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Healing Roger

Dirk brings Roger back to the Switchback, running into Amethyst on the way.


Dec. 9, 2020, 12:58 p.m.

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The Switchback

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Dirk arrives from Halfway Lookout.
Dirk is walking along with a man following him.

Amy is sitting on her usual rock, looking a lot less tired than the last time Dirk saw her. She looks up as Dirk arrives, her head tilting. "Dirk? hey, you okay?" she asks, curiously.

Dirk looks at his companion. "Roger here hasnt knifed me in the back yet so I am fine." Roger mumbles "Idiot with a sword. Dork."

Amy sort of blinks. "Hi Roger," she says. The man is following Dirk, which is odd. And he's calling Dirk names which is ... not so odd. "I'm rather glad you've not stabbed Dirk in the back. I'd hate to have to heal that."

Dirk says "I brought him over to me from the other world. Csn you heal his arm where I cut it?"

Amethyst rolls with advantage 1 at difficulty 15, using healing, healing nature.
The result is a success.

That does get Amy's attention, the petite blonde getting to her feet, and heading over. "Possibly," she allows. She pauses though, her gaze going up to meet this fellow's. Roger's. "If you will allow me, kind sir?"

Dirk says "Go ahead Roger, you wanted a healer. Amy is one."

Roger scowls at Dirk but he can't say he's not interested in the petite blonde. She is /cute/ after all. He hold out his arm, and Amy examines it, first with just her eyes. "Looks like someone was trying to write something," she observes. And then Dirk gets a long look, before she turns those purple eyes back to Roger. She reaches a hand out to touch Roger's arm, and then she says, "I can help with this, definitely." She's even got a backpack with healing supplies, and if Roger's skin goes nice and warm and the cuts heal faster than the salve she puts on the cuts, well, who will know?

Dirk nods "Someone was trying to get attention from the other side?"

Amy concentrates on the wounds, putting bandages on to protect the healing. "You'll be good before you know it," she says. And then to Dirk, "The other side?" She's got no clue what Dirk is talking about, and the blank look shows. Roger just scowls. "Dork."

Dirk sounds innocent. "Yes?"
Amy just shrugs. "I don't know what you're talking about," she says softly. Roger is staring quietly at his arm.
Dirk says "I cut him."

Amy looks at Dirk, frowning. "Oh, so that's why he wants to stab you in the back?"
Dirk nods "something like that."
Amy sighs at Dirk. This is likely going to be a theme. She shakes her head, and says, "I cannot imagine - Why did you do that?" Because what else would she ask.

Roger, meanwhile, returns to scowling at Dirk. "Something," he says, "about finding Fiona. As if I know where the Princess Fiona would be. And now I am stuck here in Tir na'Nogh with you all, and I cannot return to /my/ home."
Dirk says, "but you would have shown the marking to someone."
"Tir what?" Amy says. Because let's face it, this is beyond her knowledge, limited as it is.

Roger rolls his eyes at Dirk. "I am certain they'd have seen it, yes. A healer at the least, but Dork, you're a ghost. What help do you think they could give you?"
Dirk says "That's why we need a Fiona. if anyone can figure it out she can."
Amy just looks at the two, and she shrugs. "I don't know any Fiona," she admits.
Roger scowls at Dirk, not saying any more.

Dirk says "she's your aunt."
Now Roger looks disappointed for a moment.
Amy shrugs. "I - sure, if you say so. I still have never met her."
Dirk sayz "Is Random your dad?"

"I think so," Amy replies. She is frowning as she answers Dirk though.
Dirk says "Fiona is his older sister."
Amy laughs. "I'm not disagreeing with you, Dirk. But she could be the Queen of Balmoral, and it wouldn't matter at all. I'd still not have ever met her."
Dirk says, "I have and she's petite, red headed and terrifying."
Roger eyes Dirk and then he says, "An apt description of Princess Fiona, indeed."
Amy wrinkles her nose. "I am not sure why I want to meet her?" she offers.

Dirk says "cause she is smart and a master of the mystic."
"Oh," says Amy. "I suppose that would be a good reason." She moves to settle back on the rock she was on before.
Dirk looks at Roger. "are you going to kill me?"
Roger just grunts.

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