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Yet More Trouble...

The Brotherhood of the Unicorn invites you to hear the SACRED WORD!


Feb. 21, 2021, noon

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Lower Amber City

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Comments and Log

It is a day much like others; the grinding life of the lower city is kicking up the usual dust and dirt, and the big central fountain, with its half-functional pipes, is being cleaned out by a bunch of teens with expressions ranging from the eager to the surly. Lumps of rock are being sorted and placed; there are not many, but they are being put into a pattern around where the fountain once flowed. It is, for the most part, a quiet scene. All of the teen work gang are wearing the single-line white paint of the Unicorn Sect.

Amy has found a seat near the fountain, but not too near. She's got a book in hand and is studying it, looking somewhat purplexed from time to time. She shakes her head, looks back at the page, and then closes the book, standing up and stretching briefly. "That is - definitely not what I wanted to read," she mutters.

The warmth of the day has a few of the workers pausing in the scrubbing they are giving to the ceramic basin, to try to cool themselves with the water, currently a muddy grey-green as they use it to help clean the walls. One of them calls to Amethyst, "Hey, are you the healer-sister?"

Amy turns as she hears a voice, and her head tilts a bit. Petite as she is, most of those teens are probably taller than she is. "That's me, yes. I'm Amy," she replies easily.

"Can you tell us if this water's safe?" The young man's voice cracks as he speaks, going from a loud confident sound to a whistle. He coughs, repeats himself.

That gets Amy to set her book down, and walk over to the fountain to take a look. "That's a really good question," she says as she examines the water and the fountain.

Right now, the water is definitely not drinkable; it is full of algae, and under ordinary circumstances it would not be clearing out. However, a couple of the gang have buckets, and are slopping the water out so that it can be replaced with what comes out of the pipes.

Amethyst rolls with advantage 1 at difficulty 15, using healing, healing nature.
The result is a success.

The water coming out of the pipes is arguably clean. By the time it has been lying around in a basin for a long time, in the sun, it is arguably not.

Amy looks at the fountain, at the water in the fountain, at the water coming from the pipe, and she shrugs a bit. "My opinion is that if you are looking to drink from it, use the water coming from the pipe. Actually for most things, use the water coming from the pipe, and not the water that's been sitting in the fountain basin. Are you - besides cleaning it, are you looking to fix it, so that the water in the basin begins to move again?" She pauses, but it does make sense that it once moved, maybe?

Filinia says, "Yeah," says the voice-breaking boy. "My dad says there used to be a statue here, and a lot more water. We're gonna restore it. Praise be to the Unicorn.""

"Yeah," says the voice-breaking boy. "My dad says there used to be a statue here, and a lot more water. We're gonna restore it. Praise be to the Unicorn."

Amy nods her head. "The water coming from the pipe looks a lot cleaner, if you see what I mean." She gestures to it, though figures the teens will get the idea. "I think that's a very good idea, restoring it."

The young man nods. "The pipes go through Hoof territory, though."

Amy blinks, stares, and then she says, "Another Unicorn worshipping group?" Hoof - well now. "Do they believe they have to run every where at top speed?"

"No, of course not! But they don't want to let anyone get under them. They heard how we're good at converting people."

Amy smiles, but manages to not laugh, at this. "Ah, I see," she says, "So, out of curiosity, what do they believe?" She pauses and then adds, "And I think you are good at converting people."

"Best not to ask what the bad believers are saying," he replies. "You might find out."

Amy nods her head to that. "I might," she says. "But why are you so sure they are bad believers? What if there are different ways to worship the Unicorn?"

That was probably a bad thing to say. The young man's face creases into a frown. "I think you should take that back."

Amy sighs, shrugs. "Fine, you have it your way," she says. "There's only one way to do anything. By the way, you're cleaning the fountain wrong."

"Fuck off," he says with a sharp grin. He knows when his leg is bring pulled. "But if you want to help us help people, do. Plenty of brushes."

Amy eyes the kid for a bit. "Nope," she replies easily enough. "I'm not going to assist in doing things the wrong way. You get sick or hurt, come see me." She turns to go back to her book.

He seems to take that as an insult, but he turns back anyhow, to help his friends.

Amethyst rolls with advantage -1 at difficulty 15, using no talents or gifts.
The result is a success.

There is a low discussion; the young man says that Healer Sister wants them to do this properly, which means making the water flow. Apparently everyone's brother loves Healer Sister, so they should.

Amy gets to her book, but keeps a watchful eye on the teens. She's near enough and astute enough, at least this once, that she overhears the conversation. With book in hand now, she moves a bit closer. "What do you think you might need, in order to fix this properly?"

"We need more water," comes the reply. "So we're going to find out where it comes from, and make it run." A mix of helpful and fanatic. Perfect.

Amy frowns at that, looking at the fountain. She's not an engineer, but! "I think more water is definitely the idea. Have you met Merrisol? He seems to be really good with making things work. And Maggie."

"More water. So it flows out harder. How hard could it be?" The young man has probably never tried his hand at civic architecture before.

Amy opens her mouth, and then closes it. "Okay, go for it," she says with a shrug. "If you do find things don't work as you expect, you know who to find."

"Thank you for your help," he says. And that's it. He... is one of those believers.

Amy nods her head, and heads off towards the market.

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