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More Downtown Trouble

The Brotherhood of the Unicorn invites you to hear the SACRED WORD!


Feb. 14, 2021, noon

Hosted By



Amethyst Markus Gavin



Lower Amber City

Largesse Level


Comments and Log

A gang, decked in the white line of the Unicorn Church (Kyrie branch) is picking over a crumbled building, down one of the roads off the central square.

Filinia is watching from a distance. She does not have a white mark, but she is wearing a whiter shirt than lately - almost cleaned.

Amy doesn't have a white mark, and she likely wouldn't take it too well if anyone were to mar her face with one. But - there's not likely much she can do should it come to that. At the moment, she's walking from the waterfront up towards the inn, and currently moving through the city. She spies Filinia first, and tilts her head a bit. "Hey, Filinia. How are you?" she asks, as she approaches.

Markus is having a great day but is watching from a distance, enjoying the scenery. Curious as to that was happening, Markus watches the crew picking over the crumbled building.

Filinia flinches a little, and then settles down in place. "Not so bad, if you gotta-ask. They're looking for something. Dunno what yet."

The crew are working under a young man - almost a boy - with a white mark and a shaved head. At his direction, they pull beams and boxes aside. They call out when they reach a ground level, and a trapdoor.

Amy blinks, and only then notices the crew, over there, searching. "Oh. Huh," is her eloquent response. "Do you think they'll find anything in there?" She eyes the building for a moment, and then adds, "Nothing alive, at least." Then there's a shout and she arches a brow.

Filinia says, "They ain't looking for people. No shouting or anything, and it's been down a while."

There are a dozen workers, and they all crowd around to look, as the young man directs the opening.

The trapdoor comes up with a creak.

Amy nods to Fil, thoughtfully. "Treasure maybe? Supplies?" she hazards. "Should we go offer to help and find out?"

Filinia says, "You are fuckin' kidding me? Don't get in the way of a gang!"

The crew start to light up torches and lanterns, getting ready to go down. A couple are looking around them now, checking for... something.

Amy looks at Filinia and she says, "That feels - wrong, somehow." She pauses and then says, "well, I'd modify it to don't get in the way of a gang, unless you can take them." She doesn't look like she can take them. "How will we know if they have something that they shouldn't have, if we don't?" she asks, and then she takes a step towards the crumbling building.

Filinia says, "Yeah, well," and then Amy is gone. Filinia watches, but perhaps she does not dare follow.

The young man turns a wide, peaceful smile on Amethyst.

Amy doesn't just walk up to the gang; even she's not /that/ optimistic. She stops just out of arms reach, regarding that young man. "Hello," she says. "I couldn't help but notice that you all seem to be doing something that might be a bit dangerous, and might require a healer?"

He looks back, and the smile does not waver. "Welcome, sister. The Unicorn be with you, and she is." You could hammer out iron on that faith. "We may indeed need a healer. You are come in good time."

Filinia examines a fingernail with her teeth, slowly backing away to lean against a wall - a solid one - and keep watching.

Amy was there with Kyrie, the priestess. Hah! "Thank you," she says. "The Unicorn be with you as well." It seems a reasonable response, doesn't it? "I didn't know there was a trapdoor there. What sort of injuries might I expect? Just the usual falling down holes sort?"

"We are going to visit the love of the truth on those who have not yet seen it," comes the reply.

Amy opens her mouth and then closes it. "You're attacking a rival - group?" she concludes.

"Showing them the power we have," says the boy. "Given to us by faith, strength, and hope in adversity. We thank you for your offer."

Amy steps back, her head tilting a bit. "I see. I will offer that assistance to anyone of your opponents who requires healing as well," she says softly.

The boy replies, "They will not be our opponents when we return," with a happy smile. "You do not need to see the awkward details."

Awkward details. Seriously? "You're planning to kill them?" Amy asks. "And the Unicorn is okay with this?"

He shakes his head, still smiling. "No, we are planning to bring them back as friends. But they may resist."

"So they might," Amy agrees. "Many might not see things quite the same way as you do. If they resist, then what? Would you not start discussions to see if you can't convince them to change their minds?"

He turns away to send his friends down the tunnel with a gesture, and then gives Amethyst a sad look. "I had expected better. Never mind. You may still be blessed."

Amy arches a brow, and stares at the fellow. "Better, hmm? Violence is better?" she asks, still softly.

He turns to go, walking away from her as if only peace is on his mind. He is the last down the trapdoor, walking without a light in his hand.

Amy calls out to him. "I shall pray to the Unicorn for your salvation, sir."

"My thanks," he calls back, from the darkness. Then there is silence.

Filinia steps forwards. "I got info, if you want it. Gratis this one time."

Amy promptly goes over to that trapdoor, looking down. Since there's nobody to stop her. "Fil, get the others. this is going to get ugly."

She stops then, looking at Fil. "Do you now? What info do you have?"

Filinia looks confused, and then says, "Sorry. You was speaking. But no-yeah, I know who they don't like. There's some boys wear the line as a dart, for the horn. Say the Unicorn won't come back until we're ready. And the stripes say that we have to work, and then she'll come. Ready or not."

Amy scowls, but not at Filinia. She shrugs. "I am sure I used to have a way to deal with this kind of stupidity. And it wasn't Gavin." Pause. "So we got two gangs who each think they know what the Unicorn wants. Any bets they're both wrong?"

Filinia says, "No. Because you tell whoever's in charge that they're right. S'how it works."

Amy laughs softly. "Neither one of those groups is in charge though," is her comment. Yeah, she is royalty and sometimes it shows. "But that's for another day. I can't right now go after them. But I am sure I - somehow used to."

Filinia shrugs. "Get a knife in the gut that way," she points out, in a reasonable tone.

Amy smiles tightly at that. "Maybe. Maybe not." She pushes her hair out of her way and turns to look at Filinia. "Might save some lives though."

Filinia looks back. "Don't matter if it's not yours you save."

Amy looks thoughtful, and then she laughs. "Also maybe. But - what if it's yourself and a bunch of others? Doing nothing - that's an action too." She is right by that trapdoor still. And with that last bit to Fil, she looks very agitated, and then she says. "We need to go after them."

Filinia says, "Be my guest. But I'm not going. Could be anything down there."

Amy pauses and then she sighs. "Okay fine, you got me on that point. I mean, they might get eaten by a dragon."

Filinia says, "Sit back. Get ready. See if they come out again."

Amy gives Fil a seriously unhappy look. "I want to go after them," she says. There's a destroyed building, with bits and pieces strewn everywhere, and an open trap door. "It's not right to let them go on with this stupidity."

Filinia says, "Well, what's it go to do with you? You can patch them up when they come back. Why try to stop them?"


Word of Amethyst up to mischief without him has somehow reached Gavin. It always does. Into the destroyed building, the knight strolls. He looks around for a moment, "The party has seemed to started without me, my love. Why didn't you send for me sooner?" This is directed at Amy but a nod in greeting is giving to Fil and Markus.

Filinia rolls her eyes.

"Gavin!" Amy seems both thrilled to see him and relieved at the same time. "There's - a gang of people, that follow the Unicorn, and Kyrie managed to convince them she does too. But she's not here and that doesn't matter." She shakes her head. "They went down this trap door, looking for another group of Unicorn worshippers who worship differently. And they're about to stir up trouble." She pauses though. "I was going to go after them, but Fil reminded me we don't know what /else/ is down there."

Filinia says, "For one, the people they're looking for."


Gavin looks pained at the explaination, "For all that's sacred. War over the Unicorn?" He shakes his head, "Alright, well I do have a sword and I do know how to fight. Let us be off. Do we have a light for the trapdoor?" He says moving to the edge of the trapdoor.

Filinia says, "For... never mind."

The trapdoor is a yawning void with a ladder. By it there are a couple of torches, neither of them currently actually useful - they are not lighted.

Amy looks at Fil. "What?" she asks, curiously. "I mean, it's possible they're going to have tea and cookies?" She gestures to the torches, with a bit of a frown. "Though they did say a healer would be useful afterwards."

Filinia says, "Straight into 'I know how to fight' and then we have to be grateful?"

Gavin rolls with advantage 0 at difficulty 15, using notice.
The result is a success.

"You lost me. Pretty sure you don't have to be grateful for anything," Amy says very confused. She shrugs a bit, and then busies herself with the torch.

Amethyst rolls with advantage -1 at difficulty 15, using no talents or gifts.
The result is a failure.

Amethyst rolls with advantage 0 at difficulty 15, using no talents or gifts.
The result is a failure.

Gavin gives Filinia a wide grin, "I am not the useful one here. I bask in her glory, but I do have my uses. Violence just happens to be one of my uses. You do not have to be thankful. I am Gavin by the way." He turns his head just a bit. "It sounds like they're fighting down there."

Filinia says, "Yeah. S'not how it works. First it's we gonna protect you, then it's you gotta show your gratitude." Filinia shrugs. "S'fine. I'll live."

The fighting sounds fade, even as Gavin listens.

Amy blinks at Filinia, opens her mouth, closes it, and then shrugs. She holds the torch, and eyes Gavin. "Shall we?"

Gavin stage whispers to Amy, "If I get wounded? Does this mean I have to show you my gratitude if you patch me up?" Then he moves to drop through the trap door?

Amy opens the pouch she usually carries, pulls out a flint and lights the torch.

There is a tunnel there, and Gavin can, as his eyes adjust, see reddish-orange light off in the distance. The tunnel runs two ways, but the sounds and light are coming from in front of where he drops, not behind.


"There are torchs and sounds of violence up ahead." Gavin says drawing his blade and advancing forward towards the sounds.

Amy looks at Gavin, leans over to whisper something to him and then she turns to head down, following after him athletically. She has the torch, and holds it so that they have as much light as she can, though she is somewhat shorter than Gavin.

As he does, the light starts moving towards them, and soon it is clear that there are a dozen or so people walking down the tunnel, helping each other. A few are limping. Ahead, bold and blood-splattered, is a young man just large enough not to be called a boy, head shaven, with a white line painted on his forehead. "Hail, brother," he tells Gavin. White paint and red blood are on his hands.


"You bo..err brother, What has transpired here?" He questions of the boy that questions him. It's not that he doesn't doubt the others but much can be learned from the words of those involved.

"We have persuaded those who did not have faith of the strength of our position," the boy says. "With her strength, we triumphed."

Behind the boy, there is the sound of people breathing in pain, but nobody tries to push past.

Amethyst rolls with advantage 1 at difficulty 15, using healing, healing nature.
The result is a success.

Amy sighs as she hears the words. "How many people are hurt?" she asks, crisply. "who needs help?"


"Well done then." Gavin says stepping out of the way so Amethyst can work. His eyes flicking between her and the boy. "What vile beliefs did these of weaker faith believe?"

"Seven are saved, with wounds," he replies. "Two dead, and they are being laid to rest by brethren. Come, let us go into the light, where healing can be done." And to Gavin, he says, "Beware of learning such things, for they may seem right, when repeated to the weak. But, as you came to help, I shall tell you. They believe that we must be ready before the Unicorn comes, and that she is not with us already."

Amy arches a brow. Dead and alive, both. "In the light will be much easier, admittedly," she says simply.

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