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Lower City Trouble

Yet again, the lower city hosts trouble and Filinia is present. Coincidence, or not?


March 14, 2021, noon

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Amethyst Kynan Alonzo



Lower Amber City

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There is no particular hurry to this day. The thing that was once a fountain oozes water, slowly. Filina is standing by it, staring at it, getting wet and not apparently caring. The rain and the fountain's water are hard to tell apart as they stream over the broken rocks and into the clean basin below.

Amy is headed down from the Inn, and as is her wont these days, she wanders by the fountain to see what is going on, if anything. She eyes the water, frowns up at the sky briefly, and then catches sight of Filinia. "Hey, Fil, how are you?" she asks. "You look somewhat thoughtful?"

Filinia says, "Yeah. I borrowed a couple of hammers an' stuff. I think there's a problem at this end as well as the low pressure. Or at least, I figured-" Her words are broken off by the sound of approximately a dozen harps breaking every string; a dead-ended, loud, terrible chord. Down to the south, one of the warehouses suddenly softens, slumps, and reforms a little lower. Fog squirts out of it, like it has been pressed out. A few people scream, and Filinia yelps, "WHA!!!"

"You mean that industrious, earnest group of fanatics didn't fix the fountain properly? I'm shocked," Amy says, deadpan. She might be about to say more, but then there's a discordance and she whirls to see what's going on. "Wait, what?" is her immediate vocalization. Then she heads towards the suddenly lower warehouse, with a thought of urgency. "Was there anyone in there?"

Filinia sighs, and picks up the bag she has with her. "Oh, they all died, I think. Or got converted." But she too heads that way, shouldering the heavy bag clumsily.

Nobody wants to go near the warehouse, and indeed a lot of people are hurrying away. As the women get closer, the sound of a raven cawing in the distance can be heard. The warehouse is a well-built brick and oak structure, unlike the rather dilapidated buildings around it. At the end of a stub of road that leads up to a wall for no apparent reason, a man is lying...

\The figure on the ground is dressed completely in black, with a hooded cloak that covers his head. He's sprawled face first on the ground, a black staff... more like a sword staff, lying on the ground next to him.

Amy frowns at that, but well, they reaped what they were sowing. "I am sorry to hear that, but they did say they thought they had this fixed except for the water flow, right?" She is distracted by the warehouse, finding whoever is nearby. "Was there anyone in that warehouse? Do you know?" She calls out, her voice loud enough to be heard. "Any- " Amy's words fade as she catches sight of the man lying on the ground. She promptly heads that way. "Hey, Fil - do you see this?"

Filinia says, "No, I think they just cleaned it up. They aren't used to bodging things." She obviously sees Kynan, but does not seem to care about him; she stays behind Amy, replying to her second question, and only then adding, "I guess we gotta help?"

The figure begins to twitch a bit. "Why is it so dark all of a sudden?" he mutters.

"of course we have to help," is Amy's immediate reply, as she nears the figure. "Hello there, please don't panic. We're here to help," she says, as she comes to kneel by the figure.

Amethyst rolls with advantage 1 at difficulty 15, using healing, healing nature.
The result is a success.

Filinia, less sympathetic, says, "Because someone ate your eyeballs."

The gawpers and onlookers who were brave enough to stay are out of the way, but there is a small crowd. One is explaining loudly that the warehouse just turned around on its axis, look, he saw! Another is saying she smelt roses, and she always does when the Unicorn is there. A third spits at the mention of the Unicorn, or else to clear her throat.

The figures ahs, and mutters, "Wouldn't be the first time, I think." He starts to rise a bit, pushing up on his arms. "That's better. Ow, that last step was a doozy..." The hood of his cloak shakes, and he says, "Nope, still there, I think. Will have to check later."

Amy smiles a bit. "You seem to be reasonably healthy," is her comment, gently. "I'm Amy, do you remember your name?"

By a warehouse in the warehouse district - for where else would one find a warehouse - Amethyst and Filinia stand where a hooded figure - Kynan - is on the ground. Only the cynical would think they put him there. Only the watchful would notice the fact this warehouse is newer than the rest.

Filinia says, "In that case, everything's better than it could be. Welcome to heaven. It's a bit broken, but it's amazing!"

The figure says "Name? Hmm, I think I had one once? Chiron.... no. Way too long ago, it was that. I was last known as Kynan, I think." He gets to his knees, grabbing his staff, and using it to push himself to his feet.

Filinia says, "I'm mostly Filinia. This is Amy. She's probably not an angel."

Filinia might or might not have heard Amethyst introducing herself - she is staring at the warehouse more than at Kynan, and at the crowd of gawpers more than at the warehouse.

Alonzo stumbles upon the group, having just come from trying to find another warehouse containing a fog pit like he saw before. He sees Amy first, and smiles. "My lady." He also sees Filinia,a nd nods. Then he sees the figure on the ground. "What's with the newer warehouse? And who's this guy?". He'll try to move so he can see the face under the hood.

Filinia nods briefly to Alonzo. "I look like I know?" she asks, but there is no venom in it. "Guy just appeared, warehouse just got... I dunno, different?"

Amy shrugs. "Larger scale changes than we saw before," Amy says. "Looks like the fog is at it again." Then to Kynan, she smiles. "Well met, Kynan. Welcome to - this ever growing and apparently changing city. I'm not so sure it's heaven, but you know, Filinia might be right."

Kynan brushes off his cloak absent-mindedly. "As landings go, I've had worse. A bit of heaven would be appreciated." He looks around the area, then to the sky. "Who?" he speaks out in a loud tone. While he doesn't seem to be acting threatening, his garb definitely does not not fit the part. He looks around again. "Heaven you say? Needs some renovations."

Alonzo raises an eyebrown, and grins. "Kynan...? You are a alive? This is good to see a fellow master of Pathi, and great to see an old friend. It doesn't seem to be heaven, or at least I hope not."

Filinia looks at Alonzo, looks at Kynan, shrugs, and looks back at the crowd.

The crowd looks back at Filinia, Alonzo, Amethyst, and Kynan, and there are some mutterings.

"We're working on those renovations," Amy says, with a bit of a laugh. "You should know that the fog is also capable of snatching people and things, and it will do so unexpectedly." She turns to eye the crowd now, finally noticing there are some mutterings? "Something wrong?" she asks curiously.

"They stopped talking about them, and they're talking about us," Filinia replies. "An' I think they're a bit nervous. Could go bad."

Kynan glances at the crowd. "I get that a lot." He raises his voice just slightly. "Move along, nothing to see here!" He turns to Alonzo. "Pathi... yes. I remember. Long ago and far away." He looks around again. "Not Pathi. Unless it has really gone downhill."

Kynan rolls with advantage -1 at difficulty 8, using no talents or gifts.
The result is a failure.

"Screw you," someone calls bravely from the back of the crowd. "We saw you do that!" Whatever it was.

Filinia says, quietly, a word that would not be welcomed by the well brought up.

Amethyst rolls with advantage 0 at difficulty 8, using no talents or gifts, and spending will.
The result is a success.

Filinia is backing up, carefully, looking ready for trouble.

Alonzo tilts his head to the right while looking at the man that spoke, then shrugs. "The man said to move along. We do not seek out trouble from you, but we will not run from it either. I suggest you do as he asked, and move along." He waits for further intimidation until he sees how the man reacts, but he unslung his bow. A light appears to play briefly over it as he speaks some words then it dies.

Amy sighs, visibly, then she squares her shoulders and stares at the person who called out. Amy puts one hand on her hip, and the petite blonde scowls. "You there. Didn't you stop by the hospital I've been cleaning up? And didn't you get some herbs from me to help with an upset stomach?" Then she says, "And weren't you just the one I was talking to as we arrived to find out if there was anyone IN the warehouse AFTER the problem?" Logic. straightforward. She hopes.

Filinia takes one look at Alonzo, and says, "You psycho."

Alonzo rolls with advantage 1 at difficulty 8, using combat, sorcery.
The result is a success.

The crowd pays more attention to Amy than to Alonzo, at least for the moment. People who are singled out look sorry, and the crowd begins to be a collection of people rather than a united entity.

Kynan sighs, "Sorry, not in the mood." He grips his staff tightly, and the orb at the head of his staff begins to glow briefly, before it sparks, sending a jolt down the shaft. "Ow! Ow, ow, ow!" He lets go of it and shakes his hand. The staff, oddly enough, just stands there. "Bad! Bad staff!" he admonishes it, shaking a finger at it.

Alonzo knocks an arrow on further thought, believing words are not enough, and attempts to shoot an arrow so closely through the space between the legs of the man who spoke. If true, the arrow won't hurt him but the shaft will rest against his jewels.

Alonzo rolls with advantage 0 at difficulty 8, using combat, and spending will.
The result is a success.

There is a moment of aghast silence. The arrow judders in the ground, whipping against something very private indeed, and the man who spoke backs away. Now there is a moment when everything is in doubt - someone at the back might throw a stone, someone at the front might bow their head... and that is what happened The crowd's will to fight is punctured by that arrow, and those who were already paying attention to Amy get their chance to reply to her. "Yeah, you helped with the stomach..." It's a small thing, but it means that there is someone in the crowd who knows their potential targets, and that suddenly makes it into a reason for a lot of people to look ashamed.

Amy glances over towards Kynan, the staff, and then Alonzo and the bow. "Interesting," she says simply. She then turns back to the crowd. "We're trying ot help everyone here," she calls out. "We can all work together on this, and we would like to do that. Please everyone, unless you have some information that will help us investigate what happened here, then please go back to your own business. There really is nothing to see."

There are a few shrugs from the back of the crowd, as people try to convince each other they are deciding to leave, and do so. Some don't even bother making eye contact with each other, but melt away or scurry off.

Filinia half chuckles, and says, "Alright. Maybe not total psycho."

Alonzo will reshoulder his bow. At the charge of "Psycho", he will look at her, and shrug. "Maybe. But it runs in the blood of the royals, me and Dirk more than most perhaps.But my skills have always been in service to Pathi and Amber, always."

Kynan grabs his staff with a swipe of his arm, and stares at it. "Just what is this place?" Whatever attention he had on the crowd before is gone as his attention is on the staff he holds before him.

"I'm not sure," Amy says. "But some of the others think this is a city named Amber."

Amy grins at Filinia, and then she shrugs to Alonzo. "I don't know what Pathi is. I barely know what Amber is." She looks over at Kynan to say, "does your staff often talk back to you?"

Filinia gives Alonzo a glare, but nothing more.

During late evening and night, the gate to the city is usually closed. But on one occasion, it's opened up and the carriage that was seen to leave the city returns. But it returns empty. Those who witnessed the return swear there was a dwarven man there, but surely that must have been some sort of crazy effect of the fog and the darkness of night?

Kynan continues to stare at his staff. "Never had it act so cranky... That's Who's job, usually." Yes, capital W with the way he said that. It seems to break his attention, and he looks to the sky again. "Come to think of it, has anyone seen Who?" Again with the capital W. Or maybe that's not the word at all.

Alonzo chuckles, "The fog. Magic, my friend, seems to be affected here by the fog. It misbehaves and it completely unreliable. I suspect there is a secret to using it more reliably, and am investigating that but have not made much progress yet."

Amy nods to what Alonzo says, agreeing. She watches the dispersing crowd and shakes her head. "I hope that they remember this next time they want to get obstreperous." Then she turns back to the trio with her. "I'm thinking I'd like to go check out the warehouse, but maybe taking Kynan here to the inn wouldn't be a bad idea?" She looks to the sky, and then shrugs. "Who's Who?"

Kynan Glances at Amy. "Amber, you say?" He glances about. "I cannot say I am impressed with the urban renewal." He swishes the staff in front of him. "Hmm, affected... Well that is par for the course and here I am short a few clubs..."

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