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Wait - There's an Inn?

Exploring the Switchback has led folks to make a discovery!


Sept. 7, 2020, 6:30 p.m.

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Amethyst Danielle Gavin Catigern



The Breeze Inn

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When last we met, our intrepid wanderers were waking up in a strange and eerie place. And things haven't changed much. 'Let's explore,' they said, and so they have been wandering about.

Amethyst rolls with advantage -1 at difficulty 15, using no gifts.
The result is a success.

Amethyst rolls with advantage -1 at difficulty 15, using no gifts.
The result is a success.

Amethyst rolls with advantage -1 at difficulty 15, using no gifts.
The result is a failure.

Amethyst rolls with advantage 0 at difficulty 15, using no gifts.
The result is a failure.

Amy is seated on a rock, one foot kicking. It's a big rock, sort of just there. How is it there? Who knows? it is though, and so, the petite blonde is seated. "I don't trust this place," she grumbles.

The fog swirls and glooms just at the edge of the area. Not quite menacing, but there, always there, dampening spirits and dimming the light.

Danielle hms "Only way to find out what's going on" she agrees

Amy glances over at Danielle, and she nods. "Right, we should. Which way should we go, do you think?" There aren't really too many directions on this switchback. The fog blocks it in quite thickly.

Amy and Danielle are chatting, as they decide which way to explore. There's not much choice, it seems.

Danielle considers " I would say right if you've absolutely no inkling and i might suggest holding hands not to be forward simply surmising we we might not find each other again should we become separated"

From the black surrounding them comes a voice, not a sinister voice. A confused voice, "Why are we holding hands?" From the blackness steps a handsome young man, that's looking at the surrounding along with Amethyst and Danielle like a cow looking at a new gate, "What is this place?"

In the Switchback it's totally easy to see each other. And as the young man steps out of the black, tendrils seem to peel off him, almost reluctantly. The cobblestone road is surrounded, but it's not foggy there. It's just - surrounded. At the voice Amy spins to see who is there. "Because we can't see anything in the fog?" she offers, glancing over at Danielle for confirmation on that bit. "Hi there, where are you coming from? Or going to?" She sounds hopeful for some reason.

Danielle nods "Though I suppose at present there is the immediate vacinity to explore before we go wandering in the blackness. we could probe those for residents of this place. The journey i was taking was not without its perils but this not what i envisioned should something go awry

Gavin makes his way to the two women, "You know, I am not sure. There was a great battle, the sky split assunder and the ground rumbled. I ordered my men to fall back as it seem that it was the end of it all. I begun to walk towards the Great City, there was darkness and now this. I lost my sword and my armor along the way it seems." He eyes them both, "Is this magic?"

Amy blinks at Danielle first, opening and then closing her mouth. "I think maybe we should take stock here and understand as much as we can, sure." Then she gives positively owlish eyes towards the newcomer. "Oh. That sounds horrid. I don't remember much. I just woke up - actually right there," she points to a spot in the grass. "Uhm, yesterday? yes, yesterday. We've been here just a day. I'm Amy by the way. And you are?"

Danielle hms " That does sound most unpleasant, yes. I did not experience anything so horrific, though the shaking we have in common "I'm Danielle of Amber unfortunately i have no mor information to provide

Catigern has been off on a quick scouting mission of the area, investigating a few of the nearby buildings. He's been just far away that he hasn't caught most of the conversation, but now, he makes his way back to the others. He gives a quick nod of greeting to Gavin. "There seems to be some sort of Inn over there," he reports back to the others, pointing in the direction he spotted the building in.

There's a slight bow from the man, "Ladies, I am Sir Gavin.." Then he stops rolling it around in his mouth as if it's on the tip of his tongue before dissipating into the iether. "I am... lets just go with Gavin. Yes, I was heading to Amber." He lets out a sigh of relief, "It's nice to meet you Amy, Danielle." He nods to Catigren. "Hello."

Amy stands up, her eyes lighting briefly. "Hey there. You know, we need to have something to call you besides Hey You," she suggests a bit wryly. "This is Gavin, he's apparently just awakened here too." She looks to Danielle and then over to Catigern. "An inn? That sounds like a great place to check out. They surely will have warm food, and - " She pauses, as it occurs to her to ask, "Wait, were there people there?"

Danielle nods to gavin "Greetings, sir gavin. I don't mind retainining the title if you wish. She turn to Catigern " hello again " she offers waiting on an answer to Amy's query

Catigern nods to the others as well. "It seems empty from the outside," he says, "but there might be people in there. And if not, there should still be beds and maybe even food. I might have better luck remembering my name on a full stomach."

"I could use a whiskey." GAvin says for Amy but he very well could use one himself. "That and it would make a good headquarters if we need such a place. If there's no one there. Lead the way good sir."

Amy grins at Gavin and Catigern both, shaking her head. "Food and drink, and you'll remember everything, is that it?" she asks. She's barely five foot nothing, but there's a charisma to her. "Shall we go see then?" she asks, very curiously.

Danielle adds as she steps in "food and drink would do us all good...unless of course its poisoned" "there's nothing threatening or ominous in the tone, just a thought that seems to have comw from the brain to the tongue as a matter of course

Catigern grins. "Drink is for forgetting, so I'll have to pass. But you're welcome to have my share." He gestures for the others to follow him. "It's hard to think straight on an empty stomach. But even if I don't remember anything after the meal, I'm sure eating something won't hurt." He pauses at the mention of the possibility of it being poisoned. "Ah, right. Unless that." He leads the others to the inn he'd spotted, and he opens the door and leads the way to investigate inside.

"That or spoiled. Though surely what ever evil spell is upon this land. They were not so through to leave an inn with poisoned food? The would have simple destroyed." He stepps in after Catigern ready for a fight without a blade. Though finding none he lets out a breath. "well it seems fimilar."

Amy steps in with the group, her gaze going to Danielle. She looks thoughtful as though that had not crossed her mind. "Poisoned or spoiled?" she asks, with a blink. "Such good thoughts you both think!" She looks to Catigern, and then says, "So we should dub you Sir Hungry then?" Teasing, since the man obviously needs to be called something other than "hey You".

Just then there's a bit of a bustle and a middle aged, plump woman with brown hair and eyes comes out of the back room. "Well, goodness me, look at you all," she says. "Do sit down and have a bite. Are you - you're the first people I've seen here in forever. I'm Martha Macajon and this is my Inn. It were me dad's, right and proper but ... I can't rightly say where he is." She stops then. "Oh, listen to me going on. If you're just arriving, you'll be wanting food and drink, right? You have your pick of tables, it seems."

Gavin grins and offers his hand to Catigern, "Hi, Hungry. I'm Gavin, a pleasure to meet you. I bet you don't get called late for dinner." He grins at Martha, "Ma'am." He pats around for a moment on his belt not finding coin or a purse. Then goes over to the table and sits before pulling off a boot and holding it upside down to cause a couple of coins to tumble onto the table, "We got money too." He offers with a winning grin.

Danielle hms "well, lets find a seat then" she offers, taking one not far from the door, perhaps by force of habit "Do you have a a specialty Mistress Macajon and how long would you say your family has owned this establishment in " Where are we exactly

Catigern gives an amused snort. "I'm not picky on the name. Hungry, Beef Stew, Hamhock... Actually, the more food-themed name suggestions I come up with, the hungrier I get, so maybe I should just stop here." He turns and blinks at the owner of the inn as she appears. He tilts his head as he listens. "You wouldn't happen to know where we are, would you?" he asks. He watches as Gavin pulls out some coins. "Glad someone has money. A part of me didn't really expect there to be someone we'd need to pay."

Amy laughs softly, and she moves to take a chair. The inside of the inn is clean, fresh, and homey feeling, she thinks. She settle, and checks for her own pockets, and then frowns. "I don't have any money on me either. That seems like it might be wrong, somehow." Not used to being poor at any rate. She laughs though at Gavin's having the money in his boot of all places. "Sneaky," she adds, as she settles beside him, and across from Catigern.

Martha tugs at her apron briefly, pulling it down, though it doesn't need it. "Why we're in the Switchback," she says, sounding as if it is obvious. She pauses though, like she's just missing a hint of a memory. "But I don't know where it goes, other than here. I must have hit my head. I woke up two days ago, all adither. T'ain't been a soul through since, to be truthful."

Gavin gives his winning smile to Amy. He pulls his boot back on, "Of course, don't you keep a coin or two in your boot? I got taught when you down to the docks keep your money in your boot Random's daughter will take it from you." The young knight winks at Amy before he shrugs, "I don't know who Random or his daughter is. That or who taught it to me. It always just seems like a good idea to keep a coin or two not with the rest." He picks up one of the coins it was gold. So there was that. He looks at Martha, "Well Ma'am whats on the menu, so we know what to call our Hungry friend?"

Danielle hms "about when we woke on the ground a very short distance away, though sir gavin here emerged just moments ago " she looks to Catigern " Well of the item you mention. Stu is actually a male name witg which I am familiar we could work with that

Amethyst rolls with advantage -1 at difficulty 15, using no gifts.
The result is a success.

Catigern blinks. "Switchback?" He rubs at his beard. "The place doesn't sound familiar to me. But I guess I wouldn't have a way of knowing if I'm supposed to know the place or not, if I can't even remember my own name." He shrugs. At Gavin's comments, he looks down at his own boots, as though wondering if he might have anything secretly stashed in there, too. But for now, he doesn't check. "Maybe they meant 'a random daughter,'" he suggests. "Random doesn't seem like much of a name." He leans back in his chair. "But speaking of names, I guess I'll claim Stu for now."

"Very well then, Nice to meet you, Stu." And quick as that, Amy stiffens, and then her eyes widen. "wait - you - my father's Random," she says! It's a stunned shock of a sentence, and then she glares at Gavin, which is not all that frightening, given her size. "Don't you insult my - no, wait, that would be me!" Pause. Blink. "Okay, hand over the money."

Martha shakes her head. "My stars, where are my manners. Let me get you started with a round of ice water, and then drinks? I managed to get a good hearty mutton stew going, with a lot of meat and veggies, and there's fresh bread, cheese, and some fruits." She begins bustling about, getting plates on the table, filled glasses of water, and a pitcher of ic cold ale.

"Stu, it is..." Then Amy is making off with his few coins, "Wait, you're Random's daughter?" He slides his coins over to her. "Well if my last coins have to be stolen by a brigand. At least she's a pretty one... that's buying me food, drink, and a bed." He says with a wink. "As I was her and the rest of us."

Danielle hms " Ah well met princess we're getting somewhere slowly. My grandfather's name was brand. I don't suppose you're acquainted

Catigern blinks, glancing at each of his three companions in turn. "Random, and now Brand. There are some interesting names being mentioned. I sure hope that my real name isn't something like 'Table.'"

"I don't know anyone named Brand," Amy says immediately. "And I am not sure how I remembered that Random is my father, but I did. Only - oh! I was heading to find him." A nod. "That's what it was. I had to leave home and was headed to find my father. I went to sleep in an inn on the way, and then woke up here." She accepts the boot gold and other coines that Gavin passes her way. "I don't remember where I was going though." She looks at Catigern and adds, "Do you know them? Well, it seems you do - how interesting." And then she flashes a bright smile Gavin's way. "I will certainly buy us all dinner, and beds for the night." She glances over at Martha, just making sure.

Martha nods, quirking her head towards the rooms. "Nobody else there, so you all have your pick," she says easily. With drinks on the table, she brings fresh bread, honey butter and cheese next.

Danielle hms "We all have perfectly serviceable names not related to other parts of speech,. tou fate is far from sealed besides just put a lyone tweast ob Table and it sounds all exotic. Well met zmr Tab..le" so something profoundly unsual happened rough two days ago..people here have gone missing and we showed up with no memory of how. all cause for concern. " she reaches for bred and water

"I'm sorry those names mean nothing to me." Gavin says, "Sir Stu Table? Perhaps? I remember something of a round table." He says reaching out to grab a peice of bread. He butters it and spread some honey. "You have a generous heart there, Ms. Amy." He considers, "We were all on our way to Amber. Were we not? I have a dreadful feeling it was in danger."

Catigern gets to work cutting up the bread the second the plate hits the table. He keeps a slice for himself and tops it with a thick slice of cheese before biting into it. "The words ring bells," he says after swallowing, "but it might just because I know what 'random' and 'brand' mean. It's hard to say 'yes, these are people I know.'" The second he finishes, he shoves another bite of food in his mouth. "So, is Stu my first name, then, and Table my last? I feel like we should settle on something before my name comes back to me for real." He takes another bite but then his chewing slows, and he tilts his head as though listening for some far-off sound. "Cat...?"

Amy eyes Gavin for a moment, thoughtful. He's a handsome knight, certainly. "What do random and brand mean?" she asks, because that's obvious, and she doesn't know. And then, "Stue Tablecat? Cat Stu Table? What do you mean cat? I don't see a cat?" She nods to Danielle. "You're quite right there. It's something quite concerning, especially if you phrase it that way." Finally, to Gavin, "A round table? Well, this one is fairly rectangular, so it must be a different one you recall. Which makes sense, I suppose."

Martha heads to the kitchen, and then returns with a tray full of meat and veggies. There's a big bowl of broth, utensils and serving ladles. She sets those expertly on the table and then heads back to the kitchen. Meanwhile nobody else has come into the inn at all.

"Cat? Where? I hear nothing?" Gavin looks at Martha, "Ma'am, does the inn have a cat?" He rolls his shoulders, "Perhaps it was an order I fought or sided with. Perhaps it's simply a tale from a dream." He says his bread finished. He moves to get some broth. Letting Stu and the ladies get into the meat first. "Though I am no better off than Stu. I have no last name. I am the son of someone. I remember strong hands and the word honest." He shakes his head. "I'm sure it will come to us. I just happy to find shelter from the storm."

Danielle hms "Honest... well you might be quite shocked at how much that narrows it down when speaking of amber because they found things more important i assume used to altering things as we are bt you may not be from amber precisely unless you have an inkling in that direction

Catigern snorts out a laugh. He waits for Gavin to finish dishing himself up broth and then fills a bowl with broth and meat before dunking another slice of bread into it. "Cat. It's my name, I think. Or it's the name of someone I'm close to. But either way, it feels more right than Sir Stu Table, as nice as a name that is." He tears off a bite of bread. "I think it's short for Catigern." He pronounces each syllable slowly, as though he's not entirely confident that what he's saying is correct.

"No cats here," Martha says, on her way by. "Though one would be nice." She continues to tend to the inn, fussing about. she comes in and out of the kitchen, topping up drinks and food as needed.
5rAmy chuckels a bit. "Cat is it? Well, alright. Cat it is. Catigern? That's a neat name. I don't believe i've heard it before." That's not really saying much, with as little as she's remembering. She glances at Danielle, thoughtfully, but hasn't anything to add to that. Gavin's question brings a soft musical laughter to Amy, who shakes her head, before she digs into the food as well. "Shelter from the storm is always good. You're right about that."

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