grape-fuel. So... Turn it. Heat it all the sides." Filinia confidently holds one end of the iron, turning it in the fire as it starts to glow. "I saw a thing, before. Off the steps.""

Danielle turns the bellows so that the heat hits a different part of the metal concentrating mostly on the tak but pausing a bit at Filinia's words "A creature thing.? After what gaven said last week. i'm tempted to let them get close and watch but i don't quite trust them not to damage the pump

Filinia says, "Nah. If I'd seen that b'lieve me I'd be screaming." She and Danielle are over by the far corner, away from the door, in the pump room. The door is mostly closed, the windows shuttered, and Danielle is pumping bellows for Filinia."

Dirk is in his cat form and pads in.

Filinia calls out, "CLose the damned door!" as Dirk enters. She turns the iron rod once more.

Dirk growls and head butts the door closed. "Yes your majesty."

Filinia says, "You wanna be a blacksmith, you gotta be a shape an apron will fit," with a scathing look at Dirk. To Danielle she says, "I saw another room. S'got a window catch. It's small."

Danielle cocks her head as she contines to pump, not looking the least bit disapointed that her guess was incorrect but curious. she turns her head is dirk enters and her rythym is off slightly for a few seconds as she greets "Hi...sorry about that. does take a bit of concentration when your not used to it...what sort of thing then?" to dirk "no need to be rude we're working hard here"

"S'fine. The only problem here's if you decide something looks cold, and then it boils y' fingers." Filinia hauls out the metal, swings it over to the anvil, and puts a chisel down on it. With that holding the metal in place she reaches for a hammer, and hits a couple of times, then puts the hammer down to hold the metal and move the chisel. It takes her a minute so split several inches of metal, and then she bends it by putting the chisel back at the point of the join. Now it is Y-shaped, and instead of glowing yellow, it has faded to a dull red. Then she has the free concentration to answer Danielle. "There's a basement here."

"Great" danielle deadbpans as she watches Filinia work a moment. "Another basement" A beat. A sigh "You know we gotta look right?

Filinia looks resigned. "Well, you gotta look. I'm just making the tool." She tests the iron with her hammer, and looks at the other end, which she has already worked into a hook. There's one last moment of effort, as she bends the end so that handle, now T-shaped, is towards her if she were mad enough to hold it. That goes into a bucket of water, and it fizzes with the heat. "Right. Clear away the glowing coals - don't let them warm the rest. I was gonna temper some stuff but I can't do that with people walking in and out."

Dirk bounces up after closing the door. "What you making?"

Filinia works for a bit before answering, "Handle for opening a window. There's a basement."

Dirk says "break it."

Filinia replies, "I'm gonna. Or a bit of it. But we're here to fix heaven, not to hurt it."

Danielle blinks "Break what now? I'm gonna go take a look at the basement. wanna come?"

Dirk leans against Danielle. "Yes!

Dirk rumble purrs.

"Under the stares you say?"Danielle confirms with filinia as she moves to open the door

Filinia waits a few more moments before she takes the handle out, and nods at the wet metal. "If you ever pull it out of the bucket and it's dry, that's dangerous because you can't see it's hot." The metal still steams, but Filinia grabs big leather gloves, and goes to the door. "It'll be handy having a cat. They're good at getting into stuff."

Dirk nods "I patrol the city at night."

Danielle walks carefully out and around to the area about the stairs to have herself a look

Dirk sniffs the air and walks close by to protect Danni.

The steps go over a little sub-basement, and under the steps is a small window. Filinia has already build up a platform there. That is, she has put a box where she can stand on it. She pulls out what looks like a brass pen from her pocket, puts it up against the top pane, and presses. There is a thud, and a small circle of glass shatters. Filnia goes equipped for burglery, it seems. Then it's a matter of feeding the handle through and getting it to pull up a catch at the bottom. "Gotta break it at the top," she says, "So it don't let the rain in."

Dirk stands up on his hind legs and stretches to look out.

Danielle waits to filinia jimmies open the window an gestures to felionoid dirk "wanna go first and see if there's another way in or if i gotta shimmie through this thing in a dress

Within, Dirk can see shrouded equipment, and metal inlay on the floor that might be a mgic circle, or the metal strip that big doors open on.

The catch moves with a bit of encouragement. Filinia hits the handle with the palm of her hand. The window opens when she takes out the handle and uses it as a crow-bar. For someone not breaking windows, she is very good at getting into places. Inside smells of oil and dust and age. Filina nods, her task done, and walks casually away from where there might be any danger at all.

Dirk puts his body under the window to see if he can force open more as he gets to his feet. "Sure, but you should wear pants. This is a trip through adventure land and not a ball." He slinks through the opening.

Only a cat could get from the crate up through the window and in so easily. Within, there is the sound of water flowing, and there is a cave of delights for cats - plenty of crates to sleep on, some even empty and open, to sleep in. Others have brass tools or spare parts nestled in straw.

Dirk laughs "Stuff! lots of stuff! and places to nap!" he yells back out.

Danielle hollers in "An other way in or is the other side of the window clear?"

Dirk looks around for doors.

There are plenty of doors inside; a whole stack of them, in fact. But the room is big, and the door that looks useful is right at the back, and locked, maybe barred, from the other side.

Dirk walks over to the door. "There is a door that is barred from the outside of the room. "

Danielle sighs as she hears dirk's report "Right "She mounts the crate and eyes the window in front of her grasping the edge to judge it as a method if entry

Danielle rolls with advantage 1 at difficulty 15, using occult,pattern meditation.
The result is a success.

Dirk is poking his nose into everything he can. "I want to take a cat nap." He laughs.

Danielle makes her way through the window, looking for further exits closing her eyes and spining a circle slowly, once she can find a dry spot to do so, trying to use herself as a sort of divination rod for the pattern

Dirk runs over to support Dani. He tries to not look up her dress.

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