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No trouble at all in the lower city

Once more there will be no trouble, no problems, no sudden unseasonal snow...


May 16, 2021, noon

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Filinia Amethyst


Mortimer Kynan Danielle



Lower Amber City

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Comments and Log

The unseasonal snow has melted as quickly as it came,or mostly. There are still puddles here and there, but they are shrinking rapidly. There are some small children playing in a puddle as Amy makes her way from the Inn, heading towards the hospital.

Mortimer has once again found himself in the lower end of the city, having tempted fate and was playing with the fog earlier then a moment in which it spat him back out missing half of the gin that he wandered in with. He's a little salty over the loss of the gin, though from what he has learned of it, it's a fair trade. With the remaining bottle of gin tucked away, he's currently watching the children playing. A silly little grin on his face as he tries to seek out if there's /any/ snow left or if it is all just puddles now.

Kynan is patrolling this area of the city as usual, poking his head here and there, now and then, this way and that. Sometimes, he pauses and examines an area more closely. Was it like that last time? Did something change? Did he change, for that matter?

It's a reasonably warm day, but surprisingly there's no sign of the unicorn folks. They're surely somewhere.

Amy's steps slow as she spies the children, and then Mortimer. She heads over towards him. There are a very few small bits of snow that are nearly melted. Nearly.

For the moment, nothing seems to be changing, other than the melting snow and other things that one would expect.

Danielle like kynan is randomly surveying the area taking the children playing as a pleasant sign of normalcy while still keeping eye out for the smallest of changes

Amethyst takes a 50:50 chance. The result is: Pass

Mortimer looks up from his search to see Amethyst, offering her a greeting as he runs his hand through his hair. It doesn't do much the fussed hair just goes back to where it was, "Hello Amy"

Kynan approaches Danielle as he wanders about. "Notice anything new of late? The pottery shop seems unchanged."

Amy smiles to Mortimer. "Hi there," she greets, as she comes to a pause. "I don't remember seeing the children playing like this before. That's a good thing, right?" She catches sight of Kynan and Danielle and waves to them.

Danielle hms "Not here though the recent incident at the beach was not quite normal I don't think it's actually a change of the type we're woried about. Hard to say

Kynan rolls with advantage 0 at difficulty 15, using occult.
The result is a success.

Danielle rolls with advantage 0 at difficulty 15, using occult.
The result is a success.

Mortimer tucks his lower lip by a light bite of upper teeth to the corner of his smile, pinning the curl of his lip in place. Looking to the children playing then back to Amethyst, "It would appear to be a good thing, hearing laughter and play without screaming and giant spiders or walking trees should be a good thing." Following where Amy's gaze goes he raises a hand in the air to wave to Danielle and Kynan as well.

Kynan asks Danielle, "Did you notice that our local resident spider artist has been active nearby?" He notices Mortimer and Amy in the distance, and raises his staff as a greeting. No fire, though.

Far enough away to not hear Danielle and Kynan at the moment, Amy smiles their way, turning back to Mortimer. "It seems a good thing, indeed," she agrees. She tilts her head a bit. "Were you in the middle of something? Could I enlist your aid?"

Mortimer shakes his head, "Nothing that can't have a pin put in it. How may I help you?"

Danielle follows kynan's gaze to the newest spider drawing on the bulding next to the pottery shope "I definitely perfer those spiders to the othe variety" she notes as she notices and returns mortimers wave

"I found a bunch of boxes blocking a door in the hospital," Amy says. "I wanted to find out what's behind it." She beams a brilliant smile Mortimer's way, and then turns to start that way. She pauses, and then heads towards Danielle and Kynan. "Hey, you two, do you think you might have time to move some boxes for me?"

Kynan nods. "That is certain. Shall we see what the others are up to? I could use a distraction..." If there is no objection, he starts to walk towards Amy and Mortimer.

Danielle nods "Of course I can do that" she says smiling pleased enough for the moment to take a mundane task within her ability

Amy's almost bouncing with her contented glee. She heads towards the hospital, which is actually right around the corner from that pottery shop. There are a couple folks inside, unicorn symbols on their foreheads, keeping an eye on the place and watching for new patients to be helped. Inside, Amy leads the way to the basement, all the way to the back of the room. There's ... okay, it's more than a few very heavy boxes, some of which are falling apart. It's a lot. But there is visible just at the top of them, what seems to be the crack of a door.

Mortimer smiles again, "Of course. Always able to help move, adjust, rearrange, laze about and be something to offer a distraction if needed."

Kynan tails behind the pair as they enter the hospital. So once inside, he's at a bit of a loss as to where they are. He looks around, and not hearing their voices for moment, asks one of unicorn folks, "Hello, did you see Amy and Mortimer enter recently? If so, could you direct me to them?"

Danielle looks for a mediyum sized box at the top of the height of where she can reach yet as independent from the others as possible and goes to slowly extricate it from it's position

The unicorn type fellow looks Kynan over, swallows once, and then points down the stairs.

Amy gets the first box and it falls apart on her, dropping old bandages all over the floor. Clean, they are, but aged. "Oh for!" Amy yelps, and that sound carries up the stairs.

Amy turns to look for a dust bin or a bag, and a broom, at this point. "Thanks Danielle," she says, spying the other woman getting a box. "And Mortimer." There's a lot of work it seems, and she's hoping that more hands will make lighter work.

Kynan nods to the guard-or-whatever, "Thank you." Just then, Amy's voice comes clearly up from the basement, and he hurries down just in case it is something untoward. But it's just boxes. And boxes. And more boxes. "Looks like more hands are needed."

Danielle abandons her own box once it is safely on the ground for a moment to help amy round up the scaterred bandages

Amethyst takes a 50:50 chance. The result is: Fail

Mortimer looks at the piled boxes and then the one that has fallen apart when Amehtyst went to move it. "Maybe if we just push the lot of them aside? Or would it be better if they were to be opened to be sorted then remove them?"

Amy steps back and blinks at Mortimer. "You can try it if you want?" she offers.

"Hi Kynan! Yes, I think so, though Mortimer might have an idea." Amy replies back to the fire mage type, and then turns to Morty with a hopeful look.

Kynan sets the staff that he is almost always carrying to the side, leaning it against the staircase. "I can offer my assistance in that case." He looks expectantly at Mortimer

Mortimer rolls with advantage 1 at difficulty 15, using influence,sorcery.
The result is a success.

Mortimer looks at the boxes and the space around in the room, muttering a little to himself as he watches how old the boxes might be, some falling apart others creaking with their contents shifting. "No, this has to be easier," He waves a hand at one of the boxes, "this." The box moves a little bit as he waves at it, then with a little smile, and a flick of his finger the box moves some more. "Aha! I've an idea!"

He stretches his arms out, then interlocks fingers and pushes out giving them a little crack. Then with a quick brush of thumb to his nose and a smirk to Amy, "Where would you like the boxes put?" Raising his hands as if conducting an orchestra the boxes in front of the wall start to shift. As he moves his fingers in little waggles each box 'hops to attention' as best as a box can, and starts to 'march' with little clomps as they move to where he orders them to with his fingers and waving of hands and arms. As each box lines up and marches itself over to another part of the room, hopefully closer to where Amy has requested them to be, there's a very small box in the back that when it is its turn appears to puff out its front panel, before it hops into the air and speeds towards the intended direction. The littlest box is trying its best to show off for the larger boxes. Which leaves Mort with a silly smile, as he flips a small salute and nod to the small box.

Amy settles back and watches as Mortimer manages to get the boxes to just about dance. There are some that do lose their sides, or tear holes in themselves. Some that send out clouds of dust, and poofs of - well, whatever used to be inside them. But they move enough, to allow them to be dealt with later.

And behind them, there's a closed door. it has a lock on it, a chain and padlock, keeping it closed. To the side where the hinges are, there is a little drawing of a spider, just like the one that Kynan and Danielle noticed upstairs and outside.

Kynan stands out of the way, watching the magic very closely. "A nice working of the Art, I must say.

Kynan peers at the exposed wall. "Hmm, another one of these, and not readily accessible to draw. Amy, these boxes have been here for a long time, no?"

Amy smiles at Mortimer. "Well done," she says graciously. "That was quite something to watch." And then to Kynan, "I think so - they certainly appear that way. And certainly, I haven't moved them at all."

Mortimer turns back to Amy after making sure that the remaining boxes aren't looking to implode or fall apart in their new stacked position. "Ha. I'm happy that it worked... ish." A little wibbly of his hand for the few that did implode or fall apart.

Kynan grabs his staff and moves to the wall. He murmurs, and the head glows with a yellow light. He crouches down to inspect it more closely.

Amy moves up beside Kynan, but lets him look at the spider. She instead looks at the door, and the padlock. And the chain. "I wonder if we have a way to unlock - " she starts to say, but as she reaches out to touch it, two links on the chain crumble to dust. "Oh. Guess we can try to see where it goes then." A smile from Amy, but it's somewhat tentative.

Kynan says, "It does not appear to be a recent addition, in fact it looks to be quite old. Which begs the question of how old, and if this was here from before the cataclysm, or whatever." He watches the lock crumble. "I suppose we do not know where this leads?"

Kynan rolls with advantage 1 at difficulty 15, using occult, magic sense.
The result is a success.

Mortimer looks at the door and heads up to it as if he's going to try knocking on the door before opening it

Kynan stands up straight, and plants his staff firmly on the floor. After a bit, he says quietly. "I sense old magic behind there. And given how old, it was probably very powerful."

Amy shakes her head, blonde curls shaking around her face. "I've no clue. Until today, i didn't even know this door was here," she replies to Kynan. Then she frowns. "Huh." at his words about magic. "Go ahead then," she suggests to Mortimer.

Mortimer turns to Kynan, "How old does it feel?" His hand is ready to knock upon the door, however he's hesitating after Kynan mention that something powerful could be behind it. "Knocking would be a good idea then? Don't want to wake something up that was relaxing before we came along." And he knocks on the door.

Thud.... silence

Mortimer looks to be confused by the sound of the door from his knock, "Is that? How thick is this door?"

Kynan backs up as Mortimer approaches the door, holding his staff at the ready.

Kynan shakes his head. "I cannot ascertain its age from here."

Amy moves up beside Mortimer, listening to the sound. She shrugs. "I don't know. It doesn't sound like there's anyone there." She reaches for the door knob and tugs the door, peaking. And her eyes widen, as she lets the door creak all the way open.

Behind the door, there's ... no, not Fog.

One would expect to see fog, but not this time. No.

Instead, there is - ARE - webs. from ceiling to floor, sticky gossamer webs.

It takes a moment, but then, Amy yelps, reaches for the door and closes it, as fast as she can.

"Uhm. maybe we better not go in there without a big can of bug killer?"

Mortimer smirks. "Dirk would love this."

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