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Breaking Back Home

Information is shared and the group clears the fog back through the switch back.


Oct. 26, 2020, noon

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Lower Amber City

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Dirk smiles and looks around. "Hey guys?"

Maggie looks up from where she is seated beneath a tree. She nods to Dirk, "Hey. Sorry. Didn't see you."

Dirk says, "I made a trump work for a split second."

Gaval enters from behind one of the small homes in the area. The man having been gone for a good week now trying to gain a feel for the city and its inhapitants. He pauses and then moves over towards the others. "Hello."

Maggie blinks, curling her legs beneath her. Rising, she looks at Dirk though she waves to Gaval. "Hey. Welcome back." She tilts her head, "You did, Dirk? What happened?"

Kyrie has been spending a lot of her time at the gambling den. It's just her way. Not just for the cards, of course. It's a great place to learn more about the people. Not that the people are all that exciting in their current form. She's also been sitting just outside, watching those passing by along with those playing checkers at the boards with the mismatched pieces. When others from the inn pass by, she pushes herself to her feet to follow and join. "Howdy." she says, tugging briefly at the brim of her hat.

Dirk says, "I made a trump work for a split second."

Gavin had spent his time exploring the slums and the other parts of the city that they can access. It's only by chance that he's wondered upon those from the Switchback. He raises his hand greeting and he draws near to the others. "Milords and ladies, how fare thee?" THough he raises an eyebrow to Dirk, "You did and whose Trump?"

Gaval nods to Gavin and Kyrie. "Indeed. Who's trump and did they answer?"

Dirk says "I dont know. It was a female that I didn't recognize and she acted like she wanted to come through. but we got cut off."

Kyrie looks from one to the other to the other. "You're all back to talking about stuff I don't understand."

Maggie pauses closer to Dirk, her brows lifted in surprise. Gavin is given a wave as well, but sort of absently. "May I see the trump, please? Maybe I know the woman." Looking up, she nods to Kyrie, "Ummm. Trumps are... like magical paintings. In the old days, if you concentrated on one, you could talk to the person depicted in the painting. If they wanted to answer. Sometimes, you could go to their location or they could come to yours." Her attention turns back to Dirk before she adds, "I used to be able to make them."

Dirk hands over the trump.

Gaval nods slowly. "The fact they still function, if only in part, is a good thing. That means there are others out there. Perhaps in islands of fog like we are. I know I've not been about much in the last few days but I was thinking if we could get to the castle. Perhaps we could start things moving more fully. Awaken the people here. Find out what happened more fully."

Kyrie gives that same look she always gives when they're talking about magic.

"Intresting." Gavin says as he look on, "And hopefully it was answered by the person of the trump. Things could be broken in that regard." He gives Kyrie a shrug, "It's magic. We're in the City. It's always going to be magic."

Maggie shrugs at Kyrie's look. She tried. Taking the trump from Dirk, Maggie studies it. A frown begins, her gaze focused. Then she shrugs and looks away from the card. The look was not long enough to initiate contact, even in the old days. Turning the card, she offers it back. "Thanks. I do not think that I know her... but I will think about it. If I remember, I will let you know." Looking to Gaval and Gavin, she nods, "It is hopeful. And I think I agree. We should work on getting to the castle. I want to see what happened up there in case that was the origin of... whatever it was that did this."

Kyrie shrugs back to Maggie and then the others. "I know you're just trying to be helpful, but all the weird crap is still new to me. Magic just doesn't make sense in my head. I'm working on it."

Dirk says "when in doubt just say "fucking magic man. it's always fucking maguc."

Gaval chuckles. "UNless it's artifice. Mechanical. And sometimes it can be hard to tell the two apart." He nods again to Maggie. "And to do that we need to find our way through the fog. And force it clear. Which reminds me. We should finish clearing the way back to our home base?"

Dirk nods "Sure."

"We should. I'm actually missing the Switch Back." Gavin says.

Dirk says, "I need to stay here."

Maggie can't stifle the grin that Dirk's advise sparks. "He is right. But, back in the day, there were other types of magic. Elemental and Arcanus. Arcanus uses somatic and physical components and elemental does not. Or... maybe did not." Looking back up toward the north, she nods to Gaval, "Aye, we should." She nods to Gavin, then turns to Dirk, "If we have it open on both sides, we can probably go back and forth. Why do you need to stay, Dirk?"

Kyrie hms quietly. "We probably should, but then others will come up that way. At the moment it's a pain to get there, but we can and it's a safe place. Safe being a relative thing. But if everyone wants to work on opening it up, I'd get it."

"The people of the city watch us. Watch us closely when we're out in the open. They know we're from another place I'm thinking. Waiting to see what we do. Both for ourselves and perhaps for them as well." Gaval says and then shrugs. "Should they come and cause trouble at the switchback then we'll take care of things. Hopefully it will open up new lines of talk and trade."

"Perhaps it will help them too to return to the way they were?" Gavin looks to Dirk, "You're still searching for your daughter. Any leads?"

Dirk looks towards the location where the forest should be. Dirk shakes his head.

Kyrie mms quietly. "That's one reason I hit up the parlor. Great place to learn who the real players are. And to let them have a gander while they figure out what to make of me in return. I think I almost sort of got to one of them. For a moment, he tensed up real good in a way they really don't here. Seeing where that goes."

Gaval says, "Thank you for the information, Dirk. Please let us know should you have any more luck trying to get ahold of anyone. Now I'm off to the gate and to try to open the way fully." He nods to them all and steps off towards the gate.

The group maves back to lower amber city....

Gaval wastes little time when he reaches the soft edge of the fog and pulls out his sword to focus his will as is his want to do. He seems more commited today then before. Perhaps the thought finally sinking in that this i the place he is stuck. And that he needs make the best of it. He makes a cutting motion once... then twice. Each time the fog reacting as if struck and rolling about. Pale he stagger back a moment.

Like Gaval, Kyrie draws her blade as she approaches the fog. She's just a little behind the others, having decided to join them after they'd already left. They know this can be done, and progress has been made. Now, they need to get this done. Determined, she steps forward as well to focus hard on driving it back. The effort is visibly exhausting, of course.

Gavin had tried a bit earlier while he was on patrol. So he was already a bit on the tired side. Though as he sees Gaval and Kyrie with their blades drawn. He steps up and extends his blade at the fog and gives it a good mental push.Maggie reaches a weaponless hand out toward the fog, her eyes narrowing into a frown of intense concentration. She leans into the effort, her will sharpened like a blade she no longer bears. One foot slides forward as she slowly lowers toward a fencing lunge. THe frown deepens and tiny beads of sweat begin to appear on her brow. Still the fog remains, mockingly resolute and roiling.
Dirk stands near Maggie and adds his will to hers.

When Kyrie puts for her effort the second time that which was misty suddenly falls apart like smoke under a stiff breeze. A clearing of the way.. safe passage both to and from their resting place.

Apparently, Kyrie's own magic power is just happening to be there right at the moment the fog is ready to give way. She looks wiped out as it does, but also satisfied with their effort.

For whatever reason Gaval looks satisfied as well. "There. It is done. And done well if I had to say so. Another small step on the path of opening up the world we live in."

Gavin sheaths his sword. He lets out a breath and releaved. He reaches over to give Kryie a shoulder pat, "Well done! We can return to the throne rock!"

Kyrie chuckles and shakes her head as she sheathes her rapier. "You guys and that rock. Gotta say, I have missed Martha's cooking. Still not sure where she gets the meat, though."

Maggie rises slowly from her fencing lunge when the fog seems to melt before Kyrie. After a blink or two and a back-handed swipe of her sweat beaded forehead, she offers the victor a grin. "Well done." Turning slightly, she nods to Dirk, "Thanks for coming to help. I am glad that you did. Now, we should ask Martha if your daughter has made it through yet, or not. What is her name, please?"

Dirk says "Taralyn Perci Hope Dirksdotter.

Gavin yawns looking tired now. "I think I'm going to go to the safe house. It's time for a nap and a good drink." It looks like it's going to be a couple of days before Gavin back to his nomral cheerful and energetic self.

Maggie nods to Dirk, "That is a very impressive name. Thank you." She glances at Gavin, then lifts her gaze to the Inn, "I'll go in and ask Martha about her. I might also turn in. It will be good to sleep in a real bed again. And I really need a bath." A wry smile touches her lips, though she does not really linger. Waving to the others, she follows Gavin up the hill toward the Inn.

Kyrie looks like she's also about done for the day. "Yeah, you look like I feel, after that." she says to Gavin. "Bed time." She opts for the inn as well, and heads that way.

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