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In the telescope

Gaval makes sure that everyone knows the recent news and offers a idea to gain a plan of attack.


Nov. 5, 2020, 8 p.m.

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Dirk Amethyst Gavin



The Switchback

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The day is fading and Gaval stands outside the inn waiting. He's left word with Martha to contact all those folks that he himself has missed and asked for a meeting today at this place and time. For time, it seems, is running out. And things must be done.
He's dressed in his normal greys and blues, darkened by stain from travel and age. Sword on one shoulder and empty sheath on the other. He does not pace while waiting. Rather he stands and broods, chin rubbing on jaw and grim smile on his face.

Dirk walks up. "What's up?"

Amy is flagged down by Martha, and so she makes her way out to this spot, glancing at the brooding Gaval, curiously. She makes her way to the big rock she usually sits on, and settles. "Evening, Gaval," she says easily. "Are you okay?" She gives him a serious once over, trying to see if he's healthy or not.


Gavin had made it to the time and location following Amethyst. The Knight was a bit on the quiet side. He looks at the darkness of the fog. It had been rolled back in places but was still there. He gives Gaval and Dirk a nod.

Gaval looks up from his brooding and to each of them in turn. His smile changes to something more normal and he nods. "Well enough I suppose. I had thought to get everyone together and bring up our new situation and the need for a direction to be chosen." He says mostly to Amy but to all of them in general.
"In case you haven't heard by now our food supplies are now in danger. Buy linking one place to another I believe we've .." He pauses to try and formulate the right words. "Made time flow normally again?" He shrugs. "The meat supply Martha has been using has begun to spoil. Seeing as she can't remember the last time this happened thus my thought about time. The real need now is for finding a fresh and /constant/ source of food. We're likely to struggle with that for a time but we do need a direction to focus our actions and wills apon."

Dirk says "Lower city people can fish? So maybe there would ve a good place to start?"

Amy blinks at Dirk. "Can they? There's water - well, that should solve part of the problem, shouldn't it?" A glance over to Gaval, and a small shrug. "I agree we need to do something. I am starting to worry. What if there's nobody else out there? I don't think we can wait for - anyone - to rescue us. Well. Except us."

Amy smiles at Gavin, reaching a hand his way.

Dirk says "I made a brief trump contact with someone. So there are pockets of reality. "

Gavin takes Amy's hand and wraps his finges around hers. "Sounds dire then." He looks at Amy, "I agree with her. We can't wait for others to rescue us. Though what do we do? YOu have an idea Gaval?" He looks at Dirk, "Have you done that again or was it just that time."

Dirk says "only tried it once."

Gaval nods to Dirk. "There are pockets of reality. He've already linked one together with another several times now. Though we've thought of it as opening the way. And if they can fish then that is good. But I doubt they can fish much other the to keep themselves alive.. barely. If we link more things together they may loose that ability as well." He falls to brooding again and nods slowly to Gavin. "My thought is to peer into that which we already have. The telescope that may be showing us other pockets of reality, like Dirk has mentioned." He motions up towards the place where the telescope rests. "My thought is to.. suffuse it with our will. Think and will it to show us the closest and best source of food we can get our hands on quickly. We'll likely still have to break through the fog like we have before but.. it'll be a start. A direction."

Amy listens to the conversation, and she brightens a bit. "A direction? That does seem to be something we've been missing." She squeezes Gavin's fingers, and adds, "I'm willing to give it a try." She pauses then, catching her own wording. "If you'll excuse the accidental wording." There's amusement in her voice, as she says that. "Because I do think we need to do something. And I don't have any ideas."

Dirk says "where do we go?"

Gavin nods, "That sounds like a fine plan, a purpose and a direction." The knight considers for a moment, "I will help too. It can't be any worse than the fog." He press his lips togther.

Dirk nods "I am in."

Gaval can't seem to help but grin at the assent by the others. "Good! Then let us wonder over to the houses yon and into the one that hides the telescope." He puts his sugjestion to action and leads the way over.

Dirk follows along.

Amy gets to her feet, leaning on Gavin's assistance, and then she says, "Alright, let's head there, and see if this telescope can show us anything in particular." She sounds determined, squaring her shoulders. Given her petite size it's not very impressive. Or at least it shouldn't be. But somehow there's still some oomph to her statement.

Gavin is tall and resolute. So he not use to be the one to be passing in the wake of another. That's where he finds himself now though following in Amy's wake as she spear heads the path the to telescope.

The group travels up to the cul-de-sac and into the house that seemed to be haunted.
Into it's door and then upwards through the stone steps into the cliff-side they go, ending up in the room with the strange and some might say mystical device.
Looking about it seems that things have not changed too much at all in the room. If anyone has been here on their own there is little sign of it.
Gaval moves tot he device and walks about it as if looking for something new or something he missed.
"So.. We should match our thoughts and wills? Just to make sure it works as we desire to. If..if it works the way we desire it too."

Amy checks out the rooms as they arrive, curious to see if it's the same as she remembers or if things have changed. She pauses to look over at Gaval. "Okay," she says with a nod. "how do we - how do you think we should do that?" There's a quietness about her, but it seems she's not sure how this might go. "I guess - we are looking to find where there is a solid continuous supply of food, right?"

"What did you say, Gaval? We should concentrate on the closest place for us to get food, yes?" Gavin says as he looks to his fellow member of the Brotherhood of Gav. Then he looks back at Amy. "I thought that's what he said."

Gaval ponders and then nods. "The closest place to get a constant supply of food. And I think.. I think as we each try we should focus our will into it before we actually look? I'll go first."
He approaches the device as if it might bite him and lays fingers apon the small neck where one puts their eye too. He gives it a long intent stare and then verbally demands of the thing, "You will show me where I can get a constant supply of food nearby!" And then puts his eye to the thing as the tiredness sets in.

Amethyst rolls with advantage 1 at difficulty 15, using occult, pattern initiate.
The result is a success.

Gaval rolls with advantage 0 at difficulty 15, using notice.
The result is a success.

Gaval peers into the device for a long while and speaks as he does so. "I see.. fog of course. But there are layers of it? I see Amber I think? A wall.. The outer wall? I can't be sure. The fog is too thick."

Amy concentrates, bringing her fierce stubbornness to bear. She waits until Gaval is done, and then peers through the telescope for herself, concentrating hard. Her hands fist at her sides, as she does so, making it very clear that she is concentrating hard. "Show us what we want to see." She frowns as she stares, seeing what there is. And then she steps back away from the telescope so someone else - whoever is next - can have a look. "I think - I just saw water."

Gavin rolls with advantage 1 at difficulty 15, using notice, pattern initiate.
The result is a success.

Dirk rolls with advantage 1 at difficulty 15, using combat,pattern initiate.
The result is a success.

Dirk looks through the telescope and growls a little.

Gavin peers throught telescope the last and he offers no growl just pure knightly grit. " I see a gate in a city wall. The Sun is setting on it. The gate is in the south side of the city and the fog is cleaning to it." He frowns, "We are not seeing the same thing or if we are, it is not appearing the same."

Dirk says "Walls and water."

"The blasted thing shows thatever it wats ..but.." Gaval begins to brood again and then starts motioning to each person in turn. "I saw city and wall. Dirk say walls and water. Gavin saw a ..southern gate in a wall? And Amy saw water. It's all different but it could be all the same general thing?"

Amy frowns, as she rubs at her head. "Painful that," she murmurs ruefully. "Don't know if I want to do it very often." She breathes out, blowing a curl of hair out of her face. "I imagine that water would definitely allow us - probably a lot of survival stuff, right?" She shrugs. "And the area with all the people is down hill from here, so maybe it's that way? I mean, water would be downhill wouldn't it?"

Dirk says "yes. I think so."

"Perhaps, we should look to the south in either case. Though if it's the same ocean that Dirk mention. Perhaps we should return to the city. See if we can find this gate. I doubt we should all take fishing poles."

"Perhaps, we should look to the south in either case. Though if it's the same ocean that Dirk mention. Perhaps we should return to the city. See if we can find this gate. I doubt we should all take fishing poles." Gavin says looking to Amy. Then he reaches up to gently rub her back.

Gavin rolls with advantage 1 at difficulty 15, using notice, pattern initiate.
The result is a success.

Dirk nods.

Gaval continues to rub at his chin and shakes his head. "It's so.. vauge." he waves a hand about as if dispursing smoke. "It could mean anything but it could mean something. Still.. I'm willing to focus effort Southwards. Perhaps we should ask the others to all do the same. The more folk we have doing the same thing the more likely and quickly we learn something even if we learn we're going the wrong way."

Amy closes her eyes for a moment, and then she says, "That seems like a plan. Either way, at least we can learn something. Do you - do you think there's anything else in other directions?"

Dirk nods "it doesnt matter."

Gavin looks through the telescope again, "Damn it! Hold still will you." He mutters into the telescope. "I see a city along a roadway. It is The city and I am looking at gate. It perhaps is the same gate. It is viewing the same location."

Dirk nods. "ok?"

Gaval watches Gavin go through the will sapping motions again and then nods slowly. "Well then. Either it's right or wrong but I think we have a direction at least." He looks around to all of them. "Are we agreed then?"

Amy nods her head. "Sounds good to me," she agrees easily. "Dirk? Gavin? We can mention it to everyone else as we see them too, so that might also help." She stifles a yawn, checking how tired Gavin looks, and the others. "Meanwhile, maybe we should go back to the Inn and have a drink?"

Dirk grins "sure."

Gavin looks tired now, though no more than when he would redouble his attempts to push back the Fog. "I'm in accord with the group. Though I must admit I'm most in favor in the last plans of milady Amethyst."

Gaval steps towards Gavin and offers the man a hand should he want or require it. "Thank you for checking again. I think that just makes firm our choice. And I agree a drink is called for. While the drink lasts!" He chuckles as if the lack of supplies is a joke. Odd man..

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