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On the Beach

it's a beach! with sand. and water. And fog


Nov. 19, 2020, 10:30 p.m.

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Kyrie Maggie Kerf



Southern Beach

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Amy and Gavin found a beach. This makes Amy happy. Happier. She's been spending some time here. The fog is far enough out there that she doesn't feel so panicked by it. And there's nice white sand, blue water, and so the petite blonde is enjoying the 'sun' such as it is. Right now, it's sort of early afternoon ish, and Amy has sandwiches and beer, settled on a piece of driftwood, with a few others set up kind of in a circle. Ready for company.

Access to the sea is a good thing. Assuming there's fish in there. It's a weird place, after all. She's been more focused on the gambling den recently, to make inroads there, but a change of scenery is very nice, and so she's headed this way. She's got a bottle with her, which is probably a little stronger than beer. Probably pretty freshly-made, too. She smiles as she spots the place to be, heading that way with a wave towards Amy.

Another person heads down from the docs onto the white sand beach. Her aim is uncertain at first though when she spots Kyrie, then Amethyst, she stops and turns slowly, slowly toward them. Cautiously, she makes her way toward the two, then pauses hwen she draws near. Maggie lifts a hand to wave, the motion tentative and curious.

Amy glances up as Kyrie arrives, waving. There's fishes in there, for sure. "If you go in the water, watch your toes, there's some crabs there that like to pinch. Though I suppose that's one way to catch them." she observes. And since she's looking up, there's someone else she recognizes, so she waves back. "Hey, Maggie. Come join us!" she calls out.

Kyrie's eyebrows raise a little. Mmmmm... crabs. "I know better ways to catch them." she says with a chuckle, then turns and smiles towards Maggie. "Howdy, you both. All is well enough?" she asks them as she looks out over the water.

Maggie stills when she is hailed by name, though it is momentary. Returning smiles, she makes her way toward the others, "Hi. Uh. I have a weird question for you both. How long have we known each other? I am checking on something." Her gaze turns to the ocean, then back again. WH\hen she claims a seat near Amethyst, she makes sure that she can see the water and up the beach toward the docks. Looking up at Kyrie, she shrugs noncommittally, "Time will tell. You?"

Amy blinks at that question, tilting her head a bit. "How long - uhm, 2 months, maybe?" she says, taking a guess. "About that, anyway, I think. Should it be a different number?" she asks, curiously. She looks over to Kyrie, and then says, "it's about the same for most of us, I suppose, give or take a few days. It's kind of interesting that nobody else has joined us for a while." Kyrie gets a grin, and then a shrug. "I am sure we will be able to have some good meals. I'm just not sure yet how well this bay replenishes its seafood stock."

Kyrie thinks about Maggie's question, her forehead furrowing slightly. "Not long." she finally replies, echoing Amy. "As if time had any meaning when all the parts were cut off from each other." She settles on another piece of the driftwood, and plants her bottle of hooch in the sand. "Why, how long does it seem, for you?" she asks Maggie.

Maggie's expression does not faulter, though her spirit palpably flags. To combat that reaction she sits up a bit straighter and reaches for a bottle of beer. Before picking it up, she nods to Amethyst, "May I?" So, angled forward, one hand extended, she considers her answer. "I am not sure. I ran into Gaval in the Throne Room of the Palace. He was sitting on the throne. And that made it clear that this...?" She lifts her other hand to motion around in a sweeping gesture, "This is not the Amber of the Shadow where I came from. It can't be. So, I went into the fog asking to be taken home. I don't know how long I was in the fog. But, here I am." Looking out over the ocean, she tries to turn the conversation, "We should be careful of the crabs. Time may still be strange, so they moght not reproduce yet."

Amy blinks, and she says, "Oh. That - well, that sounds somewhat disturbing, doesn't it?" She looks down at the picnic basket, and then she says, "Oh, please do. Have a drink. And a sandwich. I didn't want ot bring too much or look like we were wasteful or anything. So it's just sandwiches, and drinks. But there should be enough for all of us." Certainly for the three who are there at the moment. "Gaval was on the throne of Amber? I haven't seen a throne room here. Maybe that wasn't here?"

Kyrie looks interested. "You found that palace you guys were looking for? I've just been in the crap parts of the city, still. And the inn, of course." When offered, she reaches for one of the sandwiches, then looks at the water again. "I wonder if we could net off somewhere to breed the crabs and keep up a supply."

Maggie claims a beer once permission is given. Sitting up, she foregoes a sandwich for now, though judging by the lingering look she gives one of them, she will take one soon enough. Opening the beer, she takes a long pull, then shrugs, "Maybe. I guess the fog could have taken me to a Shadow of here. If Shadows still exist." Lowering the bottle, she nods to Kyrie, "That is a good idea. We can keep up the supply and have a decently objective way to tell if time is passing or not. Good plan." The bottle is lifted and she takes another sip before adding, "Whichever Gaval it is said that he was trying to provoke an appearance of an apparition he saw of a king on the throne giving orders that he could not hear to people he could not see. Kind of like a ghost."

"I'm sure we can do that, and I agree, it sounds like a great idea." Amy nods her head, taking her own drink, and taking a sip. She reaches for a sandwich and takes a bite. Then Maggie's words kick in and Amy's eyes widen. "Great, a ghost? Now we have to deal with ghosts? As if the fog isn't bad enough? That's just - not right."

Kyrie chooses a sip from her bottle of hooch over the beer, and her face briefly shows how recent a vintage it is. She does offer it to the others, but it's probably not recommended. It's clear she still does not follow the more esoteric subjects, so she just leaves that to the other two. Her lips purse, and she says "Might be a good job for some, with the promise of food as payment."

Maggie reaches absently over to claim a sandwich. Taking a bite, she savors it for a moment before swallowing and chasing it with a sip of beer. For now, she passes on the hooch as her hands are full, but it is clear that the delay in accepting is temporary. She nods first to Amethyst, but then shrugs, "Dunno if we will have to deal with it or not, to be honest. It might have been a fog apparition or a hallucination or gas. I'm not sure what Gaval was eating, though he did say that the kitchens were putting food out and sending it all over. He was taking food from the trays to stay fed. Might be something to look into if we get there. And if the throne room he found is attached to this place. Instead of being in a Shadow of here. Or something." Looking past Kyrie to the ocean, she shrugs again. Maybe? Though we would have to be careful about that. I'm not sure how to be certain that the person employed does not just take the lot and distribute them to her family. Or his. We should tell Merrisol about the ocean. He will..." She stops, then looks down at her sandwich and takes another bite, letting the sentence go unfinished.

Amy considers for a bit, and then she says, "I suppose if we hire two people, they can keep each other honest? And pay them in food, because they obviously will want some. Just we'll have to figure out how much pay is reasonable." She shrugs now, listening and somewhat bemused. "The palace is sending food out - are there people there to eat it? That sounds like it must be a very busy place, usually. I don't remember too much what amber looked like in the past that one time I visited it. I do remember it seemed pretty big and busy to me. But that's really all. I think we should tell everyone about the ocean, it's sort of what Gaval was hoping we'd find before he went off - actually, I haven't seen him for a few days. Have you, Kyrie?"

"Well, sure." Kyrie replies to Maggie. "Have to make sure there's a manager, to keep them honest. Or, make it part of the underworld scene. No one steals from the mob." she adds, then things. "I haven't, Amy." she says, on the matter of Gaval. "But I've been pretty deep into the card games and that scene."

The three women are sitting on or near some driftwood. A basket with sandwiches and beer sits nearby. Kyrie has a bottle of something clear and, potentially, very strong. Maggie has a beer and what is left of a sandwich. She is sitting so that she can face the water and the docks, at least most of the time. Right now, she is looking out to see, scanning the shallows near the beach away from the docks themselves, "Underworld? Is there a mob here, Kyrie? Or are you suggesting that we start one?" Her tone is more curious than chiding or amused. She seems to be watching small crabs as they scuttle hither and thither just at the water's edge.

Amy is seated on a piece of the driftwood, sandwich in one hand, beer in the other. She's relaxed it seems, the small group chatting. "Mob? Oh - " It's Maggie's comment that explains it to her, so she doesn't have to ask what is the mob. "I am pretty sure one of those will start itself," she says a little ruefully. "But - it would be good to see if there is time passing here yet. Maybe trying to breed the crabs will tell us?"

Kyrie replies to Maggie "There's certainly an underworld here. I've only seen some of the structure, but it definitely exists. Working on my 'in' there, since it's a good way not to get shot if I win too much. Well, stabbed." No shooting here, obviously. To Amy then, "And I thought the fact that meat was starting to go bad was a good sign things were getting more, uh, real. If that's the right term."

Merrisol comes by after a while, having heard the news of the newly recovered area. He greets the women with a briefly lifted hand and a quick smile, then moves off to watch the water and its tides if there is such a thing as tides when the open sea itself is in fog.

Maggie should have been watching the docks. She might not have been taken a bit more unaware than she wished when Merrisol waves. She offers a smile and lifts a bottle in a near salute. Listening to Kyrie and Amy, she does watch Merrisol walk to the water's edge before catching herself and looking back at her companions. "Hmm. I am not surprised that there is an underworld. Sort of disappointed, but that probably says more about me than otherwise." Finishing the sandwich, she toys with the beer before finishing that too in a long pull. "I should head back to the Inn." Her attention turns to the sea and, not entirely coincidentally, to Merrisol. "I don't know how long I was in the fog this time." Glancing up the beach away from the sea and toward the docks, she adds in a quieter tone, "I don't know when I slept last."

Amy tilts her head, and then she says wryly. "There's only one minor problem with that - I'm not sure that we can get back to the Inn yet without going through the fog." A pause. "But we've a small lean to and you're welcome to sleep there. And we're trying to push the fog back again, so we can get back - I should go do that, I think."

Kyrie lifts her hand in a wave back to Merrisol, but he seems to be doing his own thing at the moment. She looks back to the ladies, and kind of watches Maggie more than Amy. Rather, watching Maggie watching Merrisol." She sips her hooch again, then has a bite of sandwich. "I can work on the fog some, in a bit. I'm enjoying the sitting, for now."

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