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Second House Exploration

Our intrepid explorers investigate another house in the Switchback.


Sept. 27, 2020, 6 p.m.

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Autumn Kerf Gaval Gavin Danielle Kyrie



Residential Cul-de-Sac

Largesse Level


Comments and Log

There are quite a lot of houses in this little cul de sac, more than it seems there should be. The first house had a half fog lab in it. At this point, the group has decided to go look into one of the other houses. It's actually up some stairs, and built into the cliff, just a bit higher than the rest of the houses. The only one up there, with blue shutters on the windows, and an almost round door. The stairs up zig zag, as they climb, but they're still nowhere near the top of this cliff.

Autumn walks slowly walks. Her hair has been braided and bound up, but it is not covered by a veil like it was the day before. Instead the veil rests on her shoulders like a shawl. She is dressed in baggy rose colored haram pants and a long pale gold chemise. A rose colored sash has been wrapped around her waist to make the outfit a little more form fitting. A few of the other layers she had been wearing yesterday have been set aside. Her pale face is turned towards the sky as she walk and then her attention is drawn back to the houses that are in this area.

Kerf steps out of the half-lab house to see the group venturing toward the peculiar cliff house. He pulls his jacket on and follows, catching up with long strides.

Gavla arrives with Autumn, walking along beside her that speaks to his familiarity with her. His weapons are on his back, not that he expects to need them. His eyes already on the house where they're headed too.
When Kerf steps out of the lab house he offers the man a small nod and smile. Hand lifting in greeting.

Gavin was with the group as they head toward the Cliff house. He turns to see Kerf slipping out of the half-lab house. The knight raises a hand in the way of a greeting. Then turns to continue the journery to the Cliff House. He stops looking at the place for a moment. "Intresting, I like the shutters."

Danielle takes the stairs carefully, one at a time, though this area seems relatively stable, she still seems on the lookout for random adjustments in physics as she climbs the staircase pausing at the top until the rest of the group which appears to have increased by one

No random adjustments in physics, the group cna easily make it up to the house. The first door is open, leading into a small vestibule, which is closed. There are lots of windows, and it looks like there might be what seems to be a hole in the cliff up above the house. Or maybe it's just another room, but the shutters have fallen off?

Kerf meets gazes and nods all around, though doesn't see the need in commenting on the obvious: Another day, another house, and no real answers yet. He follows last up the steps though since the house looks a bit hobbitty.

Gaval leaves Autumn's side to move up to one side of the door. He places his ear against the door of the vestibule and attempts to hear anything that may be on the other side. Then checking hinges and if the door is locked.

The door to the vestibule is well maintained, and it opens easily. It's not locked. Those with magic sense may note a cloudy sense of something, but there's no telling what at this point. Inside the vestibule, the floor is wooden, and clean, spotless. The windows are all open, and on the floor there are a couple of those corroded silver coins. There is nothing else there. The door to the house proper is closed and locked. It's a solid wooden door. There's no key visible, but there is a keyhole. There are also windows, but they are also closed.

Danielle takes note of the way the light falls into the room to see if there are patterns on the floor

"Knock and see if it will open?" Autumn offers as she looks into the house. "It is beautiful in the vestibule. There is something here, perhaps something waiting. I am not certain. As for entry." She muses. Her eyes scan the area taking everything in.

Gavin was standing outside as the others are pressed in the vestibule. "If you guys need help opening the door. I can do it." He calls out. Though for the moment he looks at the building. "Or We could possibly climb through the windows?"

Gaval looks back at the others as they speak and nods to each Gavin and Autumn. A shrug follows and he reaches up with fingers in a loose fist and knocks firmly apon the door three times. "Hello?" He half calls out.

Kerf stands on the stoop outside, no need to add his mass into the vestibule while there are so many already milling about. Instead, he looks up at the hole in the cliff, then looks at Gavin. "How about I give you a boost up and you look through, Sir Gavin?" he offers, with a tilt of his head to indicate the opening.

Autumn bends down and picks up the coins on the floor. She holds them in her hand and examines them. She looks at Gaval then at the others. "The key could be hidden, like underneath a mat or on the door frame?" She offers.

"Sure thing, Lord Kerf." Gavin says as he moves waiting for Kerf to give him that foot up. He'd try to pull himself into the window to look inside. He gets into window and looks around the room.

There's a sound of giggling, and a voice that says, "Hellloooo?" from the other side of the door. It's then followed by, "Help me, I'm so scared!"

Kerf crouches with hands hooked one under the other, and gives Gavin the old ally-oop, and not a moment too soon. When the strange voice pipes up inside the house, he swivels to the doorway, momentarily leaving the knight dangling.

Danielle pose blinks and purses her lips, brow creasing in consternation, the incongruity of giggling and fear playing in her mind as she peers into the keyhole and calls back "where is the key?

The Strength and athletics of the knight allow Gavin to pull himself into the second floor. He then peers over the side, "Everything alright down there?" Then he looks back down, "There's a common room but no one here."

Gaval backs up to give Danielle room and lifts his brow at the voice. His eyes scan for key hiding places as she questions the voice.. spirit.. ghost? Gavin has stated there is no one in the room after all.

No key can be found on the floor, there's no mat. The door frame has no place to hide a key. There is the sound of footsteps, but Gavin isn't seeing anyone. Then there is a blood curdling scream.

Gavin says, "[00000"

With the coin in her hand, Autumn looks at the door and then when the blood curdling scream happens she jumps back about a foot from where she was standing. That she did not expect. "Spirit, ghost, or something else." She shivers and moves to stand near as she can to Gaval.

Gaval opens his mouth to says something but holds off instead and shuts his mouth when Autumn moves to his side. He puts an arm about her. "Whatever it is it has not attacked or harmed us. It's tried to scare us. Perhaps acting as guard to the house. Or it is some sort of ghost." He looks up towards the window Gavin entered. "Can you get the door open?"

Danielle blinks and steps back "Someone with a weapon get in front and get that door open if gavin can't from inside" She reaches out with magic sense yet again

At the sound of the scream, Gavin is in motion with his sword drawn and running towards the yell. "I'm coming to help!" He hollers as he barrels into danger like the noble hearted dunder head he actually is. NO time to for opening doors here. There's somebody in danger!

Still outside but just in the doorway, Kerf is gazing up at the ceiling where Gavin would be if the ceiling were made of glass. Alarmed and puzzled by the scream and its oddness in following such mischief as a giggle, he calls to the others, "Perhaps there's another room in between?" He enters the vestibule and makes himself available in case someone wants him to reef on a door or two.

Gavin sweep the top floor and find a bedroom of a child. He quickly clear the room by looking in the closet and under the bed. Then if nothings found he shuts the door. "NOthing on the top floor!" Then continues with his trouncing down the steps towards the bottom floor.

Gaval steps forward, dagger appearing in hand from somewhere likely up his sleave. He presses hard the side of his body against the door and eases the blade between door and frame, trying to quickly jimmy the door open.

Gaval's jimmying the door works, and the door swings in letting the group in. Inside the house is bigger than it seems on the outside. There's a sense of magic, but it's not specific. The main room on this level is more or less an entry way. Inside the side doors here, there's storage space. No people can be found, and the place is spotless. There is a key on the inside of the door, on a hook.

Autumn slowly creeps in after the others. Her eyes look around and there she sees the key. Ever captain obvious, Autumn says, "And there is the key. This reminds me of where I was born as to how the house looks small and in reality it is bigger than it seems." She looks thoughtful.

After looking into the next room with a puzzled frown, Kerf draws back and walks through the vestibule to the stoop once more. It's doubtful he is aware of any enchantment afoot, since he appears to want to measure the size of the home from the outside. When he sees the window that seems to correspond with that room, he peers through.

Danielle peers about the room "An actual presence or temporal echo? she says "Hello?" she calls to the empty room to see if answer comes

It might not be enchanted space, it might just be someone has dug further into the mountain side, up, down, and deep. Measuring will show that there is only so much of this house that is on the outside, because it's built into the mountain.

To the calls of the group, there is nothing. There are 3 doors that haven't been opened yet

Gavin makes it to the rest, "I couldn't find anyone in the floor above." He says as he comes down to join the others. The knight seems to have a worried looking on his face. He to Danielle, "Have we missed any of the doors? Was there any sign of this being magic?"

Gaval steps over to the key and picks it up from the wall where it hangs before moving towards the closest of the three doors. The dagger has been tucked way for now where ever it came from and instead he holds tight to the key. "Three doors left so far. Shall we?" Hs says trying to remain calm.

"We shall," Autumn says softy. Her eyes looking around the room again. She frowns a little as she simply stands there and closes her eyes. She takes a few deep breaths and it looks almost like she is meditating for a moment. "That is odd, I sense the magic here but it is not what I know as magic, I cannot explain it. Something is here but I cannot put my finger on it as to what it is." She says softly when she opens her eyes.

Danielle frowns "Yes, but I can't tell or what or where. it's the equivalent of a stray breadcrumb. As she follows gaval to the door, she closes her eyes in an effort to seperate her sense of magic from her sense of sight

Danielle adds fo Autumns benefi "in the previous house I got a feeling that what i sensed was different than what my other senses to me that it was hellow

"No sign of fog so far, huh," says Kerf through the window to the others. "Yet we seen it passes through walls without a care."

Kerf, looking in from the vestibule, sees the others in the room. A giggle can be heard from the first door on the right at the back of the house, as they are faced. (so, as you walk in from the vestibule, the door to the right. There is no sign of fog, no scent of ozone.

Gaval makes sure no one is standing too close to the door other then himself. Motioning or giving a polite press of hand as warning before trying the door itself. The situation is far enough off as to fall into the strange catagory. He is more then warry.

Autumn gives a nod of her head to Danielle. Before she takes a step closer to Gaval. She is quiet now and is just taking everything in.

Kerf walks back into the house and through the vestibule into the large room with the three doors, to observe Gaval's opening of the rightmost door.

Danielle stands behind gaval as he opens the door

Gavin lets Gaval open the right door. He was having a moment and seems to decides on the center door. "Gaval, I'll open the middle door. Though I won't till everyone is ready."

Kyrie catches up with the others, looking curious. She smiles to them, then watches as the house is explored. Though, she will have her blade out and lowered. Just in case.

Gaval nods to Gavin and opens the door a kitchen. A spotlessly neat kitchen. Left in it's perfection for however long and yet clean with foodstuffs arranged just so in their propper places. "Seems we'll have some more food at least." He steps in to search the room cautiously.

"It is almost like they got up and left, or were pulled away." Autumn says softly as she looks through door from where she is near the back now.

Danielle looks about for any means of exit other than the door through which they just entered and then opens any cupboards in which a child could hide

There is no child anywhere to be seen. The kitchen does have supplies, food, drink, ingredients. There's nothing amiss and nothing half eaten. No rodents.

Gavin opens the middle door as instructed. He steps inside the stairway and looks up, "This is particular. It's a stairway but it doesn't go up to the second floor. It continues for several floors up. Perhaps we should open the left one before going up?"

Kerf nods to Kyrie as she arrives to watch, saying, "The outside windows were broken in the coin shower, and the door was already open. Place seems deserted, but we've been hearing at least once voice, calling for help or sometimes laughing and at one point, screaming," he supplies helpfully. "Anyway.." he gestures through to the kitchen where there's more food. "At least this house isn't taken over by fog or weird science." He sees that Gavin has found a stairway behind the central door, and so takes it upon himself to try the leftmost door.

Inside the left door, there is ... fog. Lots of it. There is just enough room for the door to open, and one can see that the floor maybe has a green carpet, but it cuts off a foot in, and there's that swirling ominous thick grey fog.

"It's apparently taken over by weird something." Kyrie says conversationally. She doesn't move to open anything, but does look ready in case of surprises.

Kerf almost closes the door again, like a real estate agent trying to show a home only to find other clients doing something nasty in the bathroom. Then he just leaves it and steps back again, glancing at the long stairwell. "I'll be surprised if there isn't more of the stuff up there.."

Gaval comes out of the kitchen and frowns at Kerf's words. He of course has to see for himself and moves to peer into the roof of fog. "Ahh.. Fog. But not the normal? It's so.. clear cut. An exact edge to it. I have to wonder if the whole hose was filled until recently with everything so preserved."

Gavin, who had stuck his head out to see the fog in the left room. "That somehow makes sense and only raises more questions why the one room. You're probably right. Though there is only one way to find out." Gavin turns to head up the stairs.

"That is a good thought Gaval." Autumn says softy. "The other question is do we try to go into that room and push through the fog?"

Up and up the stairs go. Up and up. But they do come to an end, with a circular room. There's enough room for everyone up there, should they go. And of all things, there is a telescope. It's a fairly large one, made of metal. It looks out over top of the house, but it's high enough that it's not visible from below. It's NOT all the way up the cliff though.

Danielle comes into the room and does the logical thing of peering into the telescope to see what view it might offer

Gaval shakes his head to Autumn. "Not yet I think. Make sure the house is clear first." And to do so he must go up. After the climb he too pauses to take in the space, moving far enough out of the way to give the others behind him room to enter. "Wonderful." He says softly and actually means it.

A nod of her head is given, Autumn then follow suit and climbs up the stairs. She is reaches the top and she smiles when she sees what is up here.

Gavin finds himself looking around the room to see if there's anything but the telescope in the large room. "Still don't explain the child sounds. Though handy. Lady Danielle how far can you see up here?"

Sure, Kyrie will check it out. Up she goes, and takes a moment to admire the telescope. "Nice piece of machinery." she says, walking over to have a closer look. Her rapier stays in her hand, though. "I wonder if more of us in here is pushing out the fog to give us more space. Since it seems to react to our wills." she idly muses, looking like she's not planning to give it more thought than the one comment.

In the residential cul-de-sac, there is a set of stairs that goes up three flights, in a zigzag pattern. At the top, a platform of a porch, with a door into a grey house with blue shutters. The windows into the house are broken. That first door leads into a vestibule, which leads into the main house. The group is mostly in that main house room, with the exception of folks who have gone up and up stairs to get to a circular room with a telescope.

Danielle grins "I do.. a beach surrounded by fog. At least it's something other than totally fog. Does this look like where you and Amy were" she asks of Gavan stepping aside to let others look

Gavin moves to look through the telescope. He adjusts it to see if he can find the waterfront and the board walk.

Gavin looks through the telescope, "I see a mountain range with fog slowly creeping up the slope. This is not nomral."

Kyrie takes a turn, looking through the telescope. Her forehead scrunches a bit as she focuses it. "More weirdness. A thick forest, with a river near it. Surrounded by fog. This place addles my brain."

No matter who looks through the telescope, they see never the same thing twice. It is indeed a strange thing.

Danielle hms "Three possibilties "the switchback is rapidly shifting, the shadow we are looking at is rapidly shifting or it is the function of this machine to view different shadows

Kerf listens to the others describe their views and steps up to take his turn at the eyepiece, frowning. After a moment of scrying, he says, "I'm seeing ocean, and an island. And upon it, a lighthouse." He leans back a couple moments, thinking, then peers again, in the name of Science.

Kerf's second look shows him something else, the image not the same when he looks again.

"Well. So much for willful thinking." Kerf starts to back away, then darts back in just a second, like he's trying to catch the telescope off guard. "Nope. Different again. And unlike the first one, not environments I prize particularly." He backs off for real this time, so someone else can play with the novelty gadget. "I'm heading back to the lab.. at least that house made some kind of sense."

Kyrie looks once more at the telescope, then heads down to the kitchen to start helping herself to tradeable items there. Sure, a bunch will go to Martha, to help with the inn, but some can surely be useful when she returns to the market.

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