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Dinner and Cards

A get together of whoever is around, at the Inn. Maybe there'll be card playing, maybe there'll be discussion about what everyone has learned. Everyone is welcome. Catchup and enjoy some rp.

Note - no promises that anything exciting will happen. Or won't.


Nov. 1, 2020, 7 p.m.

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Kyrie Gaval



The Breeze Inn

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Comments and Log

Kyrie spent quite a few days in the city, working on her connections there. Especially once she found the gambling den. It was like finding home again. But, the inn is nice too, so she's started going back and forth more. This is the nicer bed, after all. She's here this evening though, and relaxing with some stew and bread. And whiskey.

Gaval comes in looking tired and the reason isn't visible. He yawns and sighs in a stiffled manor. Hand over face. He nods to the folks gathered in the place and steps over to Kyrie's table and has a seat across from her. Blearily he looks over at her and her meal. "Looks good."

Amy comes down the stairs, and then into the inn. She's obviously been up to her room for something or other. She glances in the dining area, and finds Gaval and Kyrie, so she heads that way. "Hey," she greets easily. "how are things going?"

Kyrie's hat hangs from the back of her chair, so she simply nods a greeting to him and then to Amy. "Howdy." she says. "Things aren't going badly. Slowly, but they could be worse. How about with you two?" She glances to her stew then, and says "It is pretty good. Still curious where she gets the meat, of course."

Gaval smirks lightly. "I am not used to /exhistance/. We seem to be stuck trying to get enough to survive day to day. Harsh I can take. Marsh and never seeming to gain ground is another thing. I fear it will lead to flagging spirits for many before long. But I am glad we have cleared the way too and from the city market.. such as it is." He nods to Kyrie's assessment and then looks over to Amy while rubbing at his face. "And how have you been?"

"I've been trying to help the people with herbs as I can. Not that I have a lot, but at least I can help a bit. They - could use so much more. It's heartbreaking." She takes a breath and then nods to Gaval. "I guess we maybe have to figure out more ways to get to - well, anywhere." Sigh. She's about to say something else when there's a new arrival, from the kitchen.

Martha peers out, and then comes out, hands wringing. "I was hoping to find you," she says. "We may have a problem. "The meat that we have - it's starting to go bad."

Kyrie listens, then says to Amy "Show me the herbs you use. Maybe I can find them in my wanderings." Then her attention goes to Martha, and then she pauses. And looks at her bowl. "Is... this okay?" she asks, setting down her spoon for the moment and switching to her glass of whiskey.

Gaval's eyes close briefly and then open. "Martha. When was the last time you had food go bad. Meat or otherwise?" He asks the innkeep. He then turns towards the others. "Sounds like we need to have cookout. Hand out food before it goes bad. Eat our fill. It's time to see if we can't motivate the people here to help each other and themselves."

Martha looks to Kyrie. "That stew is fine. It's almost the last of the good meat that I used there. If you can find more, in your travels, that's fit to eat, that would be good." She then looks over to Gaval, and rubs her nose. "Well, I don't rightly remember. It hasn't been, here, not until just now. But before you all arrived, I can't seem to recall."

Amy looks a bit startled, and then concerned. "Oh, criminy, that's not good," she says. "That's not good at all."

Kyrie mmms quietly as she listens to that all. "Sort of like getting served fish at the den, when they're cut off from the sea. Unreal. Maybe when we started pushing back the fog, things got more real? Whatever that means, of course."

Gaval points and then nods to Kyrie. "Exactly. There is benefit from unlocking a route rather on but also a negative. We are freeing things from their frozen slumber. We are unlocking it from it's amber casing." He smirks and then shakes his head. "New plan. We have to find our way into Arden forest. Unlock a hunting ground. Hunting was forbidden before but I don't think we have much choice now. And things are.. new again."

Martha nods to the group. "I'll leave you to it. Don't worry, I won't serve anything that's gone bad. I just was hoping you might be able to do something about it." She heads back to the kitchen.

Amy looks at Gaval, and then nods. "We need supplies. A forest should be good to provide that, certainly. I don't really know that forest, but I guess the other question is - if we go into the fog, do you think we could find - other islands? I mean, if we're here, do you think there are maybe other places like this?"

Kyrie thinks more, then nods to Martha as the woman heads back to the kitchen. "Or the sea, for the fishing." she says to Gaval. "And we know there's at least one other place not connected yet. The one with the church. Makes sense there might be others. We just have to pick the right ones to focus on, if us doing this is going to cause people to start starving because their illusion's melting. Or, you know, whatever weird magic crap it is."

"I beleive we can. The telescope showed us others, remember? And even if they're not there now I believe with enough willpower..." He laughs again. "True willpower.. we might be able to make one from nothing. Yet likely easier to find one that is already there." He nods slowly. "Picking the right one and focusing on it. I agree it should be either the sea or the forest. Both would allow us at least meat. The forest may provide other things. Wood.. furs, herbs. But truth be told I'n mot certian where to start the... bridge?" He rubs his face again. "Maybe it's time to look into the telescope again."

Amy settles into a seat at the table, and looks at the other two. "We should let the others know," she says. "And well, I guess we can work where we know it might help. Maybe?" A pause, and then, "if we know any where that might be." She laughs softly. "The telescope again? it's just a nutty toy, I think. Why would you want to do that?"

Kyrie purses her lips, then says "Very nutty toy, but around here, who knows? And the forest also has the benefit of fresh water. I mean, sea water can be turned into drinking water, but it's harder. And waters fewer people. And animals."

Gaval grins at Amy. "It is rare that folk create elabrate toys such as that. I think it is there for a purpose. And if it is not then perhaps with will we can bend it to our purpose. Mayhap to suss out the best and closest path to needful things." He nods to Kyrie. "Sources of fresh water will be welcome too."

Amy considers for a moment, and nods. "Right, that makes sense," she agrees. She then laughs, nodding to Kyrie. "I guess - I'm not sure quite what it's all about. Well, I get that we need more supplies, and possibly a way to keep supplies from going bad."

"Oh, I have no idea what it's all about," Kyrie says with a smirk, "But I'm very motivated at the least to do what keeps me alive. If we don't find more sources of food and water, we're all screwed."

"We in the desert use salt to keep meats fresh. And salt comes from the sea or from mines. Or sometimes salt flats in desert clims." The Alhambran states. "We should perhaps go as one. Talk together and make a choice as to which way. All of our wills bent in one direction."

Amy nods her head, as she listens. "That seems reasonable," she says. "Also, I bet Martha knows some of how to do do that kind of food preservation. And Kyrie, I can certainly show you some herbs, in case you find some. Anywhere."

Kyrie nods to Gaval. "We can probably find what we need in both places. Some just harder than others. And I certainly know how to find and preserve food, pretty much anywhere. Just need to pick a direction."

Gaval nods. "Good. That would be at least two that know how to preserve food. And the rest of us can be taught if need be. So..Shall we go peer through the telescope. Force our will apon the device and see if it shows just one place or way to us? Or shall we wait for the others?"

Amy says slowly, "well, once we get one, we can then work on the other," she says slowly. "I guess that's not a bad thing. But it's getting late - I'm not sure how much we should go wandering out there if we're not ready and we might want more people." She pauses. "Also, we should tell them. Right?"

Kyrie mms again, then eats more of her stew. "We probably should gather more before actually doing anything, but just looking in the telescope should be pretty safe. It was last time, as far as we could tell."

Gaval nods slowly and gives Amy his wry grin. "Worried? Even though we are trapped and in need of supplies we are of the few /aware/ being in this place. I fear only the unknown that hte fog could spring apon us. And with reason. But without some forward movement and action upon our goal we will be here only to wither away. Some stew and drink and then a peep throgh the looking glass?"

Amy nods her head. "I like the idea of something to eat and a drink. And then we can go do whatever we want."

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