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Lower City Trouble II

An ongoing exploration of the question 'well, how bad could it BE?'


March 21, 2021, noon

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Amethyst Kynan Gavin



Lower Amber City

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Amy is at the hospital area, not far from the half fixed unicorn fountain of doom. The place has been scrubbed out, and there is now an area for storage, and what passes for a front desk. Amy is seated at the desk with some herbs in hand, and she's quietly crushing the dried herbs into a powder.

Kynan is outside, his attention intent on building walls, apparently. Though the least bit of sound seems to distract him momentarily. He looks creepy as ever, and most give him a wide berth. He gets to the door of the hospital, studying it as the walls.

The walls are walls, mostly freshly scrubbed, for the religious gangs seem to do that. The door is a door - and the grain is on it, as it should be, and some paint... Perhaps this door has seen terrible things, for a couple of knot-holes in the wood of the inner face of wood give an impression of sad, wise eyes.

In the street not far from the hospital, Filinia is walking in the gutter. She looks half drunk, although on closer inspection her face is more pained than it should be. She is close to the doors when Kynan notices her - it seems her walk is almost silent.

Amy is concentrating, so not really paying attention, unless someone darkens the door of the hospital. That she'll definitely notice. She does occasionally look up, and she is humming some song half under her breath, breaking up the silence.

Kynan taps on the door with his staff, a dim light flickering in the crystal of its head. He seems to be muttering something, too softly to be heard distinctly.

That definitely throws a shadow in, as well as making a quiet tapping sound.

Amy looks up, and blinks. "Kynan, hello," she greets. Yes, he's creepy looking - it's not his fault, right? Well, Amy can certainly hope. "You remind me of my brother Onyx, you know."

Kynan seems to be holding the door open, apparently looking at someone to the side. "Hello to you both." He then turns his hood more towards Amy. "When?" The question seems to be a bit of non-sequitur.

Filinia asks, "Is this the hospital? I need Amy." Her voice makes her sound a little confused.

Amethyst rolls with advantage 1 at difficulty 15, using healing, healing nature.
The result is a success.

Amy gets to her feet, blinking at Kynan. "When what?" she asks, confused by the comment. And then she hears her name, so she moves to the door. "This is the hospital, such as it is. Filinia? Are you okay?"

Filinia looks, to a medical professional, like someone who got punched in the side of the head. "Yeah, I'm fine. I found another thing. It found me."

Kynan steps aside from the door to let Amy pass. "When would you like me to remind you of your brother Onyx?" He turns towards Filinia. "Seems like a bad thing."

Amy moves now to hold a hand out to Fil. "Come in, have a seat. Kynan, come along too." She just assumes that they were together. or something. "You can tell us all about it, Filinia, while we make sure you're okay." And then Amy blinks again. "Uhm," she says, somewhat dumbfounded. "Not when. Your style of dress reminds me of Onyx. He liked to be all dark and foreboding looking too."

Filinia half-shrugs. "S....prob'ly not," she admits. "Amy, you should see." She does not take the hand, but backs away a bit.

Kynan neither encourages nor discourages Filinia from entering. He waits, his attention flitting to the inside of the door frame. "I have grown accustomed to this look. It is easier on all."

Amy pauses, frowning. "If I go with you, will you then come back to the hospital and let me take care of you? You might have a concussion - did something hit you in the head?" she asks Fil. Kynan gets an arched brow. "Easier in what way?"

Filinia agrees, "Yeah," to Amy. "It's not far. But I think it's dangerous and a problem. You ever seen a wyvern?"

Kynan rubs an area of the door frame near to a hinge, then turns back. "I cannot say that I am fit dinner company these days... years... decades? It is hard to assess time nowadays." He turns to Filinia. "I have met dragons, mostly of the friendly variety. Maybe what might pass for wyvern, but well, with more legs. Wings. Eyes. Hmm, well it is all in the eye of the beholder. Oh, you wouldn't want to meet one of those either."

Filinia tells Kynan, "Wyverns are not friendly, but I think this one's dead."

Wyvern? Amy arches a brow. "I don't know if I have seen a wyvern," she says slowly. "Though Dirk did tell me I'm a dragon." She stops, and then says, "I'm pretty sure you'd know if it's dead. Or - well, mostly. Right then, let's go. Show me this wyvern?" A glance over to Kynan, to see if he's coming or not.

Filinia says, "Yeah, no. You can't tell with wyverns. They're made to be deadly so it's really hard to kill them."

Kynan asks, taking a step in Filinia's direction. "How many legs did this one have?"

Filinia says, "One," and turns to lead on.

"Which way?" Amy says, and follows Filinia, as she starts. "One? That seems like it's missing some." She grabs her medical backpack by the door, on the way.

Filinia says, "It is. It's probably about half of it. That's why I think it's probably dead."

Kynan nods. "Good to know. Pogo-wyvern..." He pauses in his muttering, mostly to himself. "I wonder how it kept its insides inside that way."

Filinia says, "Mostly they've... well, I didn't look, but it's not fallen apart much yet."

Amy has a cast iron stomach, and it appears she might need it. She does a bit of a hitch step, glancing over and then she shrugs. "I guess we'll see."

Kynan ahs. "So half was not its usual condition. And neither was dead. You never can tell, I suppose."

Filinia leads the way down a road and up an alleyway and into a small square, where there is indeed half of a huge, black, one-winged, one-legged, no-tailed thing. It is by a broken wall, and Filinia stops and says, "It landed basically on me. Hit me with a wing tip on the way, but not a poisoned one."

The thing is two or three times the size of a horse, or would be, probably, if there were a whole one there. It is smoking softly in the light of day, a black haze rising up from it. "I dunno if I gotta tell you, but don't breathe the smoke," Filinia says. "And don't even think about eating it. That looks like it escaped from the cavalry yard. Like Hell's attacking only got it really wrong."

Amy, Fil, and Kynan have made their way down a road and up an alleyway into a small square this day. There is half of a large, black, one-winged, one-legged, no-tailed thing smoking, with a black haze rising up from it. Amy comes to a stop a good distance away. "Oh dear," is her initial comment. "I am fairly certain there's no helping that poor thing." A wyvern? "It looks like it's a wyvern though - or it was."

Kynan pokes at the carcass somewhat warily with his staff. "It does appear to be an ex-wyvern. Though I have learned that one should not assume anything." He turns back to Filinia. "Does it not pair well with wine and cheese?"

Filinia says, "I don't know what pair means. Is wine and cheese some kinda weapon?"


"Possibly. Though more the wine than the cheese. The Wine can steal your oponents wits. I guess the cheese may make them ill. Though I doubt it." Gavin says finding Amy and the others in a way only know to him. "What do we have here? A wyvern?"

Filinia says, "Half a wyvern. Might mean the bastards are about. I mean, the nobs."

"Anything that can leave a wyvern in half - might be dangerous," Amy says softly. "Are we sure it didn't have a bad encounter with the fog?"

She then smiles, her expression warming. "Gavin, hi."

Kynan muses in mid-poke, "Well, the bottle perhaps, though only once the wine is gone. And some cheeses... yeah the odor can definitely be an anti-personnel weapon." He turns to the person who just arrived. "Probably an ex-wyvern, though I would be wary for movement."

"I ain't, no. Like I said, it FELL. So from..." Filinia points upwards, at the leaden sky. "Didn't hear it hunting. So..." She shrugs. "Basically that's all I got."

Then Filinia leans back to tell Kynan, "Nah a bottle breaks better if it's got liquid in. Important to know," and then looks back at Amy, with a grudgingly worried expression.

Amy takes a breath and then she says, "Okay first things first. Filinia - you promised I could deal with that concussion now." She then looks over at Kynan and Gavin. "What do you two think?"

Gavin rolls with advantage 0 at difficulty 10, using notice.
The result is a success.

Kynan rolls with advantage 1 at difficulty 10, using occult, magic sense, and spending will.
The result is a success.

As Gavin looks the thing over, it is plain to him that there is a ... thing. A something. A wrongness. And then it is - to him at least - obvious. The smoke coming up from the wyvern has tiny eddies in it, close to its scaled hide. It's an air flow that does not match the rain, which is coming straight down.

Kynan steps back, planting his staff firmly on the ground. He lowers his head/hood in concentration, the staff glowing, the brightness varying over time, with a few sparks added in for variety.

For Kynan, the magical world provides an odd, strange answer. This is a place of bent, broken rules. They swirl around the wyvern, straighten out again beyond it, and flicker over the black mist as it rises.

Gavin nods to Kynan, "I will keep that in mind." He stands there studying it for a moment, "The smoke is wrong. It has an air flow that does not match the rain close to the scales." He points it out. "I people are right it may still be breathing."

Filinia supplies helpfully, "They breathe through their skin, yeah."

Kynan hmms. "The magic is strange, though it may be the place as much as this former (yet to be determined) wyvern. It swirls about it."

The wyvern stays exactly where it is, either dead or playing it.

Filinia says, "I've been looking at the fog. I heard you could get stuff from it. This is a really bad thing to get, though."

Amy fiddles with getting Filinia settled for a moment, making sure sh's okay and checking on the concussion. "It is - but maybe it was trying to get out of the fog," Amy says softly. "And the fog definitely gives us things sometimes, but I think it's mostly random."

Filinia is, definitely, mildly concussed. She needs rest and darkness and fluids. Her eyes are fine, her reflexes a little slow.

Kynan cocks his head to the side briefly, then moves over towards its head, or half of one, whichever fits. He taps it on the noggin with the non-scythe part of his staff. "Yoo-hoo, anyone awake in there? Wakey-wakey!"


"If it is alive, it won't be for long. The poor creatures been too badly mangled. There are but two things to do. One leave it be and let it expire or put it out of it's suffering." He looks at Filinia, "Perhaps it's best to treat her and let me see to providing th..." Then Kyanan knocks it on the head, "Or we could do that." Gavin sayd drawing his sword and shield.

Amy wrinkles her nose, and tilts her head a bit. "Filinia, you need rest, fluids and some darkness for a while. So that you don't get worse, right? Maybe spend a night in safety at the inn? I'll even spring for the cost for - " Of course then there's someone knocking at the wyvern door.

Amy wrinkles her nose, and tilts her head a bit. "Filinia, you need rest, fluids and some darkness for a while. So that you don't get worse, right? Maybe spend a night in safety at the inn? I'll even spring for the cost for - " Of course then there's someone knocking at the wyvern door. "Hey, wait - " Sigh. Amy moves between Filinia and the wyvern thing, automatically.

Filinia begins to get away. None of that heroism stuff for *her*.

Gavin rolls with advantage 1 at difficulty 15, using combat, combat trained.
The result is a success.

Kynan rolls with advantage 1 at difficulty 15, using combat, combat trained, sorcery, fire mage, and spending will.
The result is a success.

The head lifts straight up towards Kynan's face, jaws opening for a bite that might well take off his head if it hits. The neck turns out to be strong even if the body that would support it is mostly destroyed. There is no moment of confusion - just straight acceleration from absolute stillness to hate-filled attempt at murder.

Kynan moves quicker than one might expect. He pulls the staff back just a bit, and the head of it glows a bright red, with a few sparks added. A ball of fire grows quickly at the tip, expanding out to a cone aimed squarely into its mouth.


As Amethyst stands in front of Filinia. Gavin steps in front of her and the creature raises up to snap at Kynan's face. "That answers that question. I will never understand you magic types and your curiosity. It makes you all too cat like. We all know what curosity did to the cat." He says moving quickly and following up the fireball to the face to remove neck and head of the beast from it's body. He looks at Kynan with a nod, "To be sure, in case the scorched flesh was a ruse."

Amy's breath comes out with a whoosh, as Gavin and Kynan move swiftly in reaction to the not so dead afterall wyvern's attack. "How?" she starts, and then she calls out. "That doesn't make sense, you illogical thing." Hrmph.

In that time, it is already moving. The clapping-closed of the mouth was enough to let it know it could not kill, but it did not expect the fireball - it is hit squarely in the head, and that is indeed enough to let Gavin take off the head - the flesh is almost as hard as wood, but slices well enough to great strength.

When the beast falls, it begins to burn, not just from where Kynan blasted it, but all over. Healing fire, or searing fire, or something, grows within.

Filinia is already well around the corner and gone.

Kynan looks at the head as it falls, and shakes a finger at it. "Bad! Bad, errrr, undead zombie wyvern-thingy. Not polite at all. Ah well, I guess it was good to be sure, after all." He pauses. "I guess eating it would not be an option after all."


"The fire is growing within. Run. It may explode." WIth that Gavin moves to make a haste tactical withdrawl and unless she really puts up a fight moves to take Amethyst with him.

Uhm," Amy starts, then she squeaks as Gavin is taking her on a hasty retreat. "Run!" she calls out, just in case.

Filinia has already gone, of course.

The light of the burning stays for some time.

Kynan backs away, quickly, but makes sure he is between the others and the ex-wyvern. He holds his staff up, and it is glowing with some sort of power, but nothing is happening immediately.

It is therefore Kynan alone who gets to see the black mist dissipating, as the thing finally stops emitting it after it is dead.

Amy doesn't run too far, before she digs her heels in, turning to make sure Kynan is okay.

Kynan slows, then stops as he sees the mist dissipating. He appears to be watching it intently.

Gavin stops and looks back at what he deems a safe distance. Though if it is or not, It's not that far.

Kynan rolls with advantage 1 at difficulty 10, using occult, magic sense, and spending will.
The result is a success.

There are all sorts of magics that Kynan can sense as the thing dissipates; all of them are fading. The strangeness that he was able to find earlier is fading away, and it seems that the 'base' magic of the area is asserting itself once more. There are hints of the purification of fire, but mostly it seems to be a combing through of magical kinks and knots that should not have existed, until there is nothing left, and all is smooth once more.

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