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Change in the Weather

Prompt: A bit of meteorological phenomenon to brighten everyone's day...


Sept. 10, 2020, 4:45 p.m.

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The Breeze Inn

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The Breeze Inn

The Breeze is a single room hall on the first floor, with several smaller rooms upstairs. Cooking is done at a hearth with a chimney, and as a consequence the room varies from warm to hot, depending upon the weather outside. It is possible to open the front doors and windows, but opening those at the back gives only a view of black fog.
There are enough tables and chairs here for a good crowd to eat and drink together, and enough floor space for them all to sleep when the furniture is moved out of the way.
A door in the south wall leads to the stables, now being converted into more sleeping space.

Exits: The Switchback, Stables

Danielle arrives from The Switchback.
Danielle walks into the bar and looks arond for the proprietress , not finding her yet fing bred and stew enough for the group on the counter " Hello, Martha" she calls ouut with a sigh eying the empty tables

Kerf must have spent a little time speaking to Martha, at least long enough to convey his hunger. No new insights from the proprietress, and he's not ready to marathon pester her for it. Right now, he's seated backwards in a chair closer to the hearth, instead of the right way around, facing the table and his stew bowl. Naturally it is empty. A small number of items have been divested from his pockets and rest on the table by the demolished meal. A long instrument obscured in cloth wrap is propped there as well.
He glances over his shoulder at Danielle after she calls out. "Through there," he nods to the stables exit.

Danielle hms and nods "Don't really need her just wanted to make sure the only person we've met native to this place hadn't up and disappeared whichwould not pode well. We both seem to have some memories intact but this place does not seem familiar nor any of the others, though varying memories of amber are present for most of us, not sure about the girl asking after the saloon. i'm danielle by the way

Kerf regards Danielle in silence while she goes on about her observations. Offering her name prompts him to turn further, and straighten to stand. "Merrisol," he responds. "Hello Danielle. Apologies for skulking off in the midst of discussion outside." He glances down at his accessories on the table. "Expect I'm still catching up with the group response to being here."

Danielle hms "Don't apologize. I had the fortune or misfortune of waking up at the same time as amy and gavin so I was rather thrown right in to the social aspects of he whole affairzzzzz. Far more questions than answers as it stands, but you;ve any I can answer I will or if you want time with your thoughts. i can take my meal elsewhere. plenty of room

Kerf hesitates, then shakes his head while making to clear his things away from half of the table. "Not at all. Sit here if you like, Danielle. I certainly have questions, and suspect pooling our knowledge is one of the best courses in this situation. How many days ago did you wake?" He waits to see if she accepts sharing the table before reseating himself the proper way one sits.

Danielle retrieves a bowl of stew, and some bread and ale as she answers "I think it's three now. The last think I remeber before that was riding towards amber from shadow and the ground shaking, when i woke up here I thought I'd simply been thrown from my horse. Obviously things are a bit more complicated" she sits in the chair opposite him "what about you"

He nods as she speaks, questions generating themselves on his expression before being filed away in an orderly fashion. His mouth shrugs when she concludes with a question of her own. "Feels as though I'd been struggling to wake, or stay awake, for an immeasurable duration. For part of it, I was conscious of my body, then the space around me, then the ability to move through it." He studies her, palming preoccupiedly at objects on the table.. a pair of isosahedral dice, a silver-plated cigarette case, a watchface set into a wide dark leather band, and a red fountain pen bound to a booklet with a cover of tooled leather. "Curious you three should merely awaken here. Perhaps you are native to this realm, only not this particular burg. Perhaps this is your Amber."

Danielle shrugs "Hard to say. I can't sense anything, magic or otherwise. hopefully seeing some folks can't remember their names I'm hoping it's just too much to soon. the othe options are significant more disturbing though not to be ruled out in present circumstance

Kerf looks unimpressed by the answer. He waits for her to begin eating, quietly fiddling with the watch band, and pushing back his jacket sleeves to affix it to a wrist. His left hand is adorned with tendrils of tattoo ink that travels partway up his forearm. Studying it a lengthy moment, he lets out a held breath through his nose, hrm. The watch goes to his bare right wrist, fastened by a simple silver buckle. Eventually he deems it a good time to wonder: "You said you were traveling to Amber, from shadow. That suggests some esoteric skill. Are you a Patternwalker?"

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