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We didn't feed the monster

Finally, nothing about spiders - open RP without spiders. Almost certainly without. But come and chat and show off what you want to show off.


June 20, 2021, 11 a.m.

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Danielle Mortimer Amethyst



Lower Amber City

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Rain falls softly into the fountain, which plays on, perhaps glad of the help. The square is half filled with people, some of whom are browsing at a makeshift market to its lower side, some of whom are dancing in an impropmptu celebration of nothing in particular at the side up towards the palace. Music is popular down here, a relief from the realities, and someone can always be found to strike up a fiddle, rain or shine, whether the tattered canvas above them shades them from the sun, or keeps their strings dry.

A small group of Unicorn Cultists enters the square, and begins going from door to door, window to window, checking the places inside.

Danielle comes walking down the street looking completely out of it. in fact, looking as if she might fall over at any moment

Mortimer sits upon a crate under an outcropping of a shops banner, watching the rain with a goofy little smile. He looks at the crowd, his foot tapping along with the music that is being played. Standing up to join in with the fun, then seeing Danielle he changes his course to head over to her. "Danielle?"

Filinia kicks her heels by the market area, watching the world in her thin, nervous way. She keeps her back to a wall, keeps her eyes moving, and looks about as relaxed as she ever does.

Danielle doesn't appear to show any reation to herr name whatever as she looks around her, not showing recognition of surroundings either

Fountain-fixing Filinia pushes away from the wall to walk over towards Danielle, keeping her eyes out for trouble and her shoulders hunched against the rain. She is on course to arrive after Mortimer does.

Mortimer waves his hand in front of Danielle's face, trying again. "Danielle? Are you alright?" He's not paying any attention of the rain now, as he is getting wet and hair is becoming a mess of a matte upon him. He looks to Filinia as she gets closer, a little shrug, "She's... she's not responding."

Filinia peers at Danielle, and frowns. "She's wet. Cold? Fever?"

Danielle responds now the man in close enough proximity to realize she's being spoken to "I'm sorry? Are you talking to me?"

Mortimer steps nearly into Danielle's path, trying again. "Dan..." She responds in her dazed question to him and Mortimer flashes a dazzling smile, "Yes. I am. Are you alight? Can we get you out of the rain?"

Filinia says, "Maybe come into the music?" Her grammar is not so good, but to make it clear she points to the fiddlers and the drizzled-on dancing. "Over there?"

Danielle nods "Cold. Hungry, Tired.. You're ral? This place. It's real? She stomps her feet as if testing the ground beneath for solidity

Filinia says, "Mostly, yeah. You're Danielle, aren't you? You get a bang on the head or something?"

Mortimer jumps up and down as Danielle stomps. "Feels pretty real to me, Dani." He looks to Filinia seeking help and steps back to let her get a better look.

Mortimer rolls with advantage -1 at difficulty 10, using no talents or gifts.
The result is a success.

To Mortimer, on Dani's clothes, and in her hair, hard to notice because of the rain, it seems there are spider webs here and there. No spiders seem to be in evidence.

Danielle purses her lips as she considers "i might have I suppose. I rembemer falling as if from a height, but it also feels if i've walked along way. the two don't make sense together. She does a self check now, feeling the back of her head for pumps and shaking herself out for bumbs and bruises, but there's no real injury evident

Filinia says, "Tha's better. Spark in your eyes. Want to come and give us all a bit of you drying out?"

To Danielle, the fingertip search gives a little more information; she is dry under the damp layer. The back of her neck, the insides of her clothes, have not been soaked. She does not feel like Mortimer and Filinia look. Not soaking-wet, just a bit wet.

Mortimer lightly swipes at Danielle's back shaking this hand off of the cobwebs on his friend. Quiet to not mention the webs, though looks to Filinia as he tries to pull some of them off of his hand now getting tangled and soggy in a clump in the rain. He finally gives up and wipes his hands together to make an attempt to get the webs away from everyone. Following Filinia's lead, "Yes, let's get you out of the rain."

Filinia pulls a rather oily rag from her pocket and offers it over to Mortimer.

Amy comes out of the hospital and starts making her way towards the inn.

Danielle nods and follows where led "I don't seem to have been in the rain long. Perhaps I'd taken shelter previoously I don't recall but I don't have a bump on my head." Her general penchant for pu puzzling things through and being peeved when things don't make sense seem intact

Along the way, she spies some familiar faces and heads in that direction. Amy's eyes widen, and then there's a look of relief that crosses her face. "Danielle! Are you okay?"

Mort takes the rag and in an unusual fashion doesn't check at why the rag is oily, just uses it to wipe his hands free of the webs. Then failing to pay attention to the manner of the rag completely blows his nose into it and shakes it out in the rain. He looks back to Filinia to hand the rag back, a streak of oil across his face the rain simply runs over it. Mortimer turns to Amy as she calls out to Danielle, waving her over before turning back to Dani. "Ok. No bumps, that's good."

Filinia gives Mortimer a look. "Figure she'll be fine if she's annoyed by not knowing." The oil on Mortimer's face, she does not seem to care about. She does fold the rag carefully to keep the snot on the inside, though, before she shoves the rag back into the same pocket.

Danielle nods " I don't believr II am injured but I seem to have lost my memory. Did I fall?" this is a question to amy as if some vague memory of having done so dances in the back of her brain

Filinia looks at Danielle, and sags a little.

"Uhm, sort of," Amy says. She checks Danielle over visually, with her healer's attention. And then she says, "You and I went down the basement in the hospital, down to where the spider woman was. She was hungry again, and you stepped towards her, but not enough for her to reach you. She lunged. And that - well, she broke the webbing that was serving as floor, and both you and she fell. And below that webbing - the white floor we were walking on - it was ALL webbing! And below it, there was Fog."

Mortimer listens closely to Amy telling Danielle about what happened. He blinks and his complexion goes near ghostly white as he hears that the white floor was all webbing, stuttering lightly as he mutters to no one at all and yet to anyone that can hear him. "T... The... the whole floor?... All of it?" He looks back to Dani, lightly placing his hand on her shoulder. "You're back though? All of you is here? Now? Do you feel different?"

Filinia just grimaces.

Danielle blinks as the words "Aunt fiona" come to her lips as amy recounts her story, though she doen't seem to know why as memories struggle to resurface during amy's tale

Amethyst rolls with advantage 1 at difficulty 15, using healing, healing nature.
The result is a success.

"I don't see anything wrong," Amy says softly. "And I think yes, all of it, Mortimer, though I of course am not positive. I told Gavin and we were trying to figure out where to go to look for you, Danielle. The Fog is - well, you know as much as I do. And who is Aunt Fiona?"

Filinia asks, "Is this what we get?" like she is getting angry.

Danielle hms "my memories seem to be returning slowly, though this isn't the first time I've had this problem is it...Thanks for the concern....gin man"

Filinia says, "We try.... to FIX this place, and we get this? Just... forgetting all the time?"

Mortimer appears to be happy with being called /gin man/ a smirk on his face, nodding. "I'll accept that as a name." Though he is feeling what Filinia is getting angry about, he's trying not to show it. Looking to her, "What would we do then? Should we do? Do we have any other options? Cause... I'm ready to drink to an oblivion. Nearly the same level of forgetfulness, just a heavier headache."

Filinia glares at Mortimer, and then sighs. "I could build a still?" she suggests, but while the anger is not gone, at least she has kept it in check.

Amy tilts her head a bit, thinking. "It's not this place you know," she says after a long awkward moment in wich the anger of others starts to abate. "At least I don't think it is. It's the Fog, isn't it? Unless maybe they're the same thing?"

Filinia seethes towards calm, in something like silence.

Danielle hms "captured in someway. The spider creature was it instigator or victim...We were figuring something out. I felt something for a minute. understood something for a minute so the fog might have come to get me. You, " she points at mortimer "i want to show you because you have thing to you know but you know how it's so much harder now. only it wasn't then and i wanted you to see"

Danielle hms "captured in someway. The spider creature was it instigator or victim...We were figuring something out. I felt something for a minute. understood something for a minute so the fog might have come to get me. You, " she points at mortimer "i want to show you because you have thing to you know but you know how it's so much harder now. only it wasn't then and i wanted you to see"ooc incoherent on purpose

Mortimer smiles to Filinia as a still being built is suggested. "Yes. That sounds lovely, then we can just be hammered, and all of this?" He waves his hand at everything around them. "We have a reason that we can put a finger on to why. Why we keep forgetting." Mort turns slowly to Danielle, trying to peace together what she's saying, as she points at him he also points at himself while looking behind him /just in case? maybe there's someone behind him?/ nope. just him. A light sigh as his shoulders drop. "Me? How can I help?"

Filinia looks slightly more hopeful. "I know where about three stills are," she says. "But I gotta remember." She looks at Amy. "It's not the place. It's the fog."

Amy listens to Danielle and frowns. She was there, and she's not quite sure what Danielle is seeing. "Well, we should at some point go back to see what's there. If there's still Spiderwebs and a new spider creature or if there's a big hole and Fog. Only, I'm not entirely sure I want to."

Danielle hms and tries again "you can do magic like i can do but it's been all messed up like grasping for something. never certain it's going to turn out right but in that room . I was whole again and it just flowed, into me out of me. I wanted to see if it would fix your magic to. It was glorius. We can do it. I know we can. we can get it all back but right now i need a nap

Filinia looks at Danielle, nods once, and then looks more determined, less angry.

Mortimer simply smirks to Danielle. "That. It all sounds wonderful. And, yes. we can go back when you're feeling better. If that's what you want to do." He looks back to Filinia, "Perhaps you can point us to the stills in the meantime?"

"I'll go with yer," Felinia tells Danielle. "Sleepytime." To Mortimer, she gives a wide grin. "Could. But that stuff'll blind you... corner of meat street and that place that has all the gambling houses on? That place'll sell you what you like."

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