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Creating Investigations (OOC)

For those who find the help file for investigations daunting, I can walk folks through how to create an investigation. This is an event so it will be logged, so folks can refer to it if need be.


Nov. 28, 2020, 5 p.m.

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Kyrie Amethyst



OOC Lounge

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Comments and Log

This is an ooc conversation - but it will be logged so that others can read it later.

Zephyr was originally thinking to just talk about investigations, but we can open it up to any questions you might have.

Zephyr so, I guess, to start - got any questions?

Kyrie was really just going to 'listen'. I've got a terrible headache. :-/

Amethyst aww. sorry about the headache. :(

Zephyr okays, well, we have very little attendance, alas. I hope everyone is okay!

Zephyr starts with clues. help clues will give you a lot of info on them. You can share one you have, but it costs 1 will to share.

Kyrie cools.

Zephyr says, "and of course, if you type clue, you can see the clues you know."

Zephyr which I don't have any on my list, but I think most everyone got 1.

Zephyr so clues will show you the list, and clue 1 for instance would show you the first clue. Your clue 1 is every one else's clue 1 - each clue has a unique identifier.

Zephyr notes - to share a clue, you'd do somthing like this: clue/share 1=kyrie/this is why I'm sharing this clue

Kyrie thumbs up.

So, how does one get a clue? That sounds wrong, yes. ;)

Amethyst shakes her head. "This is where investigations come in. help investigate is your friend.

Amethyst now - it costs 1 will to investigate, and right now it's not possible to help someone else on their investigation. We may turn that code on later, after we stabilize and figure out the ins and outs of investigate.

Amethyst gives Zeph a break since I created an investigate. :)

Amethyst ahem. to create an investigate, you basically fill out a form. The form is not saved if you are partway through and disconnect or the server reboots. In that case you'd have to start over.

Amethyst notes. you start with investigate/new to tell the system that you are creating a new form.

Amethyst says, "it is a bit intimidating, as the help file is a wall of text, I think."

Amethyst says, "once you use the new flag to start (you can find these commands in the Create Usage section, where all the commands are listed.) you then have a bunch of things to fill in. well, a handful. There is investigate/story this is what I am doing, in order to investigate this topic. Investigates are generally research sort of things, though I suppose at this stage maybe folks might go out experimenting and exploring."

Amethyst waves. Heya.

Zephyr says, "the log should be up, up to here. if you all want to create your first investigates, while we're here, you are welcome to. Also, if you have any questions on things Shards related, please ask."

Amethyst is walking through how to create an investigate. :)

Amethyst pauses to let Kerf catch up.

Amethyst okays. so if you have used investigate/new and investigate/story then the next step would be to use investigate/talent and investigate/gift. This will allow you to bring a talent and gift into the dice roll.

Amethyst says, "You need to have both the talent and the gift on your sheet, in order to select them. You can go ahead with neither if you so choose."

Amethyst says, "the hard part is the tag or topic. investigate/tags is quite neat, and allows you to pick tags. There are some tags that are precreated by staff. If you pick one that doesn't exist, the code will tell you that. I think right now it doesn't cost extra if you ask for a new tag, but that might change in future."

Amethyst says, "and once that's done, the last step is to type investigate/finish, which will get you done."

Amethyst and that's all there is to creating an investigate.

Zephyr pauses for questions.

Zephyr says, "thanks, Amethyst. :)"

Zephyr notes that typing investigate by itself will show the investigates that you have under way. only one can be active in a week. Each one has a unique number that identifies it.

Amethyst shuts up to listen now.

Zephyr says, "once you've created one, you can use investigate/changetalent or investigate/changestory or investigate/changegift."

Zephyr says, "The investigates progress once a week, when the weekly script runs. it ran earlier today if you are wondering."

Zephyr says, "You can have multiple investigates, but only one active each week. from saturday after the weekly script runs to sometime on friday (about 10am, I guess), you can change which investigate is active and/or create new ones. For about a day before the weekly script, the system won't let you update them, to allow gms a chance to review if we need to."

Zephyr says, "if you type clue 1 (as an example) it shows you the tags associated with the clue. this is one way to start learning what tags there are. You can also make up your own and put in a request for a new clue."

Zephyr says, "Investigates are expected to take anywhere from 1 to 6 weeks to result in a clue."

Zephyr says, "it will depend on the clue rating - how difficult it is to learn, more or less, how many others have the clue, and how well your dice are with you each week."

Kyrie is reading. Just also feeding birbs.

Zephyr is uncertain what else to say.

Zephyr wonders if there are any questions?

Kyrie says, "Ooops?"

Amethyst has no questions, nope. Hopefully Kerf got all that.

Zephyr hopes so too.

Zephyr guesses if there's no questions, I can shut down the log.

Zephyr thanks for coming, or reading, if you're reading the log. I will add this - if you do have other questions in general please use +request. If you have lore or policy questions, you can also use +lore/request.

Zephyr and on that note, thank you!

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