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Don't Feed the Monster

No, really. Don't feed it.


June 13, 2021, 11 a.m.

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Amethyst Danielle



Mercy and Grace Hospital

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Comments and Log

Since the feeding of the monster, the spiders in the hospital have mostly been still, hanging in webs but not creating new ones. The patients, too, have mostly been still. Lethargy amongst in-patients is high, although they are for the most part healing rapidly and checking out with better than usual outcomes.

The good news? The plague is over, the magical white flower nectar provided the cure required, and so the number of patients in the hospital is back down to a steady even hum. While the patients are lethargic, this has Amy watching the /staff/ carefully to see if they too are suffering such sleepiness. "This is so strange," Amy comments, as she stands by the reception area. I am glad that patients are doing so well, and perhaps I ought to just take credit for it. But - I know there's something not quite right about it."

Amethyst rolls with advantage -1 at difficulty 15, using no talents or gifts.
The result is a success.

The staff are *fine*. Except that one nurse who often complains of a bad back, is very good at changing bandages and keeping patients happy, and has been yawning a lot lately.

Danielle hms "Well It could worse. Much worse if my worse case scenario theory is right but right now I'm not sure if our creature is more human or spider and if the magic is coming from here or something else entirely. So many questions but it felt so good to be whole again for a moment. " She sighs

The whisper of Hunger is beginning to grow once more.

Amy sort of shrugs, not entirely sure about things any more than Danielle is. "So many questions is right." She gives a look to the staff members in sight, curiously, and notes that one nurse who seems to be a little extra tired today. Her gaze stays there for a long moment thoughtfully, and then to Danielle. "Well, on the plus side, we've got that illness licked, and the wolf meat fed a lot of folks a good solid meal. And I spoke to Kyrie and she said she'd try to find us livestock, to bring it back here so as to start up our own farms in the area just outside of town."

The tired nurse is fidgety today.

Danielle nods "How are we for goats. Too bad Vitas isn't around to ask if he could simply summon goats, you know. I used to be able to do more than punch livestock you know"

Amy shrugs a bit, smiling. "I somehow feel that there were things we all used to do that we can't any more. And there are probably things that we can do, that we don't even know about." She frowns at Yolanda over there, that nurse who is now fidgety. "Yolanda?" she calls out, catching her attention. "How are you feeling? Are you finding that you're working too many hours maybe?"

"Just a bit yawny," Yolanda calls back. "And maybe hungry. But we're busy - lunch can wait."

Amy looks at Danielle, and says, "I don't have any goats, any more. sadly."

Danielle sighs "Well I do hope were working on it, is an acceptable message to deliver, then? Have you checked on her recently?

Amethyst rolls with advantage 0 at difficulty 15, using occult.
The result is a success.

Amy shakes her head, thoughtful, but honest. "I didn't want to go in there by myself, and everyone has been busy." She smiles. "Did you want to go check on our mystery tenant?"

Danielle rolls with advantage 0 at difficulty 15, using occult.
The result is a failure.

To Amethyst, there is something in the air now, some indefinable pressure that lies above or around the hospital. It is her place, and surely she should know? The feeling is building like a thunderstorm approaching.

Danielle nods "I think so yes" she replies evenly for now blisfully unaware that anything has changed though there is plenty going on in her head

Amy rubs at her temple as she listens. "It's probably a good idea, though I feel that we should be careful." She pauses, and then adds, "Danielle? Do you ever get the feeling like you're underwater only you're not, but you feel like your head is under the same sort of pressure?"

Danielle hms "I've been known to get odd feelings now and again. Sometimes when the fog is around. You getting that. Maybe we should take down an impromptu weaapon or two along? Trust your instinct"

Yolanda edges towards her lunch, a wax-wrapped loaf with cheese and pickles. If she is lucky, she will have smoked fish paste as well.

"I don't know," Amy admits. "But it's probably always good to bring an impromptu weapon." She looks around, curious to see what might be used. In doing so, she catches sight of Yolanda. "Is it lunch time?" she asks. "You could take a break, Yolanda."

Filinia says, "I will," Yolanda says. "Thank you.""

Around the place there are plenty of walking sticks, bits of metal or wood that are just the right size to swing. Knives are harder, although scalpels are there in profusion. Bone saws are probably too slow.

"I will," Yolanda says. "Thank you."

Danielle chooses a wooden walking stick and searches for a larger piece of wood or metal that might serve as a shield

There are a few stretchers to be broken apart, but nothing that works well as a shield without a bit of work.

Amy looks at Yolanda, very curiously. And then to Danielle, she says, "I think our tenant is getting hungry again. Maybe it's a good time to go find out if they're willing to talk or not."

Amy finds a scalpel and a walking stick. She also pauses to tie up her hair and make sure that she's got clothing that can be relatively easily dewebbed.

Danielle nods "Right" she says testing the weight of the staff as she heads basementward

Then there is the door, and the increasingly webby room below, where tiny spiders scintillate in the pattern-formed web. The remains of the goats are now in the secret doorway, blocking it open.

Then there is the door, and the increasingly webby room below, where tiny spiders scintillate in the pattern-formed web. The remains of the goats are now in the secret doorway, blocking it open.

Amy follows along with Danielle, the two willing to get into the webs, given the lack of others around. She makes sure the door to the hospital is closed, once they go down, protecting those upstairs. Then she heads for the secret door and pauses. "Blocking the door with the dead goats is quite a message," she observes.

One of the goats moves a little.

Danielle nods "Indeed" Danielle replies inching slowly forward using the staff to clear webbing

The webbing in the room is mostly on the floor; little spiders scutter out of the way, towards the goats, mostly, as the women approach.

The little spiders have so far not seemed to be aggressive or dangerous, they make the floor look scintillating in patterns, so far as Amy recalls. She edges forward, pausing as the goat moves. "Uhm," she says, dubiously. "That can't be good - unless it's the spiders doing - what are you doing with the goats?" she asks aloud.

The goat moves about an inch towards the stairs, apparently hauled along by tiny spiders.

Danielle stands still . Her eyes dart around the room at a speed that suggest she's regreting she only has two as she also extends her magic senses

"Are you hauling out the garbage?" Amy asks, trying to decide if she's worried or amused. "If so, could you please stack it at the bottom of the stairs here, so as not to block our way? And we can collect it from there." It's worth a try anyway.

Another jerk. Another movement. The goat goes another inch.

Danielle rolls with advantage 1 at difficulty 15, using occult, magic sense.
The result is a success.

Within this room, things are easy to understand, for someone extending their magical senses. The patterns on the floor are twisting it, soothing it, making it flow nicely into the webs beyond the secret door.

Magic mooooooves.

Danielle hms "Could she really be ontop of..." " she is moving forwarward faster almost as if pulled, though her staff is still positioned in front of her

Amy looks at the little scintillating spiders, and says, "Please. foot of the stairs." Then she follows Danielle.

"And don't block the way," Amy adds.

The tiny things continue to haul the body onwards. And Danielle walks into the webs. There are a few slung across the corridor, but very very few - it can be walked easily. And then the ground rises a bit, into the funnel, and on the other side there are steps, marked out by hay, made of webbing. Spider-steps, about the right size for people.

Danielle continues along peering at the webbed steps as she goes, reaching out to try and sense the creature that waits at the end of the path

The magical flows are hard to read backwards, but soon there it the chance to look. The spider has filled out somewhat, and her room seems smaller and closer around her, the walls thicker and harder to see through.

Amy walks just behind Danielle, blinking at the hay/web steps. "They're making our trip in easier," she says, both bemused and worried. As they arrive in the room, she stays back, worried. "The walls are thicker, it'll be harder to see the other bigger spiders coming towards us now."

Danielle hms "She's getting stronger I believe. If we're going to make a friendof her. We'd better do it quickly

The room with the redhead is fabulously bright to Danielle's inner sight. Brght and intricate and full of formalised motes of magic and tiny strands. A web of... well, webs. With a touch of power running through each.

Amy nods, as she looks over at the spider woman, inspecting her closely. "Hello, how are you today?" she asks.

"Hungry," comes the obvious reply.

Danielle raches out with her pattern senses almost reflexively in a moth to a flame way, tracing the patterns on the floor with her eyes, round, over, round

Amy makes a face, looking at the spider. "Do you have a name?" she asks.

Danielle rolls with advantage 1 at difficulty 15, using occult, pattern initiate.
The result is a success.

There is the sweet, sweet feeling of all being well and right, for Danielle. The path that leads closer in, up towards the spider... It *feels* right. But the goats walked the path that she would follow if she followed that urge.

The spider slurs, "Food. Pleaaaase."

"We can," Amy says. "But it would help if you would tell us who you are, why you are here. We have to go /get/ it for you, risking our own lives, after all." She is serious, they do want to know, after all. "And what is it that you are doing?"

Danielle hms "Are you doing this to the magic or is the magic doing this to you?"

The spider reaches out towards Danielle, its thin arms making much of the weight of the chain. Then one end of one of the chains comes out of the wall with a cracking sound, and it rocks over, towards her, and then falls through the floor, which cannot hold its weight. Everything rips. The white floor gives way, and beneath is fog.

Please make a +attempt against 15 with any physical things you have that help, and I'll sum-up the pose. Maybe see Amethyst here a bit longer.

Amethyst rolls with advantage 0 at difficulty 15, using athletics.
The result is a success.

Danielle rolls with advantage -1 at difficulty 15, using no talents or gifts.
The result is a failure.

The spider falls, the chain that holds her stays, but her arm is not up to holding her weight, and stays behind, torn off at the socket and stretched impossibly by the weight. Whiteness flails in the room. Upstairs, screaming starts. And as the whiteness settles a little, Danielle is nowhere to be seen. Gone.

It's a seriously quick step/roll backwards and now she's all webbed again, but she's standing hopefully on something solid. "Danielle!" Amy calls out. Loudly. There's fog there, and that's not - good. Course, it means that Danielle might just be lost in fog and not spider food. "Danielle, can you hear me?" She spies the spider arm still in that chain and shudders. "Just great."

No answer. Just the movements of black bodies under the white shroud, as they move towards Amy from the far end - and the sides - of the room. They are held up rather by the floor being missing, but they detour towards the walls.

From upstairs, there is more screaming.

Amy can't help Danielle, and she knows it. She heads for the exit, away from those black shapes heading her way - up the steps, around the curve, back to that door, and she'll close it behind her with a slam. And lock it.

And then check where the little spiders are, the goat bodies, and head for wherever the screaming is.

The goat bodies are still there - three of them, at least. And the fourth is the reason for the screaming. It is halfway across the floor, on the way out to the front door, and spiders are scuttling out of it.

The little spiders are now tangling themselves up in people's hair, falling into soup, and generally behaving like a nuisance infestation, instead of the borderline helpful thing that they were.

Amy's eyes widen, and she sighs. "Right then, Out with all you spiders!" She starts organizing the staff - where is Yolanda now? to start methodically removing the spiders. And the goat bodies.

Yolanda is found, checked into the hospital to deal with her nose-bleed, and left stable and comfortable. And the spiders are ushered out.

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