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Lost in the Forest Again

There is, of course, no chance that being lost in the forest will be bad!


July 24, 2022, 11:12 a.m.

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Forest Edge

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It's been raining, on and off, for a while. The sky, if it could be seen, would show grey and blue patches, but the fog stops that, of course. Now the rain is beginning to settle in.

Danielle has her hood pulled up as she comes once more to the forest'd edge, appearing to perhaps reconsider her course as the rain becomes steadier but she's made it all the way here and might as well look about

Not far along the path there is a damp - nay a wet - sorceror. Tanya is sitting on a rock, glaring at the world, at the ground, at the path, at Danielle... Still on seeing there is a person there, she does at least have the grace to stop glaring and raise a hand in greeting. "Hello. Something called you too, huh?"

Danielle blinks "I don't know if I prefer that thought to my having had a random crazy notion to come walk the forest of my own accord but it may well be

Tanya stands. "I am pretty sure that something's messing with me, but I wouldn't have thought it could take you as well. Not in the same way. Want to go try whatever the problem is, or are we happy ignoring it?" She stood up. She looks ready.

Danielle hms "We might as well have a go. Odds are its some kind of magic if we were both pulled but what passes for the pattern clearly doesn't work the same here so i'm not a 100% certain of anything, though arden seems to hold form as a place of old magics

"The undead bear does not give me the happiest of feelings." Tanya twirls her staff in her right hand and gives Danielle a smile. "Let's go let whatever is going on know that we're not going to take this. Unless they tip well."

Danielle hms "That was one angry critter. I don't relish the thought of meeting it's cousin Nontheless she'd walking forward, magic sense primed and searching

Of course they don't stop. Nobody who ever stops discovers new things...

Filinia flips a coin. The result is: Heads

Danielle rolls with advantage -1 at difficulty 15, using no talents or gifts.
The result is a success.

It is about twenty minutes into the walk, with the rain building up, that Danielle can be sure of one thing; there is some kind of electrical build-up in the air, and in the magic around them. It feels like sparks could become bolts, bolts could drop from the sky. Still, in the middle of a forest they should be protected.

Danielle hms "Enegy storm, though not quite in the conventional sense. Then again maybe this is how lightening feels in an ancient magic forest. What's your impression as a bit more of a local"

"I'm not local enough to find this normal," Tanya says. "There's-" And the rest of her words are lost in a lightning crack that hits a tree not far ahead, exploding branches and setting fire to the trunk. Tanya instantly brings her staff in front of her, and says, "It just spiked and then that!"

Danielle jumps and watches the tree burn making sure to get out of others who might follow in suit with succesive "lightening"

Successive lightning there is - multiple bolts destroy the trees up ahead. Tanya says, "This is very rude! We've not even been invited in and they're burning the place down!"

She has to shout over the rain.

Danielle winces again as the forest explodes around them "If this was my amber I could try willing it to stop though even my arden chancs would be spotty. Arden always seem to have it's own brand of things and a particular distaste for Oberon's line." She then raises her voice to the crackling air "Do you have a particular complaint or just showing off"

"Tell me about that some time," Tanya says, and then several bolts shoot up from the destroyed trees and form into a roiling ball of lightning over the path. The sorceress sags a little, then brings her staff to bear. "Reckon you can punch that away?" she asks. The lightning ball crackles.

Danielle grits her teeth "seems I've got to try"

Filinia flips a coin. The result is: Heads

Danielle rolls with advantage 1 at difficulty 18, using occult, sorcery.
The result is a success.

Danielle closes her eyes for a minute makes a fist and pushing all her energy forward "If this doesn't work> I've appreciated knowing you"

Meanwhile, Tanya has been pointing the staff at the lightning ball, which has arced towards the tip a few times, but never managed to get near, always diverting to the ground. Danielle can feel the area's magic switching from stormy to safe, safe to stormy - and then she punches, and her hand jolts, and the lightning ball just flies apart. The after-image, as she blinks a few times, has a tiny, winged, humanoid creature in it. She hit it pretty hard.

Danielle blinks "A pixie. Why is it you can't simply say hello?" She looks to see where the small creature has landled

There is no sign of it now, alas. Tanya sighs. "Because it's a wild creature and forests are full of them. Rabbits! Foxes! Birds that mimic you! There are even squirrels out here."

Danielle Hms "and I have a problem with absolutely none of those as long as they aren't trying yo actively kill me. It's a resonable condition really"

"I do not trust them not to," Tanya says. "But this is ... it's clearing up. Is the weather clearing up?" It might be raining less.

Danielle nods "Might be" yet she isn't relaxing much, trying to sense more possible danger as she gathers herself

All is quiet again, although the rain is only slowing as if it were a natural rainstorm. Tanya grounds her staff and leans on it. "I don't feel like I want to go for a walk any more."

Danielle nods "Yep. Enough excitement for one day, indeed"

For one moment, Tanya looks at Danielle. "I... need to tell you my theories of fate some time. But not when the rain is coming down like this."

Danielle nods " That sounds like an intersting conversation. I look forward to it"

The forest, of course, does not give an opinion.

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