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Lower City Trouble III

Once more, join us for Filinia being nowhere near danger while it attacks everyone else.


March 28, 2021, noon

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Kynan Danielle Amethyst



Lower Amber City

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Comments and Log

It is yet another rainy day down in the lower city. The sun - if it really exists beyond the fog - is peeking through from time to time, but most of all there is rain. A rainbow can be seen dimly within the fog, in defiance of all logic and most good sense. And, also defying good sense, there is a lone figure working on the fountain in the middle of the lower square, alone, getting wet.

Kynan is slowly moving down the street, his attention directed at the walls of the building. He seems to be scouring them for something, taking a fairly long time looking up, down, and sideways before moving a few steps to repeat the process.

The woman by the fountain leaves off what she is doing, packs her tools away, including wiping them, and sits down for lunch. She waves at Kynan, but only while his back is turned; a token wave, not a real one.

Danielle comes trudging along into thlower city intending to fetch supplies from one of the warehouses there and to do so as quickly as possible but she is not oblivious to her surroundings and notes both kynan and the figure by the fountain and decides that kynan demands more of immediate attention as she can't figure out what his doing in contrast to the fountain worker "What are you looking for"

Kynan says, somewhat absent-mindedly, "Webs... and legs, and eyes. Many of the latter, all of them in chalk or etchings." He turns around. "Good day to you. Have we met before? Sorry, my memory for faces is less than it used to be. Too many faces on too many bodies."

Amy is on her way from somewhere, swinging by the fountain as she usually does. She catches sight of several folks in the area, and tilts her head a bit. With the rain, her blond curls are plastered to her head, and half coming out of their usual restraints. It means the blonde tresses hang down her back more than usual, and she's probably at least a little uncomfortably damp. "Oh. Hello," she greets.

The lunching figure by the fountain waves to Amethyst too, but stays at a distance as Kynan and Danielle stay by the wall. It's drier by the wall.

Danielle was not expecting that answer is immediately struck by. "Etchings of webs? it Of webs? Spider webs. Have you seem i...real spiders?.It then occurs to her that he'd asked a question "I don't believe we have. I'm danielle of amber" She waves to " She waves then to Amber

Kynan rolls with advantage -1 at difficulty 15, using no talents or gifts.
The result is a success.

Amethyst rolls with advantage -1 at difficulty 15, using no talents or gifts.
The result is a failure.

Danielle rolls with advantage -1 at difficulty 15, using no talents or gifts.
The result is a success.

Kynan says "Etchings, drawings, what-have-you. I have seen them here and there, then and now, and became curious. But curiousity killed the... what did it kill, now? Well no matter, it has not killed me yet. I think I saw one just a bit ago... now, where was that again?" He looks around and then seems to to notice Amy and Filinia, and he raises his staff, and nods to them. "Oh, I am Kynan, of... no where really any more. Too many places, too many things with odd heads.

Amy waves back to Fillinia, and heads her way first, hunching a bit. "Hi Filinia. How are things? Are you getting anywhere with this fountain at all?" She glances over to the wall, noting that it's a bit drier there.

Filinia grins, wet all over. "No, but people leave me alone and think I'm useful. Also, I'm pretty sure that there are two water pressure problems. One's top-end and I can't do anything about that. One's down here. The pipes are furred up, and maybe a bit bent. I can't deal with that without a replacement, but I can *probably* do that. If we can get the water stopped for an hour, and find me some tallow and stuff. That's not so hard."

Filinia gives another wave, to Kynan, this a slightly more enthusiastic one.

Danielle nods absently at the man's words as she scans the surroundings "Didn't spend much time in Amber myself... Look thre " She points to water droplets falling vaguely in the pattern of spider legs and a web as if following the tracks of paint that was previously there

The wall does indeed have a patch where the water comes off faster, and the surface looks different.

Kynan follows Danielle's arm, turning to look at where she is pointing. He takes a few steps back. "Ah, missing the forest for the shrubbery, I was. Something like that... but usually there are words as well." He goes to one knee, examining the lower part of the wall.

Filinia tells Amethyst, "If you wanna look..." and with surprising enthusiasm given her usual demeanour, points out many, many interesting features about the pipe-work, visible through a crack in the base of the fountain's stonework.

Immediately, of course, Kynan finds out that the ground is wet and cold. Beyond that, nothing seems to change.

Kynan rolls with advantage 1 at difficulty 10, using occult, magic sense, sorcery, and spending will.
The result is a success.

Amy looks at the pipes and listens to Filinia's explanation patiently.

Danielle rolls with advantage 1 at difficulty 15, using occult, magic sense, and spending will.
The result is a success.

To those who can sense it, this strange tracery is... just that. A tracery. It does not burn with fire, or direct the rise and ebb of power... It is just ... marks.

Filinia is, perhaps well suited to the weather and the fountain setting, in full flow. There is a small bend in the pipe that leads up to the fountain itself, and she thinks she could get a gibbon-lever onto it, and maybe straighthen the kink but then there's a leak-risk and you can't be having that under here it'll take out the foundations... There is a lot of talking. A lot of explaining.

Danielle hms "Words. What words and you've not seen them elsewhere?

Amy listens, considering all that Filinia is telling her. She may never figure it out on her own, but at least she can mostly follow along. "So, how would you stop the water?" she asks, when there's an appropriate break in Filinia's flow.

"There's got to be a tank uphill, to give the pressure," Filinia replies. "We can basically only stop it there. It runs underground to protect it from winter, except what's down there. Shoddy really, but I guess nobody was seeing it. Any hard freeze'll be a worry. It's a wonder it hasn't split already."

Kynan says, "The ones I have seen before say "CULT OF THE SPYDER" like a signature." He looks around the one here more closely. "This one does not. Or perhaps it has worn away. One of these things is not like the others...."

"A tank uphill - that means we'll have to deal with that unicorn cult, whichever one is up there, right?" Amy asks, thoughtfully.

When the rain is not falling, this old bit of maybe-graffiti is almost invisible.

Filinia says, "Yeah, I think it does."

Kynan considers the wall some more, then looks up when the rain stops and the pattern starts to fade. "Water magic is so unreliable nowadays. But maybe something simple..." He lifts his staff to trace a line above the web design and mutters "Rain, rain, come today, go away another day...."

Amy frowns a bit and shrugs. "Probably we want Gavin and Kyrie for that. Maybe Maggie as well." Merrisol? He'd be helpful no doubt. "Are you okay if we go up there without you maybe and try to find the fountain controls so we can deal with the issue upstream? And leave it turned off for you here?"

There are a couple of damp splashes from Kynan's staff, but no more.

Filinia nods. "I need an hour, but just tell me when. I'll have to build a fire, because... um, you're interested in this, right?"

Kynan sighs. "Yep, fire good, everything else, bad." He gives his staff a shake.

Splashes come off the staff. Of course.

Amy nods to the comment about needing an hour. "Well, if we turn the water off here for a day or so, does it make a real difference?" she asks first, and then "A fire? Why?" She seems interested enough, at least.

Filinia says, "You want to get a pipe that's too big onto a pipe it'll clamp to. In between you pack canvas and tallow, probably, so you can ever get it off again, but you don't want that to be easy. Fire makes the metal expand. I can get the pipes."

Kynan finishes his inspection of the image on this wall. "Not much else to see here, I reckon." He turns back to Danielle and seeing the two at the fountain, begins to move in that direction. "Today seems to be a water day of sorts."

Filinia gives Kynan the third wave of the day. "Heya. You know anything about water?"

Amy considers that, and then she says, "Okay." To the bit about the pipe with the fire, tallow and canvas. "I'll see if I can get folks together to work on the water upstream. Hi Kynan, it is definitely a watery day."

Kynan says, "Other than it being wet? I used to know it down to its basic nature, but mother nature is fickle here and that no longer seems to apply. I will have to learn to adapt."

Filinia says, "Uh, then maybe you don't get to help me with plumbing."

Kynan shakes his head. "Even in my better days, I would not have offered my services in that. Just the water." He mutters "Water, water everywhere, but not stopping that drip, drip, drip from a faucet."

Filinia stares. "You know you make sense, right?"

Amy tilts her head, and then she laughs. "You know, sometimes none of us make sense. But it's wet, and I'm getting cold. And the rain isn't letting up. I think I'm going to go back up to the inn, get dry and have something nice and warm to drink."

Kynan says, "Of course, sense is what you make of it, whether it be common or humorous. It can be hard to tell which is which, nowadays. Like standing out in the rain, contemplating spiders."

Filinia nods to Kynan, but says, "Food's always good. Let's go get some."

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