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Resources Part the Third

Continuing the jungle expedition -- will our intrepid heroes make it home?


Jan. 7, 2021, 8:30 p.m.

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Lucafrase Maggie Kyrie



Outside Amber - Kolvir near Amber - Warm Jungle Clearing

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Comments and Log

The day was spent with the intrepid adventurers in a reasonable sized jungle area. They have discovered there are some predators, though they didn't see them at first. There is prey as well, of a sort found in jungles. The bugs are huge, and they take like to bite. It's not really what one would call home. The lean-to has had a couple of upgrades, just some extra material placed on and around it, to build up its defenses a little bit. The group has decided that they are going to head out today, and so they are doing whatever last things they want to do here, before they leave.

Amy has gotten some sun, somehow, even here. She's busy checking on the medicinal plants, making sure they're at least alive enough before they start.

Lucafrase asks, trying not to seem too hopeful or desparate: "... do you think it's done anything? The spell I laid? How soon 'til we can tell?" She frets directly at the hat-basket, perhaps grumpily willing it to 'perform...'

Maggie has been spending some time trying to spot the aquatic preditor, though she does not go out of sight of the others. While traversing the river's bank, she has collected a few interesting, river tumbled rocks and some of the plants that grow on the bank itself. The rocks are wrapped in a bit of cloth while the plants are given the same treatment as the medicinals. When she returns, she hefts the two packages, "I thought that Kerf might want to see these." Either she has also gotten some sun, for her skin seems pinked or flushed.

Amy glances up, and she smiles, seeing that somewhat pink skin. "We come back, we should bring some sun protection," she observes, even looking at her own skin. Though perhaps unfairly, Amy's skin appears to darken to a nice tan colour rather than flush pink or red. Unfair for a blonde. "I am sure it has worked, Lucafrase," she replies good naturedly. "And we'll be able to tell today. Right?"

Lucafrase nods. "I just hate waiting. I hate uncertainty. It's probably--" she gestures wide. 'All this,' she means.

Maggie lifts an arm to study her skin, "Probably a good idea, Amethyst." Stepping forward, she adds her plants to the hatsket, then tucks the rocks into her pocket. Luca is given an encouraging smile and she nods, "It's strange here. But, honestly? I kind of love it out here. It's wild and... and uncertain. I guess that I like it." One hand lifts and she waves a large bug away from her ear. "It feels a bit primordial, I guess."

Amy wrinkles her nose, nodding to Maggie. "Or wide floppy hats," she offers. Kinda like got turned into the hatsket, yes. "I can understand that," she says. "I think that it's a new place with new challenges here. Maybe we can figure out a way to come back. But if we do - how will we know it's the same place?"

Lucafrase *narroweyes.* "I'm somewhat averse to leaving evidence we were here-- us specifically. But if it's for science," she shrugs?

The sun is why Kyrie wears a hat. even here, where they can't actually see the sun for the fog, it stays on her head while outdoors. She's collected this and that she found interesting, and worked on making the biers as sturdy as possible given available materials. They are designed to be carried by two, which is a convenient way to keep pairs together, and a rope is laid out so the pairs can also be somewhat lashed together. Not perfect, but it's something.

Maggie nods, "More hats, yes. We might find what is needed to make them in the warehouses." Watching Kyrie, Maggie studies the design and nods, "Looks good, Kyrie." Looking between the three others, she draws in a breath, releasing it slowly as she considers one thing and another. Turning around in a small circle, she moves a bit slowly to the improved lean-to. While standing there, she untucks her shirt. Looking down at it, she takes the hem between her hands and lifts it. Since she is not facing the others, she does not flash them when she bites the hem and rips a length from the bottom. Releasing her shirt, she bends and threads the fabric into the roof's construction. Coming back out, she nods, "There. That is certainly a marker. And it is out of the way, so it won't be immediately removed." As she speaks, she tucks her shirt back into her jeans.

"That's a good idea," Amy says, grinning at Maggie. "But - maybe next time we can bring some ribbons with us? so we don't have to mangle our clothing? I do appreciate your doing that, and it's absolutely brilliant, Maggie. Thank you." She loves the idea, just trying to advance it a touch. She looks over at Lucafrase, shrugging a bit. "Does that - meet your approval?" Kyrie and her hat get a nod too. "You are all so talented and brilliant. I would definitely come out exploring with you again."

Lucafrase nods. "I can't object?" She seems satisfied.

Kyrie smiles to Maggie as she leaves a marker, and nods to her. "I'm just used to traveling. All sorts of places and climates back home. It's left me pretty handy." she says then to Amy. "I'd be happy to give you some pointers for things to keep packed."

Maggie nods, smiling an embarassed sort of smile. She shrugs, "Um. Yeah, that would have been a better idea. Next time." The smile turns to Luca and then to Kyrie. She pauses, a frown beginning, "I did a lot of traveling as well. Just not as much this way. Merrisol did a lot of the planning and packing. He was very good at it back then. Probably still is." Turning again, she glances up and around to guage the time and then moves to one end of one of Kyrie's constructs, "Shall we?"

Amy nods her head, deciding it probably is about that time. She moves to take one of the ends of one of the biers. "Right then, here we go," she says as she straightens her shoulders. "Let's stick together, and we can do this." She's taken the front end of one of the biers, which may end up tilting as she walks, given her height.

Lucafrase will pair up without argument, providing heft where it is necessary.

Kyrie has the foresight to encourage the pairs to be as close to each others' heights as possible. Just makes it easier to carry them. She lifts her end as well, then nods to Amy. "Lead on. Let's stay focused on exactly where we want to come out. By the inn?" she suggests. "Or is there somewhere preferable?"

Maggie also lifts her end, pausing to tie the ties provided around her waist. "Probably near the inn, yes. It is a central location." When things begin, she walks with a steady certainty, trying to keep thet bier from jossling or tilting too much.

Amy partners up with whoever makes the most sense, and the quartet start off, into the fog. That's the easy part.

However, anyone looking back will notice that behind them, as they leave, the fog slowly but visibly starts to close in, shrinking the area.

Lucafrase moves mostly in silence, trying to be steady and sure-- the creep of the fog clearly interrupts her rhythm, but she soldiers on...

As with the others, Kyrie steels herself and then walks into the fog with the rest. She doesn't look behind her, though she's clearly aware of that sense of things closing in on them. She just stays focused forward from her place at the back of one bier. Solely focused on every step forward and getting out of the fog again where it is nearest the inn.

Maggie also walks with steadfast determination. The sense of the fog closing in behind them lingers behind, hovering like a preditor watching an easy meal struggle away. Gritting her teach, she keeps walking at a steady pace despite the urge to hurry or to defend the party from what comes behind.

There's nothing behind them, just the fog swirling in until only that leanto is left; it's the last thin that Amy can see, as she pauses to peer around the others, before she hunches her shoulders and determinedly heads into the fog with the others.

It's not a shorter trip through the fog back to the Switchback. In fact, it's probably just as long a trip as the excursion out. There are strange sounds to be heard, a couple dead ends, a flash of colour off in the distance, and a rumble of - something. Still the group walks. For hours. Days? Minutes? hours probably. It /feels/ that way at any rate. Amy is exhausted, starting to droop, and she stumbles out of the fog, nearly running into her favourite sitting boulder. "OH! We're here!"

Maggie pushes forward through the fog, possibly helping Amy keep her focus since she is in caboose in the Amy/Maggie train. Her focus is challenged a bit by the sounds in the fog but it is the bright color that almost distracts her more. It is really pretty, very vibrant after the determined grey of the fog. When Amy stumbles, Maggie catches the bier, her hands sliding along the poles, arms extending to support the weight of the thing. Walking cautiously, back angled to give the bier balance, she moves more slowly toward Amy's rock of choice. Kneeling slowly, she rests the forward poles on the rock, then reaches around to untie the ropes, "We are." There is laughter in her tone, a flicker of warmth in her eyes, "It is good to be out of that mess."

Lucafrase *exhales,* proudly. "... does the Inn serve liquor? No? I need a drink," she pronounces, dreary.

"The inn does serve liquor, yes. And lots of it. Well, so long as they haven't run out," Amy replies. "But I think they should have some - for a long while. It's a big inn and they're used to having a lot more guests than we are."

Maggie nods to Luca, then to Amy, "If you all want to go ahead and head on up, I'll inventory what survived and what didn't. I'll come and let you know when I have finished. I'd like to get my samples put away too, actually." As she speaks, she starts sorting through their booty.

Lucafrase pops eyebrows? "Anyone mind if I disappear up the hill? Objections?"

"Go ahead," Amy says to Luca. "If you see Gavin, tell him to bring some alcohol back down here for us." She then settles on the rock, looking as wrung out as she feels. "I - wonder if we could get someone else to look through this stuff. You have to be as tired as the rest of us, Maggie."

Lucafrase sets her load down, gently, and begins the slow measured trek to the bar, where relief may await...

Maggie sits back on her heels. She nods to Luca, then turns to study Amy. Gradually, as adrenaline drains from her, Maggie begins to slump. Weariness denied steals in to rob her of sparkle and flash. Her hands move from the 'stuff' to rest on her thighs, "Well." Inhaling slowly, she nods, "I am. But, I thought that if I just... keep moving, I could get everything done." Sinking further, she shifts her hips so she sits more on the ground.

"We can tell Martha? And maybe she can get folks to come get the stuff?" Amy considers thoughtfully.

Lucafrase returns with a bottle of bourbon, after some time, perhaps trusting that the ladies will have access to something resembling cups or glasses-- perhaps they can snag them in a pinch from nearby homes or businesses...

A small group of explorers braves the fog and finds a small jungle out there ... somewhere. They stay a couple days, collecting what supplies and samples they can before making the horrendous exhausting journey through the fog. After a couple dead ends and who knows how long pushing against the Fog, the group manages to make their way back to the switchback, with at least some supplies. And about 40% of the live plants they tried to bring back make it through alive. There is hope to be had and things to find, at least maybe so long as the lion sleeps.

Kyrie has been silent since they emerged from the fog, obviously exhausted from the effort of making it through. She watches as the others do their things, not looking ready herself, quite yet, to do more than take a seat a distance from the fog and just let herself rest. A yawn is hidden behind one hand, and she says "I propose a nap, once the things that might die are unpacked and seen to."

Lucafrase *wiggles* a bottle that is, (ahem) 7/8 full. 'Quality-control,' don'tchaknow. "... drinks on Luca."

Maggie looks up from a near doze and smiles at Luca and Kyrie, "Seconded. Both the drink and the nap. Thanks for bringing the bottle down, Luca." Or most of it. She turns a nod to Amy, then, "Yeah. Good idea. Someone else can unpack."

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