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Knock knock who's there

Residents of the switchback explore the question of whether the fog is sentient and who or what may be watching


Oct. 9, 2020, 7 p.m.

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Dirk Amethyst Maggie Kyrie



Halfway Lookout

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Danielle we can just rp a bit and see if folks come

Danielle stands examining the fog, as has become habitual. She holds her staff in one hand, twirling it a bit

Danielle stands examining the fog, as has become habitual. She holds her staff in one hand, twirling it a bit. She makes a half stabbing motion at the fog. Thanks to everyone's previous efforts the fog is a bit thinner than upon the arrival of the first "transplants to the switchback but not much has changed in the previoud few days. She then looks from the fog to the sky

Dirk walks into the area.

Amy comes out to take a look around. She had been up on her rock but got bored. She pauses to glare at the fog, and then her head tilts a bit, as she spies Danielle and Dirk already there. "Hello," she calls out softly. "Are you both okay?"

Dirk says "I want to kill something. "

Maggie walks along the road, angling toward the central rock. Her attention shifts to Danielle, Dirk and Amy. Heading that way, she nods a greeting. Her gaze settles on Dirk and she lifts a brow, "I remember. You used to say that a lot..." She smiles a bit, "Guess that it really is you." Looking toward the fog bank and Danielle, she adds, "Hey... Is it me or does the fog look... lighter? Thinner, maybe?"

Dirk looks at Maggie and laughs. "I said it because it's true. I am going insane here with boredom. The kind of boredom that only homicide can soothe."

Amy looks askance at Dirk, more than a little startled. "That seems rather harsh, though I admit I would like to do something - like ride a race or some such. She nods to Maggie as well, as the other has joined them too.

Danielle nods, answering Amy first "I'm fine. It just continues to unsettle me. Gaval's had some luck thinning. He's a bit worried that were being watched too, just as i am. in fact, he mentioned the possibility to me, before i mentioned i was think of. She looks to Dirk "I could do without having to kill things for a bit. My magic is inconsistent and i have little to idea how to fight with thing" a glance to the staff and back to the fog "just who or what are you?" she says aloud

Dirk says "Amy, I am a trained soldier. Was a defender of Kolvir then became a Arden Ranger."

As if in answer a ring and several cards blow from the fog

Dirk heads to gather the stuff. He stares at it.

Amy blinks, staring at the stuff that is just there, blowing across. "Was it even windy here five minutes ago?" she asks, disbelievingly.

Maggie nods to Amy, "I can sympathize with the need to be doing something. Productive, would be nice." She nods to Dirk, then to Danielle, "It does seem as though someone, or something is watching." Her voice trails off as a ringing seems to answer Danielle's call. Turning, she sees Dirk head over to collect the cards. She starts to head over to pick them up, but Dirk is faster. She tilts her head to look at them over her shoulder. "Mmm. I don't know, Amy, but it was not windy back along the road a ways.

Dirk looks at the ring. "Unicorn signet. Trumps but not of anyone I know? " He takes a random card... not a Random card and concentrates on it.

Dirk tries another card.

Danielle looks over dirk's shoulder as he loos at the trump, recognizing it for a trump "I think it may have understood the question. Anyone else want to continue the conversation?"

Amy eyes Danielle and then looks at the cards with a shrug. "They're playing cards, right? Not sure quite what you mean? Oh, talk to the fog. Sod off, Fog," she growls. "Why are you here anyway?"

Peering over Dirk's shoulder, Maggie hums softly in curiosity, "I don't know any of those either. Not specifically anyway though they remind me of... Family? I guess. Similar facial features..." Seeing that Dirk is concentrating on one, she steps back so that she does not disturb him or break his focus. Turning to Amy, she touches her lips with the tip of her tongue, expression pensive and thoughtful, "Trumps are more than just playing cards, Amy. Or they were, I think. I remember that we used them to communicate and that focus was important." She grins a bit at Amy's growl, but looks at the fog bank to see if it replies. Or goes away. Wishful thinking.

The fog has thinned to a dull grey. It's still not possible to find a path through, but it is possible to see something out there, even without trying hard.

The wind blows again. This time delivering a shield with the emblem of a griffin though it's a bit bent and tarnished. There doesn't seem to be a response to the trumps no matter which dirk tries

Dirk looks up and says "Where is my little girl?" He asks the fog kindly.

Amy goes to pick up the shield, glaring at the fog. "That is not an answer. But I bet I know someone who'd love a shield." So she takes it, making a face at the fog, rather childishly. "You know, Maggie, I don't know for sure, but I somehow think the fog is playing with us."

Danielle goes to inspect the shield "Hm tarnished, like the coins and the clothes. Might be some use if we can repair it though.

Dirk says, "I think we are on a time bubble."

Maggie tilts her head again, though the other way, "So... When askes who or what it was, we were sent a Unicorn signet ring and Trumps. WHen Amy asks why it was here, we got a shield." Turning the item around, she shrugs, "Dented, but servicable." Catching Dirk's question, she looks at him sharply, then turns to the fog to see what sort of answer it might give. A question hovers behind her sober eyes. A question that she does not ask. Turning to glance at Amy and Danielle, she nods, "I think so, too. Though maybe the items are symbolic of the answers. Or, they are as close to answers as fog can manage." Then she turns to Dirk, "A time bubble? How so?"

The fog does not seem to react to dirk's question. there is suddenly no wind to be felt though

Dirk says "amy is just barely coming to Amber, Maggie knew me but hasn't seen me in forever."

Amy looks at Danielle, and smiles. "I bet Gavin will love that, or at least it will give him something to do," she offers easily. She turns to Dirk, looking puzzled. "Are you saying you know me too? And from that Amber place I haven't been to except that one time?" A pause. "I did not meet anyone that time, I promise."

Dirk says "Yes. you grew into a gorgeous purple dragon too."

Maggie blinks at Dirk's assertion. She turns to look at Amy, sympathy vying with uncertainty in her gaze. Sliding to one side, she decides to give those two some space and refocuses on the fog, her expression growing pensive, "That is an interesting thought." Stepping closer to the bank, she lifts her voice, "Fog..." Lowering her head, she looks down for a moment before speaking again, "Is there anything else that you can give us or show us that will be helpful?"

Danielle hms "There does to be some effort at responding" she agrees with Maggie, though it is intentionally being vague, can't figuire out how to communicate ore we can't figuire out what it's saying" she looks at Dirk "Well I don't anybody here but i agree that time may behave strangely. the fire in the first house didn't burn down until we entered it. She peers at Dirk "Have you been drinking"

Dirk says, "I wish, but no."

Stares at Dirk. "A purple - oh really now," she says, not exactly believing this. "I haven't been drinking, so please don't pull my leg that way. People don't become dragons, that's just a story."

Amy stares at Dirk. "A purple - oh really now," she says, not exactly believing this. "I haven't been drinking, so please don't pull my leg that way. People don't become dragons, that's just a story."

a tendril suddenly reaches from the fog to try and grab at maggie

Dirk says "You do because you're an Amethyst. Amy, get it? You're a Mandrake. Let her go! Fog!"

Maggie nods to Danielle about the fog, her attention pulled away from looking at the fog. She nibbles her lower lip, eyes turning toward Amy. Inhaling, she tries to formulate an explaination when she feels something clammy and cold snake around her. Looking down, her expression turns to horror when she sees that a bit of fog has wrapped itself around her waist. "Hey!" Jerking back, she tries to discourage it from pulling her in. One hand reaches for a cutlass that is not there. The other hand tries for a smallish dagger tucked all piratically into a belt.

"What is a mandrake?" Amy asks, though she blinks. "I am Amethyst, yes. Amethyst Seville." Then she backs rapidly away from the fog, as she's been pulled at before. "Watch out!"

Kyrie comes down from the inn, an sack over one shoulder that seems to have a little weight at the bottom but is mostly empty. She seems preparing to take a little trip through the fog.

The fog pulls Maggie closer but just as she reaches the edge for some reason it relents and draws back

Maggie is drawn by the fog tendril toward the bank, though she strains against it. Drawing the dagger, she slashes at the tendril, jerking her body backwards as she does. Just as she is pulled to the very edge of the fog, something shifts. The tendril retracts, releasing Maggie. Stumbling backwards, she skip-a-steps to avoid landing on her behind in the dirt. "Blast it!"

Danielle hms " that was decidingly unhelpful" she offers in the direction of the fog

Kyrie stops to watch the goings-ons and the lightened fog, her lips pursed.

Amy shrugs, and takes the shield off towards the inn, looking to find Gavin.

Maggie tucks the dagger back into its slot in her belt with a slifhtly irritated vehemence. Take that! She nods to Danielle, "Decidedly." Looking back at the fog from a greater distance, she humphs, "If you wanted to show me what useful, helpful thing you had, there are better ways to do that." Indignation is wasted on fog, though, so she sort of deflates a little, "Honestly."

Kyrie moves forward again, saying "I missed something interesting?"

Dirk says, "I have trump cards that don't work and a unicorn signet ring."

Maggie glares at the fog for a moment, then turns her back to it defiantly and stalks back to the others, "Hey, Kyrie." Moving past Amy's rock and the other folks, she adds, "I'm going to clear my head. I will be back in a few minutes." Her stride lengthens a little as she walks toward the road.

Danielle notes "I'm definitely intersted in going inside again, seeing if we can come out the same place as last time

Kyrie thinks. "What are trump cards supposed to do, besides help you win a hand?" she asks Dirk. "And maybe you should show that ring to the priests at that church on the other side of the fog. They seem to like unicorns."

Dirk says "I will do." He puts the ring on.

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