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In the Jungle Continued

continuing from where we left off.


Jan. 11, 2021, 8:30 p.m.

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Maggie Gavin Kyrie Kerf Lucafrase



Outside Amber - Kolvir near Amber - Warm Jungle Clearing

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The clearing in the jungle the group has found, which might or might not be the same as the previous one they found, is fairly quiet. There is the sound of birds in the background, and the large bugs flitter about. Amy is seated on a stump, with a bunch of plants in a basket, going through them and working to get them ready to dry.

Maggie has spent some time working with the lean-to, a tarp and some anti-bug netting. When she emerges, she is smiling, "The interior should stay pretty bug-free now." Moving over toward Amy, she lifts her gaze to look around the area, seeking here and there before settling on the herbs Amy is working with, "What did you find?"

Gavin had joined the others in the clearing or he'd always been here. He'd been out gathering fallen wood, mostly small pieces so they could have a fire to help keep away the bugs and other creatures as night fall comes. He walks back into the clearing with an arm load.

Kyrie packed a pot, and has been boiling water for them. Just in case. Otherwise, she's been mostly focused on the other practical things they need for their stay. Looking for or trapping and cooking edible things. Not so desperate as to be reduced to cooking the bugs, though.

Amy looks to Maggie, and says, "These are good for making teas with to help with stomach ailments, so they can be dried. Maybe the fog will actually help with that." She glares over at the horizon, not that they can see it, but there's fog there. "Or at least we can put it up by the fire, and try to let it dry some on the way to a proper drying bed. It'll be easier to bring more of it this way."

Gavin winks at Amy as he drops the wood, "Here I am being useful." Then he looks up to nod to Maggie. Then He starts to pile the wood up where Kryie or Amy use it for their fire related activities.

Kyrie muses to those nearby. "I wonder if a group would be able to return exactly here, if someone stayed behind. It might be worth trying. That way. when we find a place useful for resources, we leave one or two people to harvest and pack, and the rest can return later."

Amy grins at Gavin's wink. She and Kyrie are by the fire, Gavin's collecting wood, and Maggie's about. The others are round and about doing their thing. "I - don't know how that would work, but I think maybe not just one person. Two or three, maybe? I don't think it should be less than that, though it might be a reasonable experiment, if there are folks willing to try it."

"WIth only five of us here, this could be a dangerous experiment. Though to be honest most of our ventures in the fog have been dangerous. If I can have my preference I would prefer to stay at Amethyst's side. Though I will go where I am needed." Gavin now raised up to his full height. Though he was still probably the runt of Gerald's sons.

Kerf is monitoring the activity within the clearing while wandering its fringes. Just in case nobody else has stated this important detail, he mentions out from out of the shrubbery, all Livingstone I presume? "Can't go too far out of our way out here, it's really just a pocket in the fog. Even so, I'm game to stick around.. try to push back some of this stuff and free up some more of these trees." Imagine being only half a tree!

Maggie is about, yes. She returns Gavin's nod before also nodding to Amy, "Good to have, then. Yes." Rising, she turns to look around again, "I will stay here. I want to see what the fog does and have been fairly successful in forcing it back. Though not as successful as Kyrie, I think." She shares a smile with her, then walks around the group to head in the direction of the river, "I also want to see if I can find out what that large aquatic thing is... if it is near here." Turning to Kerf when he speaks, she nods, "I'll help with that."

Kyrie smiles back to Maggie, and shrugs a bit. "It's all in the timing." she says. "I think it would be interesting, though. Seeing if it's easier to find the same place with our people here. Definitely worth trying. And next time, maybe drag a wagon with us. Better for transport."

Amy grins at Gavin, with his comment that he'd rather stay with her. Let's face it, the petite blonde does not seem to really have any combat or survival skills as yet. Or if she does, she doesn't remember them. "I - don't know how dangerous it is. I know travelling through the fog is difficult, and I think it's made easier by a small number of us together. So those who leave and return will have perhaps to fight the fog with fewer?" She shrugs, really not sure. "Kyrie, I think, is right. The fog has so much fight in it, before it reluctantly backs away from our pushing." She glances up at Kerf's comment, and nods. "Truth," she says. "It is a pocket, but at least it is /something/."

Kerf smiles at Maggie, "Fantastic." When he realizes belatedly she had mentioned an aquatic discovery, he glances intently from her to the river bank, before withdrawing again to figure out if the rubber tree he's been geeking over is in vegetal distress from being nommed at by fog. He'll definitely be asking Maggie's help with it when they get their full wind back.

"Though there is nothign to say we have to do this particular moment." Gavin shrugs, "We can try the method that has worked in the past? It seemes to be tried and true." Though he notices the tree that Kerf had looked at, "How does it's health compare to it's neighbor?"

Kerf rolls with advantage 0 at difficulty 15, using science.
The result is a failure.

Maggie pauses as she imagines the logistics of dragging a wagon through the fog. A wagon. But having the ability to bring everything back. She smiles at Kyrie, then moves toward the river once more. She turns a smile to Kerf, pausing when he turns his attention more fully to the tree. Turning from the river, she watches him a bit more than the tree itself. She takes a few steps his way when Gavin asks his question, her curiosity peeked and her tired mind unable to multitask at the moment.

Amy goes quietly back to the herbs she is preparing for drying, continuing to work on that task. It's easy and something that she can do, almost without thinking. She listens to what ocnversation there is, and then she shrugs. "I guess we're going to be here for a bit longer anyway. Gavin has a good point." She wrinkles her nose, thoughtfully. "But this may sound kind of funny - but I worry a bit about the switchback if we're not there."

Kerf steps back to the edge of the clearing, shakes his head, and shrugs for good measure. "It's still alive somehow, that's all I know. It could be in a sort of suspended state.." he muses. "Like the other things we've come across that only continued their life cycle once we.. broke the freshness seal, so to speak. I've been studying the phenomenon in the warehouse district. Definitely makes sense as a physical characteristic of the fog."

Lucafrase has been, should anyone wonder, gathering fallen palm-fronds and banana-leaves and reeds, sorting them into backpackable piles-- seems she'll be teaching a class, sometime soon, and needs raw materiel!

Kerf smirks, "Since I have probably been mothballed for at least seventy-five years myself.." He pats the tree as he sets off to find more edibles for the camp.

Lucafrase *wumph* down a load of ferns, spreading them to dry, perhaps. "How'd you know? D'jya wake up with cobwebs in your armpits?"

Maggie nods to Kerf, but does not follow him this time. She startles, turning to smile at Luca, "Maaybe." With that cryptic non-answer, she turns to head down toward the river. At first, her steps are confident though they slow as she closes the distance. She glances back once to be sure that she is within sight of the others but then finds a stone or fallen log to claim as her vantage point to study the water and, perhaps, what lives within.

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