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Warehouses - Part 1

First steps into exploring the Warehouse Districe in search of foodstuffs, etc.


Dec. 4, 2020, 11:13 p.m.

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Warehouse District

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Maggie laughs at that, the mirth chasing away some self-deprication, "Fine. Yes. Agreed. I did it!" Excitement and delight dances in her eyes briefly... honestly. Turning, she motions to a warehouse opposite the one Merrisol entered, "Come on. Let's see what's what in this one."

The warehouse she approaches is long and sort of low, the walls a pitted metal, study still, but in need of rust removal and repainting. The door is one of those that is sealed by being lowered, wide enough to allow two horse-drawn wagons to enter side by side. There is a bar with a lock on it about halfway down one side of the door.

Lucafrase rolls with advantage 0 at difficulty 15, using repair.
The result is a failure.

Lucafrase struggles with the lock, cursing low. Even the hairpin she'd... ehm... borrowed from the communal sleeping-pile only has so many turns in it before it *SNAKT* breaks in two. "Ah, beans."

Maggie watches Luca try her luck with the lock. She frowns just a little when the pin snaps. "Hmm." One hand sneaks up into her own hair. Her fingers wriggle around, tugging slightly. When she draws her hand down, she pulls a bobby pin with a few strands of crimson hair. She offers it to Luca, "Want to try again? I am no good with this sort of thing, but I have a few pins stashed in the mop in case..."

Lucafrase ohs? "I thought this was one of yours!" she says. "Wait-- we weren't asleep near one another? I spooned a *stranger--*" her eyes flash realization and horror! Then it's gone. "-- ah yeah, hand it over."

Maggie laughs a bit, "No, no. I think it is... er... was one of mine. Though I don't know if you spooned a stranger or not... I mean... You did fall asleep next to me. I sleep really deeply, so I can't say. You were there when I woke up, if that helps." With gentle movements, she places the pin in Luca's hand. "Let's see what happens with this one. Maybe it will be a lucky pin."

Lucafrase shakes her head, proclaiming: "... doesn't matter. Tools, tools are worth it." She eyes the lock and tries anew...

Lucafrase rolls with advantage 0 at difficulty 15, using repair.
The result is a failure.

Maggie nods, "Tools are worth it." She watches, waiting to see what the result will be. After a moment, she turns to see if Merrisol is heading their way, but no. Warehouses are big. As she looks back, she pauses to note that the people who were moving in the distance are drifting closer.

Lucafrase vibrates with frustration! "Fffu--" *forceful wiggling of arms.* "OK, OK. You're not defeated, you'll just have to... improvise."

Maggie looks back as the pin's snap brings her attention back to the problem at hand. She can't help but smile at Luca's 'enthusiasm'. Nodding, she approves of the decision, "Well, also, maybe the key is stuck somewhere nearby? I've heard of keys hidding insode hollowed out rocks. Or something." Glancing back to where the people are she nods. They are still a ways away. Looking down, she begins searching for a rock or bush or something that might hide a key.

Lucafrase, likewise, scrabbles around the doorframe and *upends* various objects, checking frantically..

Maggie keeps her attention split between looking for a key and paying attention to the people yonder. Kneeling, she turns over several small stones without success. Her frown grows as she nears the corner of the building.

Lucafrase eyes the crowd, wary. She calls over: "... should we plan for that? You think they'll retaliate?"

Maggie turns as she realizes she is farther from Luca than she expected to be. Heading back at a faster clip, she shrugs, "Maybe. Yeah. But let's see if we can get into the warehouse. If nothing else, that will give us some cover." When she reaches the other woman's side, she offers a faint smile though her gaze holds concern. "I don't really want to break the lock. Have you had any luck finding a key?"

Lucafrase takes a 50:50 chance. The result is: Fail

Lucafrase turns up the remains of what might've been a dust-break or doormat, eyes glimmering expectantly-- "Awww. No, strike out." She asks, curious: "... what happens if we do break the lock? What are the consequences?"

Maggie looks expectantly over Luca's shoulder and frowns again when there is no luck. Looking back over her own shoulder, she considers, "Well. If we break the lock then locking it again is difficult. If there is anything worthwhile inside, it will be open for general looting." Stepping to one side, she heads for the near corner to peer aroud that side.

Lucafrase and Maggie, in their general reshuffling of the area, have moved enough things around that new or previously-hidden, and markedly dust-free, parts see sunlight's kiss. Such is it that beneath the corner of a false crate glimmers a disused key. "Maggie! Hey, Maggie!"

Maggie turns back from the corner of the warehouse when she hears Lucafrase's excitement, "Hmm?" Starting back, she does not see the glitter until she is nearer. Then, she grins, "Excellent! Let's get inside." Her steps pick up, then halt when she is near. "I am anxious to see what is inside."

Lucafrase shrugs? "Won't know 'til we try," she observes.

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