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Meet and Greet

Get together and scene, maybe chat oocly.

This will be freeform, drop in, drop out.


Sept. 9, 2020, 8 p.m.

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Danielle Gavin Kerf Catigern Kyrie



The Switchback

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Amy is sitting on a rock staring glumly at the fog. Why, because she can. There's not much going on, though at least they're not hungry any more. It seems like it will be quite a while before the Inn runs out of food too, so there's that. Altogether, good news right? Still, Amy is sitting on the rock, looking glum.

Danielle exits the tavern looking about "There are a handful of rresidences still left standing. It does not bodewell that the memory of the proprietress seems to have been effected similarly to you all, thoat catigern seems to have recovered his name so perhaps individual memories will return

Gavin had well found a way to distract himself for a bit. He was spilting wood for the inn. Well he had to pay for his stay somehow. His few coins had disappeared. So he was splitting wood with a axe. He wasn't very far from Amy and her rock. He looks up to see her glum and gives her a smile and goes to say something but stops when Danielle arrives talking about Martha's memories.

Grumble-mumble. Growl. Someone's being a real bear about fighting through a hundred miles' worth of inky cotton, in both the mental and physical sense... and hell, the metaphysical sense too, why not. All the senses. Does it much matter from which direction of nothingness this one emerges? Probably not, and so... with one last great grunt and lunge, Kerf is here.

It's a struggle, and even as Kerf appears, there is a swirling of the fog, tendrils seeming to peel off him, and slowly return to the roiling mass that looms ever ominously. Almost as though unwilling to give up what it held."n

Amy glances up, as Danielle arrives, and her glum turns to mild interest. She shrugs a bit, as the comment about memory is made. "It could be equally odd that you remember some things," she muses. "But all in all, I think it's just plain odd." Her gaze is moving to Gavin, when she notes the new arrival, and as well, the fog tendrils fading back. "Oh, hello," she greets. "Be careful, I think it's trying to pull you back."

Catigern is taking a walk, but keeping close to the Inn Straying from the others doesn't seem like the wisest choice when surrounded by emptiness and the unknown. He takes his time investigating what he passes, poking his head down alleyways and glancing through windows. He glances up at the new arrival, looking him over from a distance before heading back to where the others are clustered.

The spliting of wood stops and Gavin goes to pulling his tunic back. Then his belt adjusted. Though as Kerf appears and the shadows try to keep Kerf, Gavin takes up the axe agin in hands moving toward the others. Then as non menacingly as the knight can he goes to join the others. "Do you think the shaws are trying to eat us?"

Kyrie comes up from the bottom of the fog, tension in her body language and her expression unhappy but betraying little else as her eyes carefully take it all in. What there is of it, anyway. She walks with the slight sway of one accustomed to a great deal of time on horseback. Or, it could just be a natural swagger as she moves towards the sound of voices. A hand rests casually at her belt, conveniently near a long-barreled revolver that looks copper-plated and etched.

Danielle hms "I am not yet in a position to say which is troublesome. I can imagine mother's displeasure should i try anything too agressive to find out, which only means I'll delay slightly in doing it" She nods in greeting to kerf " not from around here i'll take it

The light is too much for him at first. Kerf had thrown one arm across his face upon breaking away from the fog, and it remains there while he curls into himself, almost down to a knee. Braced forward in that fashion, he feels the gravitational force upon his person change, from being pulled back into to oblivion, to something more resembling the physics he knew before. Only then, he sinks to his knees, and the voices nearby register belatedly. "Back to where?" A response to Amy, must be.

Catigern hesitantly moves closer to where Kerf is. He watches the way the fog moves in its strange, grabbing way, and he does what he can to keep his distance while also offering out a hand toward Kerf, in order to pull him further away from the tendrils of mist and whatever else might be lurking beyond them.

Amy shakes her head, shrugging a bit, blonde curls bouncing with the motion of her head. "I don't - rightly know, but it feels singularly unhealthy," is her comment. "And the rest of the answer I can provide is back into that fog." With a gesture around as the place is surrounded. Even the light here from the sun - surely from the sun - is muted, as if there's fog between this place and the light above. Amy looks to Danielle and has to grin. "That sounds like it might be fun. Dangerous, but fun." An approving nod. Gavin's axe is noted, as Amy moves a bit closer to him. For her part, she's not noticed Kyrie yet.

Danielle hms "I shall let our new arrivals get bearing before I poke at it or we could explore the street further if your prefer the mundane" she offers

"I think perhaps it's worth a try. Remaining here with you two lovely ladies, Sir Cat, and this gentleman may be fun. This shadow though is awfully small and we all seem on a mission to Amber. It would be best we get there sooner than later. Besides if some beast attacks, I can offer my axe? Well It's no sword but it's a blade."

Kyrie stops somewhat before reaching the others. Very easy pistol range, one might say. The hand not at her belt reaches up to briefly tug on the wide brim of her hat. "Howdy." is what she offers the group, watching them. She looks somewhere perhaps in her late twenties.

Kerf tries to acclimate his eyes to the surroundings, lowering his arm from more of a squint than a gaze, although it discerns enough of the shapes ahead to understand some of the area's scope. He accepts the help of the nearest shape. Pulled a few steps forward into an upright walk, he grunts a gruff thanks, and then pauses to look blearily over the small gathering. There's a perplexed groan from him to realize what the others have been hinting at: The dark is still here, not just behind him but all around, and he hasn't escaped it.. not really. The next thing he does might be a bit peculiar... palming at his face, running his hands over his jaw, then on downward, patting himself down hesitantly.

Catigern looks Kerf over to make sure he's alright, and then he focuses his intention on the other newcomer in their midst. "It seems this place is getting popular," he mutters.

Amy glances over at Kyrie now, as she's here, and she takes a breath. "Oh. Hi. It is getting busies, that's not a bad thing," she says. "I was getting bored." She pauses and then adds, "And I'm sure Miss Martha will be glad to have more customers at the inn." There is an Inn at least. thankfully. "I'm Amy," she adds. "Nice to meet you? Miss Martha says this place is the Switchback, but that's about all we've got out of her so far. Do you all remember your names?" That to Kerf and Kyrie, of course."

Danielle laughs "ready to charge right in are we. let me try other ways of looking first hm" She closes her eyes to try to sense whether there is pattern or other magic at work

Danielle rolls with advantage 0 at difficulty 15, using occult.
The result is a failure.

Does she know her name? Kyrie's expression briefly shows how odd a question that is, followed by the look of someone for whom it is suddenly not such an odd question. She frowns, searching her memory, then finally offers "Kyrie. I don't think I know a place called Switchback, and I've done a lot of traveling." Somehow, there's a hint of 'I think' at the end of that. "Is the inn also the saloon?" she asks then.

"Yes, well it feel right. Im not really one of those magic using Royal. I take after my father too much. Like to use my hands." He says then there's a shrug. "Has anyone tried walking?" Then he moves to sit down next to Amethyst on the rock. "Fancy wand you got there, Kryie. I'm Sir Gavin and that's all I remember." His eyes set on Kerf.

Catigern tilts his head to one side at Gavin's suggestion. "I've been walking circles around this place, but it doesn't seem to be doing anything, good or bad," he says. "Saloon?" He blinks. "I think it's just an Inn, as far as I can tell."

?Still me..? Kerf makes this conclusion like it could have gone either way, or more than a couple. His hands have located various smaller items beneath and within his jacket, as well the harness straps that hold a much-prized instrument in place across his back, wrapped and hooded. Presently, his arms fall at rest to his sides, and he gazes at the others each in turn in acknowledgement. ?I?m... Amy? Lir?s Gears.. Amy!? His eyes on the little blonde woman on the rock are filled with astonishment, gladness, and also unease.

?Still me..? Kerf makes this conclusion like it could have gone either way, or more than a couple. His hands have located various smaller items beneath and within his jacket, as well the harness straps that hold a much-prized instrument in place across his back, wrapped and hooded. Presently, his arms fall at rest to his sides, and he gazes at the others each in turn in acknowledgement. ?I?m... Amy? Lir?s Gears.. Amy!? His eyes on the little blonde woman on the rock are filled with astonishment, gladness, and also unease.

"What's a Slaoon?" Gavin asks and nods to Cat, "So a hell ride isn't going to do us any good." He rubs his bearded chin. Though he chuckles as the tall Kerf seems to know Amy. "Well dunno if he knows himself but he knows you."

Amy indeed. She turns though, looking at Merrisol a little bit confusedly. "Do I know you? I- don't remember much but my name. And that I was going to find my father." She pauses, and then adds, "And who is Lir?" The little blonde may look a touch more innocent thatn remembered, perhaps a bit younger? She looks at the others, as they talk about hell rides and the like. "That sounds like some of the adventures my father used to take me out on," she says slowly. "He did eventually teach me how to do that, but he never gave me that name!"

Danielle frowns, now it's her turn to growl not though the result is not unexpected "i sense nothing " shes to gavin "you're way it is i suppose" but then she looks at Kerf in surprise "You know who she is'

Kyrie continues to take in what the others are saying, and other hints about them. "Magic?" she echoes, apparently not very accustomed to that word. "Wand?" That doesn't seem to be what she calls the piece she wears. There's a nod to Catigern, and she explains to Gavin "Saloon. A place to drink and maybe get in a card game or two. Music's optional." Just an inn? She sighs briefly, then shrugs. "It's something, anyway."

"There's not much entertainment in there. Nobody even to play cards, except maybe us. I already lost my coins to Random's daughter." Gavin jacks a thumb to Amy, "She didn't even really gamble for them." He raises an eyebrow, "Why did I give that anyway?" Then he nods to Danielle. "It beats sitting here. I'll be ready." He says standing up and readying himself with the axe.

Catigern stares at Gavin as though he's grown a second head. "Hell...ride...?" He looks around at the others, but none of them seem as confused by the phrase as he is. "I think I need a nap," he says finally, and he heads toward the Inn to see about a room.

Kerf is not as consternated as he should be at that response from Amy. He's been places. He knows stuff! After scrutinizing her for an extra moment, he stands back and shakes his head with disappointment. "Apologies.. there's a different Amethyst out there somewhere, the one I know and who knows me. Nevermind Lir. Name's Merrisol." He lifts a hand to touch a hat brim that isn't there. Hm. "A different time, I suspect, as well as place." He goes thoughtfully quiet, watching the others and putting names to faces as they are spoken.

Amy turns to give Gavin a sweet smile, and a coquettish look. "Because I asked nicely," she says gently. She might look a bit confused by the hellride term, even as Catigern does, or well, maybe not quite so much. "Nice to meet you, Merrisol," she says, after a moment. She's still not sure about that, but there's not much to be said at this point. Catigern heading to the inn gets a nod. "It's a bit - much, all in all," she says after a moment. "But we do have enough to play cards now, I suppose. If we have cards to play with."

Danielle hms "Well brave sir Gavin. What is it you have in mind and you said you take after your father. Do you remember him now?"

Kyrie mmms. "I always have cards." she says, patting something under her coat. "But maybe it's better to get more lay of the land before sitting down to play. Just woke up here, and there's lots of questions. The inn have booze, at least?"

Kerf takes to examining fog himself, but he's only just finally gotten himself extricated from that mess. The talk about poking around at it seems a touch.. too soon, at the moment. He glances over the visible buildings, noting the inn/saloon, and realizing he would very much like to have something to eat. "If you would all excuse me... I'm going to look around in there."

"I don't really Miss Danielle. I just know he was the type to handle thing physically more than with magic. I have the feeling I'm the same. So if you accidently summon something. I'll kill it if that's the case." He rolls his shoulder, "That's a term for walking to Amber. I think." He winks at Amy, "You did ask nicely I guess." He nods, "Yes the inn has booze or it did. We didn't drink that much right?"

Amy laughs, and shakes her head. "I don't think we did drink that much, no." She pauses, and then adds, "And it's a big inn, so I think it probably has supplies for many more people than just us." There's a pause, and she says, "But that said, I think we're going to have to maybe scavenge the buildings to see what's in them, if anything." She nods to the departing Merrisol, still thoughtful. "Say hi to Martha for us," she calls, with a bit of amusement. "Still I think we're okay for now, the inn has booze, and we have a bit of room to explore."

Danielle hms "you really wanna march into that thing. I'm all for e expermentation but what's say we stick something that isn't us in there first and try fish it back out. i'm not quite as risk happy as grandfather. that's what my father was worried about mother said . experiment in stages..what ya got you could stand losing

Kyrie nods to Merrisol and Catigern, when they go off. Her gaze then returns to the others, as more terms are used that are unfamiliar to her. "At least there's booze." she says, like one who is giving serious thought to making a real dent in it. The mention of scavenging causes her to look around them again, her lips pursing. "Hm. Any idea what happened to the people who live in them?" she asks then.

"Fine then, we will experiment. We got something we can throw in there? Do we have a rope? It sounds like we have a list of things to find." Gavin says standing down. He moves to sit back down next to Amy. The axe across his lap. He sighs, "We will be scentific like an alchemist." The knight seems resigned to this fate. "But yes at least there is booze and company."

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