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Arrival in the Switchback - Take 2

Trying a second time to maybe kick off things and get a little testing done for the staff.


Sept. 6, 2020, 9:30 p.m.

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Catigern Danielle



The Switchback

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A mutter. A yawn. A half whimper. And then Amethyst wakes up, startled. She blinks, rubs the sleep from her eyes, and looks around. The petite blonde tilts her head a bit, frowning. "This - does not look like where I remember being," she says softly, but audibly. She pushes to her feet, and turns in a full circle, looking around. "I really need to lay off the whiskey."

Catigern lays not too far away, sprawled across the ground. He groans as he sits up, holding his head and wincing. "Ugh... my head feels like it's full of cotton, and the cotton is full of nails," he mutters to himself.

A voice has the petite blonde jump, then she backs away a few steps. "Oh. Hey there. I didn't know you were her -it. I didn't wake you, did I?" she asks, though she then sounds a bit sheepish. "Actually, judging where we are, maybe it is good if I did wake you."

Catigern lifts his head to look at Amethyst, his eyes seeming to take a second to focus properly. And then he looks around at where they are. "Huh," he remarks. "Is this where we're supposed to be?" He continues to take in his surroundings.

Amy laughs a bit at that. "I have no idea where you're supposed to be, but I am pretty sure this is not where I went to sleep. I think." She pauses, and then adds, "well. you know. maybe?" That brings a moment of wrinkled nose and a shrug. "I'm Amy, by the way. I don't think we've met."

Catigern blinks. "I don't think I Know where I'm supposed to be," he says. "Maybe I'm a local." He climbs to his feet and brushes himself off a little. "Good to meet you, Amy. I'm..." He trails off, his eyes squinting as he struggles to remember. "...someone..."

That's not worriesome at all! Amy sort of stops short, staring. "You don't remember your nam? Oh, that can't be fun." Mind you, she might not remember anything but her name, honestly. "Do you recognize this place?" she asks, staying a bit away from Catigern, thoughtful and a bit wary.

Danielle hms as she wakes up face first on the ground and blinks once, twice "I must fallen off the horse when the tremor started She rises to her feet and reflexively calls to her horse "Aspen Where are. It is about this time, she realizes not only is the horse missing but kolvir is too... I'm sure i finished the shift before the.."she starts to realize there are other people about "Pardon, what place iss this"

Catigern looks around. "I don't think I do, but I could be wrong." He scrunches his face up as he looks around him. He jumps and whirls as another voice joins the conversation, his hand resting on the hilt of his sword instinctively. But then he blinks and lowers his hand, looking surprised at his own reaction. "I wish we could tell you," he says to Danielle.

Amy grins ruefully at Catigern, and then steps back swiftly as there is yet another voice. "Where did you come from?" she asks, the startlement obvious in her voice. She then lets out her breath relaxing a bit. "Good question. I have no idea where this is. I just woke up and I'm pretty sure this is not - " She shrugs, and then says, "And it seems we are all in the same situation. Just waking up here.'

Catigern sighs. "At least we woke up. I suppose that's the good news, at least." He glances from one of his two companions to the next. "Should we take a look around? Maybe there's a clue somewhere that could tell us where we are."

Danielle hms "I've been taking "studies in a place called Tercina. Very much like Montevalno in tempermant but furthe away from Aber, which is normally fine but something was nagging at me. i get that way. unsettled something crawling in the back of my brain and so I made for Amber. I thought i succedded but i seem to have made a wrong turn...

Amy flashes a grin at Catigern. "Truth. At least we woke up," she agrees fervently. And then she blinks at Danielle. "Tercina? Montevalno? Amber? I'm not familiar with these places, at least, not that I can remember." Pause. There is a look of consternation on Amy's face. "I - maybe we should look around, and see if there are any clues to where we are."

Catigern tilts his head as he listens to Danielle list off all these locations. He squints his eyes and scrunches up his nose as he struggles to place any of the names listed. Finally, he just shakes his head, giving up on this whole "remembering" business. He makes a gesture to the other two for them to lead the way.

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