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Underground Exploration

It'll just be an ordinary walk through warehouses. Is that so bad?


May 8, 2022, 11 a.m.

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Amethyst Danielle



Pump House

Largesse Level


Comments and Log

The front of the Pump House has steps which lead over a small sub-basement level that lets in light to a lower level through a window that was either hidden by the steps themselves, or simply didn't exist until Filinia found it. It now has a box outside it, a Danielle just inside, and hardly any broken glass around the place. Whoever broke in was neat and tidy about it, breaking only a single pane to open the window.

Amy wasn't with the group who found the window. But she does occasionally come by here to frown at the mystery and try to niggle at it, in an attempt to figure out what is going on. Doing that now, she arrives and takes a look around, shaking her head at the strangeness that is this city.

Danielle chooses to to follow the sound of the water as the sound and her sense of the pattern presently seem to coincide

Amy spies the box, and the window? Wait was there a window here before? That sparks curiosity so Amy goes over to look in the window.

The immediade effect of Danielle leaving the light of the window is that a shadow appears there, as Amy pears in. Within there are piles of boxes, old tarpaulins, huge stacks of useful wood and metal. Tools, perhaps, but mostly just stuff. There are even empty boxes here.

Amy calls out, "Hello, is everything alright in there?" Well, after all, it does look like someone has broken a pane of the window.

Danielle nods "I'm fine, though I don't know where Dirk and Filinia have wondered off to. I can sense pattern-type force down here so I've been tracking that and haven't paid much attention to all the stuff in here

"Danielle?" Amy blinks, the one word holding for a long moment. "Did you break in through this window?" she asks next, and then what Danielle says sinks in, and Amy tries her own pattern senses to see what she can identify.

The Pattern, a comprehensive force, seems strong here, and stronger deep within. Those sensetive to such can pick up on it, with a little concentration.

Amethyst rolls with advantage 1 at difficulty 20, using occult, pattern meditation.
The result is a success.

Definitely, the feeling of wholeness and existence increases with the rushing of the waters that can be heard here, decreases every time that the sound fades.

Danielle says, "Well the breaking part was mostly filinia's doing but yes it seemed the easiest way into the area" She stands still to recalibrate her pattern senses"

Amy laughs softly at that answer. "Shouldn't there be - I don't know, a door or a hall and stairs down maybe?" she asks. "Inside from the first floor?" That asked, she moves to slip into the window as well, since poor Danielle is there by herself. "There is really a strong sense of Pattern here, isn't there?"

Someone oiled the hinges a day or two ago, as well as breaking a pane at the top of the window to, apparently, open it with a catch at the bottom.

Danielle nods "Previous info suggests the patten is drawing energy from the water. I'm gonna try and tell if that's still happening or if i can actually get a sense of the pattern emanating from somewhere

Non creaky window is a good thing. Amy gets into the basement,pauses a moment and looks around. "There's a lot of stuff in here - we should catalogue it and figure out if any of it is useful for the folks int he city, do you think?" And then she nods. "Seems like a good thought. I was wondering, Danielle, do you know if we can try to work together?"

There are many, Many MANY doors here - about 20 of them are leaning against a wall. However, the one useful one is deeper into the building, right at the back of the room, which is probably half the size of the pumping room above. The main water flow is to the left. The door is ahead. To the right, just blank wall. Behind, a window. It's almost like an adventure game.

Danielle hms "Well in one sense we have a better chance of sensing what's going on. another thought is that if we both can sene pattern and magice, i could focus on one and you the other if yo want. Should we start looking behind and in things or go through the door'

Amy frowns a bit, and then shrugs. "I have no idea. It sounds like the main water flow is that way. But - I am curious to know what's everywhere here. We should maybe bring some paper and map it out, next time. Or at least keep track of what we find." She takes a couple steps to the left.

The wall to the left looks solid, but for a couple of stones that have crumbled a little with age. There is dust on the floow, and a few rock fragments. Footprints of a giant cat are in some of the dust, as are bare human footprints.

Danielle reaches for her satchel for paper and Pen and paper "Never leave home with out them"she peers at the footprints "Looks like Fil and Dirk may have gone through i'll help catalog this later

Amy nods to Danielle. "I shall find some and start carrying them too," she says first. Paper and pen. good plan. "And yes, it does seem that way, but gone through where?" She checks the wall and shrugs. "I don't see a way through here at all. Maybe we should try the door?"

Danielle nods "Seems the most logical step." she examines the door for a means of opening

There's a handle, a wrought iron thing with a latch to press with the thumb, and a bent bar to pull it open.

Amy grins. "Right then, here goes." She reaches out for the handle, latch and bar combo, looking to open the door.

At her touch, the door creaks open, with a smell like the exhalation of a tomb. Dust and very old meat... Inside there is another large room, this one in near darkness, with a hint of light down a corridor that leads left, and then the light is extinguished. Fwoof. If there were more ways out, it is too dark to make them out here.

With minimal options available, Danielle heads toward the briefly visible left corridor, covering her nose at the stench "I hope we're not .."and she pauses "Nope best not give anything listening ideas. I'm beginning to understand why grandfather was a bit off"

It is theoretically possible to get down that way, but it is also almost fully dark - the single window they came through is the only source of light now.

Amy doesn't recall ever meeting any of Danielle's elder relatives, only her own - and she is not sure Random really counts. "My father was certainly cavalier, but I don't think he ever smelled like this," is her observation. She moves along with Danielle, though it is difficult to see. "Would be much better if we had some light," she comments.

There is the sound of pattering footsteps from ahead, getting closer. Fast.

Danielle blinks "Are those coming in our direction? Damn it figuired out what was going to say anyway" She starts backing up

Amy doesn't actually back up. Why? "Filinia and Dirk are in here somewhere right?" She comments. Though then she wide eyes at Danielle. "So we can't even think it any more? Sheesh!"

The footsteps are on them already. Something brushes past at below waist level - in the dimness there is a brief impression of a humanoid figure on all fours, passing the doorway and disappearing into darkness on the other side of the second room. It was naked, and had what might have been a short tail.

Danielle spins on her heels to follow in the direction of the crawling figuire

It is briefly in view, and then gone into the darkness. Of course, she could run full speed in the dark...

Amethyst rolls with advantage 1 at difficulty 15, using occult, sorcery.
The result is a success.

Amy pauses, eyes widening as she feels something at her feet. A hand raises and a very small ball of fire appears in her hand. Okay, it's not miniscule, but Amy's petite, her hand's not that big! There's not a lot of light from it, but there is ... some. "What was that?"

The light shows enough detail of this place that cobwebs can be seen, and a path worn in them by bare feet, bare hands. The walls are painted in darkish... brown... let that be paint. The blood-coloured paint shows intricate, beautiful geometric patterns. The movement of the thing - definitely tailed, definitely running on all fours, but mostly human - can be seen as a blur and then it is gone at a T-junction. It had a backpack on. A simple canvas thing. Tiny details stick in the memory.

Danielle hms "I can think of two possibilities . One Dirk with cat magic gone off kilter. two something else entirely we may not wish to encounter. As said being obviously knows we're here "Dirk?" in the direction of said thing

No answer - it is gone, and GONE.

"Oh dear, I hope that wasn't Dirk," Amy says, sounding startled by the idea. She looks and shrugs. "it's gone."

No more footsteps. The flame in Amy's hand gives a little light. The cooidor they are in stretches on for about ten metres, eleven yards for those measuring by how big Oberon's ego was.

the patterns on the wall catch dani's attention and are at least momentarily enough to supplant ant any notion of following creatures in to darkness. She runs her hand along the symbols calling to Amy. "Can you get me some light over here" She reaches out to attempt to sense the pattern

The dull spell of water moving is louder here, and the Pattern is a strong presence, waxing and waning only a little.

Amy sort of blinks, and then goes over to stand by Dnaielle. "Sure, though it's not a lot of light, but it's better than nothing."

Danielle tries for a closer look at the markings on the wall given thw light amy provides

It's beautiful art, if you like tiny interlocked shapes drawn in blood.

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