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In the Jungle Revisited

Let's try to finish up this jungle visit!


Jan. 27, 2021, 8 p.m.

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Gavin Kerf Danielle Maggie



Outside Amber - Kolvir near Amber - Warm Jungle Clearing

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Comments and Log

In the jungle, the group that has come exploring has found their way to a clearing. it might be the same one they were at the first time, they're not sure. They came through roped together so that they didn't get separated in the fog. Now that they are here, they've been exploring. They identified that the marker they left in the leanto is missing, and that the area seems to be the same as they remember it being when they first arrived. They've been here one night, and day, and this is the second day. Some folks are sleeping, some are exploring. Someone might even be fishing in the river, who can say for sure?

Amy is not far from the leanto, having found a clump of flowers she wants to collect. She's pretty sure that these flowers will have healing properties, and wants to take them back with to add to the apothecary supplies back in the city. She's singing softly as she works, setting each plant into a small basket carefully.


Gavin was on guard not far from the leanto. He's on guard and keeping an eye from the jungle in case something comes charging out for a fight. He makes his way over to Amy. "Those are pretty. What are they and what are they good for?" He knows the Princess well enough now to know she wouldn't just collect flowers just cause unless she was collecting flowers just cause.

\Kerf's net bag is already laden with small jars of leaf cuttings and pods for transplant attempts. With that done, he is spending today trying to clear the fog away from a half-ensconced rubber tree.

Danielle walks into the leanto, tearing a page from the journal she carries and produces a quill to write simply upon it "I was here" setting it in a visible place befor re-emerging to look about. She seems to be looking for fauna of any kind. From insects to something larger

Oh. Insects. Right. There are insects. Fist sized. So they're larger than usual, but not enough to make people have to fight for their lives, just big enough that they definitely get the Ack, What the Oberon is that?! reaction. There are birds and butterflies as well, though nothing as yet any bigger than that. Fish in the stream, and occasionally a very loud splash can be heard, though nobody's seen anything bigger than a three or four pound fish. Yet.

Amy flashes a grin to Gavin at his arrival. "These are in the honeysuckle family, so they are good protective flowers to make into tinctures and poultices for taking care of wounds," she says. "Or into teas."

Kerf rolls with advantage 0 at difficulty 10, using no talents or gifts.
The result is a success.

\ \\

"Ah... tea? Oh medical tea." Gavin says as he looks up to notice the others. He waves to Danielle. Then he looks to Kerf, "How the experiment working out?'

"Unhh.. good, I think.." If one didn't know Kerf was a daisy-sniffing treehugger by now, it's become glaringly evident as he falls against and clings tiredly to the thick ropey trunk. Seething just a few feet away, the perimeter of the fog bank looks gouged into, making a roughly semicircular cut-out around the base of the mature tree. Looking up, more of its spreading branches and canopy can be seen, as well as the boughs of other trees jutting from the murk. One is notably bulging with shiny clusters of dark pods... newly freed, they seem to rapidly swell into ripeness and drop, raining down into the underbrush with soft plops.

Danielle smiles "Impressive" she says drawing somewhat neaer the pods, but seeming to respect that it's not her yeild and let merrisol respect the fruits of his labors. She does however reach out her senses to determine the forces at play

Danielle rolls with advantage 1 at difficulty 10, using occult, magic sense.
The result is a success.

Amy nods to Gavin, smiling. "Right, medical. Might make the patients hallucinate a bit, but nothing too bad." She shrugs, and then turns to look as there are voices. The plop gets an arched brow and then Amy chuckles. "Nice," she calls out to Merrisol. "I'm not sure what those are though. Do you know?" She turns back to Gavin, and asks, "What have you been up to lately? Anything interesting you might have found?"

The note Danielle left in the leanto is still there where she left it.

\Merri looks tired from said labours and remains sitting against the liberated tree, glancing around belatedly at the patter of fat fallen globes about the size of small plums. One is close enough that he can just reach and pick it up, examining the dusky purple skin where it has split around pale jelly flesh, and running a clear juice. After a moment, in the name of Science, he pops it into his mouth and munches. "...Tastes grapey."


"Nothing really not in the jungle. I've mostly been people's escort." He admits. "I don't know much about plants. The bugs are huge. I had thought about hunting some but well didn't find anything sporting."

Moving along the river, Maggie returns to their clearing. She is speckled with mud and carries a couple of smallish, woven baskets with vaguely amphibious, frog-like creatures carefully nestled within. She has been haunting the river's bank, trying to catch sight of whatever it is that is making those splashes but, judging by her expression, she has had little to no luck with that. Specimens then.

Danielle forrows a brow before smiling "Something seems upset I may regret it later but right now I'll enjoy that" She smiles as merri samples the fruit "More viable food is always good

There's a sort of sparkle in the fog, just on the other side of the lean to. It sparkles here, there, and then there's a sort of thud sound. Soon after, there's a rather prehistoric elephant trumpeting loudly, before it starts to tromp over the leanto. Incoming!! Amy turns at the very loud and irate trumpeting, and her eyes widen. "Oh no, look out everyone," she yells, though she's not moving, just staring at it.

Gavin rolls with advantage 1 at difficulty 15, using combat, combat trained.
The result is a success.

Maggie rolls with advantage 1 at difficulty 15, using combat, occult, sorcery.
The result is a success.


Gavin unsheathes his sword and goes to step between Amethyst and the mamoth. He raises his sword in salute as the large wooly mamoth comes charging his direction. "Know this oliphant, I mean you no ill will except for what you bring." Then he goes charging the beast his sword aimed to stab the creature with his blade.

Danielle backs up slowly "I do believe that is the breifest sense of satisfaction I have ever had"

The noise startles Maggie and she turns to look over her shoulder toward the crash. Taking it all in, she sets the amphibians down gently on a nearby stone. Her hand reaches for her belt, though again nothing is there for her to grab. Stepping forward, she passes Danielle and Kerf, striding forward to follow Gavin. Her hands lift, palms cupping. The gold of her skin brightens, reddens, flares to flame. Slowly, but surely, twin fireballs build in her hands, "Go away, creature. Leave us in peace." With concentration, the balls of flame lift from her hands. They float a bit above her head, casting her in a ruddy glow. Her hands move and the flames begin to weave a dance of fire and shadow above her head. Raising her voice, she adds, "Please. Just GO." As she speaks, she keeps moving forward, determined to frighten the beast rather than hurt it.

Gavin rolls with advantage 1 at difficulty 15, using combat, combat trained.
The result is a success.

The mammoth trumpets again and tromps forward, head shaking. It has long tusks and spittle goes flying in small globs with each step it takes. Maggie attempts to scare it, but it might not be bright enough to understand it should be afraid, as it continues trampling more on the lean to, and giving Gavin a very good opening for his sword. Which does indeed stab into the beast and it's tough hide. Lucky enough, the blade does not get stuck in the mammoth beast, leaving Gavin free to choose his next move.

Amy simply backs up, ending up near Danielle. "Uhm, I suddenly don't like it here as much as I did."


GAvin's blade comes out crimson but it's not enough to kill the beast. The child of Gerald though reaches up grabbing a tuff of fur and with a tug to pull himseelf up on the beast back. He takes his sword in both hands and goes to thrust down as hard as he can in where he believes the creatures brain would be. A heroic battle cry escaping Gavin's lips in a savage fury more of a barbarian than a courtly knight.

Danielle stops to blink in relative shock at gavin's brazen manuever to the point where her mouth drops open

Maggie grunts in irritation when the beast does not flee, "Fine." Noting Gavin's strike and the result, she shrugs. Okay. Her hands lift again and she makes a slicing motion. Both balls of flame leave their intricate weaving dance and fly toward the mamoth. The fire elongates mid-flight, forming twin, flaming swords that crisscross in the air, then strike as one.

Amethyst rolls with advantage 1 at difficulty 15, using healing, healing nature.
The result is a success.

The flaming swords strike the beast, doing damage, but then they fizzle out. With Gavin's heroics, the beast falters and then keels over to land smack on top of the leanto, which is now totally a shambles. It is dead however, Gavin having found it's brain, or at least a nerve center, enough to lay it out, dead and not in pain. It probably was in pain, as its feet are infected with something or other. but it's not spread rom the feet, eaving a lot of mostly edible meat.

Amy walks forward, taking a look at the fell beast. She stares for a long moment, before she says, "It's not poisonous, so we can probably eat it. I guess we should dress it, and take it with us? And maybe it might be time to take our leave?"


The beast dead, Gavin unmounts the beast and watches the beast for a moment. "I would guess. Though could it's infection spread by touch. Either we butcher part of it or we leave it. It's hard choices for sure." He nods to Maggie. "Thank you Maggie.

Maggie remains where she is while her weapons slice, then die. She jerks slightly, hands clenching in response to the events. When the great animal falls in death, she nods to Gavin, acknowledging his prowess. Stepping forward slowly, she nods to Amy's pronouncement, then asks quietly, "How do you know?" There is no censure there, but avid curiosity. "We should definitly take the meat back, poor creature. But what is that mess on its feet?"

Amy wrinkles her nose, and then she says, "It's - It looks different if it's poisonous," she says simply "not healthy. Like the feet, those are not healthy," she observes. "And whatever we do, I recommend leaving everything from the knees down behind." A shrug as she considers things. "Other than that - I can't say how I know, or even if I'm truly correct. It's just - it feels right."

Gavin nods, "Fine then. Though I dought we can carry that much meat. So this sound wise then nothing below the knees of the beast." He looks down, "I keep thing it's corruption of some type." He goes to cleaning his blade. "Do we have anyone who can tan the hide? That could be handy."

Maggie nods, a half smile tugging at her lips. It fades a bit, "Okay. Good enough for me." Opening her palms, she glances at them, then at the creature. "I can probably cut everything. My fire will cauterize the cuts so they don't leak blood all over during transit." Moving forward, she touches her tongue's tip to her lips then nods, "I can. Tan it, I mean. Or, I am sure that Lucafrase can."

The group gets their findings together, and heads back home to the city, leaving the jungle clearing in natural disarray behind them.

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