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Sunday Shenanigans

Filinia's up to something? Maybe. Only one way to find out.


July 11, 2021, 11 a.m.

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Amethyst Filinia


Danielle Dorian Vitas Mortimer



Lower Amber City

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The heat of the day bakes down, dusty mirage-shimmer louring on the city. A few tired doves mope in what shade there is in the central square, and other, smarter birds are using the fountain as a watering hole.

The bright sky is hot. The bricks are hot. Even the water is warm.

It's hot, but that actually doesn't seem to bother Amethyst much. The young Healer is on her way back from the hospital, heading up the switchback to the Inn. She stops on the way, by the fountain, watching the birds as they - well cavort isn't quite the right term.

Mostly, the birds are just sitting around. Cooing. Fluffing. A bit of billing, although that might only be worrying if they are a secretary bird.

Danielle is without her stack of papers for once. Her journal must be stashed in the satchel she carries, but it likewise is not in evience, meandering lazily toward the foutain. She does manage a wave and a smile for amy rising above the soporific tendency of the heat

Dorian walks toward the fountain appearing to come from the direction of the Gateway Road. He hums a strange tune, and has a rather pleasant look on his face. If the heat is bothering him, it's not showing much.

A sudden chill wind blows through the square, like winter has decided to fight back. It hits Dorian first, as it comes up from the gateway, then it hits the doves, which flutter away, and then it's properly into the square. A cold wind. Circling. Picking up dust.

That catches the attention it does. The cold is refreshing, at least at first. Though as it circles and picks up dust, Amy frowns. "This is a new weather phenomenon," she says. "Hey, Danielle. What do you think?" A hand raised to Dorian as Amy notices him down the way. She stares that way, trying to see if there's a storm incoming or some such.

The air movement is definitely isolated, about ten feet wide, and cold.

Danielle's mood change instantly with the sudden change brought by the wind, body taught, green eyes widening "I don't know-yet" is her answer to amy 's query as scans the area using both magical in natural sense. She notes Dorian's approach with a nod of greeting

To anyone using magical senses - Danielle for example - the cold has a definite edges. It is self-enclosed and has complicated weavings of power within it.

Dorian shudders as the cold wind makes contact. He stops humming, "Merde! I knew it was too good to last!" He pulls his coat closer about his frame. He gives a wave to Amethyst and a nod of greeting to Danielle. He begins to make his way towards them. "Bonjour Ladies, It was shaping up to be a fine day. He begins to look around carefully as he gets closer.

\Vitas waves a greeting to Danielle, Amethyst, Filinia, puffing out his cheeks to blow out a long exasperated breath and then commenting "By Obie, It's -hot-." Vitas emphasizes the comment with a "ptthhhh" expression, sticking his tongue out. Hm. That actually feels pretty good. Vitas leaves his tongue hanging out, lolling for a bit. Yeah, that's . . . good. That's . . . actually cooler? Vitas' ears pick up a gust of incoming wind, and he turns toward it. Tongue still hanging out, Vitas' eyes widen in surprise. It's -cool- . . .

The rattling of a bottle hitting the ground and not shattering followed by the sound of a grumpy Mortimer makes his entrance. The cold appears to agree with Mortimer as he shakily stands up cursing at the bottle for daring to be empty. Looking across the square to the fountain he smirks to Danielle and Amythyst, a wave towards Dorian, the another long stare at the empty bottle that is rolling about on the ground.

The cold air circles around the fountain.

Amethyst stares at that cold wind. Well, not that one can stare at a wind, but where she thinks it is. "That's just - weird," she complains. One hand rests on a hip and her brow knits as she tries to figure it out. She almost misses Vitas' greeting, but catches it out of the corner of her eye. "Hi Vitas - your tongue seems to be trying to escape." Her gaze goes back to Danielle curiously, though she does pause at Mortimer's entrance, and then she turns towards the fountain. "It's a good fountain, I think. Filinia is a genius." She leaves the but unspoken.

The dust mostly settles, but the birds open up their wings to cool off further.

Danielle turns her face to the cold "Hello. what would you be up to theto then" yes she seems to be talking to the wind. Okay danielle now speak to the actual people addressing you "Greetings Lord Dorian, Sir Vitas. . Seems we got a bit o' magic in our midst"

Dorian gives a nod of greeting and a smile to Mortimer. His gaze lingers on the man with blonde hair, and sable cloak for a moment. When Danielle's words register in his mind he frowns, "Magic? The breeze here? Okay, you usually know what you are about Danielle. Question would be who? And then Why?" He returns to observing the area around them carefully.

The birds begin to take off, fluttering away. A few moments later, it is plain to see that the water is freezing in the fountain.

\Vitas closes his eyes as the cold wind ruffles through his (non-existing) fur. Vitas closes his face as well. Tongue retracted. Vitas nose twitches just a bit, imagining an Arctic landscape for some reason. Vitas opens his eyes back up and Lo and Behold! There's ice, how nice! Grinning just a bit, Vitas looks on over to Danielle, nodding a bit. Closing his own eyes, Vitas Listens as well, opening his senses. Vitas is Gone with the Wind for a moment, as he Listens.

Mortimer appears to be awake, slowly gaining an appreciation for his surroundings. A scratch to behind his ear, tossing his hair with hand to make it look possibly combed though more likely mussing it up more into a ruffled poof on his head. He returns Dorian's gaze with a coy curl to his lip and a small up nod, a long drawn out greeting, "Hellloo there. Are we staring at me?" He turns around to make sure there isn't someone behind him, looking back to Dorian, "Or have you heard one of the many stories of Gin-Man?" Mortimer opens his arms wide as he smiles and stands in the wind for a moment, simply enjoying the breeze of cold air. Opening his eyes and looking towards/ into the wind with a smile, and quickly adding for everyone asking why, "This isn't my doing. Just to be clear. At least... I don't think it is?"

"Well if it's not one of us," Amy asks plainly, "then who is it?" She doesn't look like she's got magic, really, except for her healing ability. "There is ice in the fountain - that's ... " Her gaze goes to Mortimer again, at his denial. "Are you sure?"

The ice freezes as it cascades, becoming something like snow, but also becoming, very definitely, a face. The frozen water-fall from the cracked dolphin has the exact profile of an old man with a long beard of icicles.

Danielle shrugs 'I so wish I had the answer to those questions my lord. I seem to be able to sense magic more often than use it but it's often imprecise, can't often tell what's doing or how it does it...just an itch i can't quite scra.." She eyes the formation of ice on the fountain "well would you look at that She looks round to the others gathered "Resemble anyone you know?"

The voice comes like a creaking of ice in winter, from the fountain, which of course it is. "Truce. Yeees."

Dorian glances at the ice in the bottom of the fountain, and then turns his attention completely to the profile, "Damned strange this. Anyone have an inkling of what this is all about?" He asks to no one in particular.

Mortimer's gaze follows the wind to the fountain and the face that has appeared. A little shrug as he's still waking up, and quite possibly getting more used to this forgetful land and the oddities that it brings. Enough that he walks right up to the fountain and stares at the face for a moment, eventually speaking to it. "Hello?"

The ice breaks, as it were. The face falls apart, but it says once more - or at least the sound of falling ice seems like it - 'truce'. This sounds much more like a dozen or more tiny voices speaking. And the cold stays.

"Truce? With - who?" Amy asks, sounding puzzled. "You're not a bunch of spiders are you?" She's been rather busy ejecting every spider she finds from the hospital after all.

Danielle blinks "You have been engaged in hostilities with this kingdom that you wish to cease? Explain the nature of the hostilities and your terms."

Danielle seems undeterred by the loss of a physical form to speak with

The cold area does not answer, but it stays there, chilly. Frozen. Somewhere underneath, a pipe cracks.

Dorian just looks from one companion to another. Confusion written all over his face. He doesn't say word.

"If you think that freezing our fountain is going to do anything other than annoy us," Amy says crisply, "You might reconsider."

\Vitas: "OK if you want a Truce, we get Arden back, and Kolvir, and Tir. Y'know, the basics. Our homes."

Mortimer takes a step back from the fountain. Placing a closed fist into open palm and pushing to crack his knuckles. "Okay. Truce sounds great. But ya gotta come back or... you know. We need some water for the birds. So... fire or talk?"

No more words. Just a cooling clink from the stone.

Amethyst rolls with advantage 1 at difficulty 20, using occult, pattern initiate and spending will.
The result is a success.

Whatever it is that does it, the ice begins to melt, first of all by Amy - and it melts a little like webs dissolving. Going, going... a bit remains. And of course, the fountain starts to leak again.

Danielle sighs "We have no memory memort of what we've done. We cannot commit to a truce., we may break in ignorance. if you wish us to refrain from certain actions, you must explain yourself

Amy does get annoyed at the freezing trying to break the fountain and her face gets a mutinous look that is really probably only cute. Except she gathers her will and pushes back against the ice, much like she would against the stupid fog. She instinctively reaches for the pattern as she does so, for all the good that might do. And then, "Sorry, Danielle." Oops.

Dorian shakes his head. "No good, Milady. Whoever, or whatever that was. It's gone." He looks around at everyone, "So, are we at war? Did someone forget to inform me? By Oberon's Brass Balls! This is rather frustrating, silly, and most of all confusing!"

Amy relaxes, the petite blonde turning to Dorian. "No clue. Far as I know, we aren't at war with anyone or anything, other than maybe the stupid fog."

Dorian emits a rueful chuckle, and begins looking for a place to sit down. "All right, someone or something is at war, or thinks it is at war. You don't insinuate you want a cessation of hostilities unless you are in the midst of them. I guess that message could have been intended for someone else. But it isn't probable." Damn, I could use a drink."

Amy nods to Dorian at that. "It's odd, to say the least," she replies. She takes a breath and then looks around. "It's still cold though, so maybe we'll get a chance to find out?" She scowls a bit though. "It better not be the spiders though. I will not be impressed."

\Vitas wonders: "What did we do to it, that it actually noticed? And noticed enough, and was scary enough to it, that it wanted this Truce or whatever it is? Whether there's be Truce or no, that is still a good thing to figure out"

Dorian locates a suitable seat, and perches. He produces a flask, unstoppers it, takes a swig, and offers it up to his companions. He gives the fellow in the sable cloak another once over. "The gaurdsman there has a point. On all counts of his questions, he has a point." He nods at the Gaurdsman, "I'm Dorian, neat sword you have there."

Amy reaches for Dorian's flask and takes a sip, then returns it with a smile. "Thanks." She also looks at Vitas thoughtfully. "Yes, this is a very good question. Going along with that, was it us who did something - and did we know it?" A pause. "I have no idea what this is all about, I really don't."

\Vitas bows to Doria. "Pleased to meet ye. How did you come about into all of this mess, betimes?"

Dorian sighs, "Well, I was heading home in the manner of my Family. Walking actually. Then the entire damned universe seemed to fall apart. I ended up in that!" He points at the nearest fogbank, "And ended up in this hellhole." He shakes his head, "That's neither here, nor there at the moment." He turns his attention to Amethyst, "Well Amy, this is a first for you? No icy visits before from what I surmise. This is completely different than the spiders. It could have come from a completely different source."

Amy nods, not sure if that makes her feel better or not. "This is Sir Vitas," she says, just to make sure the names are shared. "And it could indeed. I think we all somehow ended up here sort of the same way. And I am fairly certain this is Amber - but what happened to bring it to its knees like this I couldn't tell you." She pauses, curious. "Do you think maybe because we're expanding the city again, that's why it - whatever it is - wants a truce?"

\Vitas: "Well, iffen it were to want a Truce, t'would like as not need to be telling what Truce -means.- What we're to do, what we're to not-do. And what it's been doin' that it's stoppin doing. Stands to reason." Vitas scratches the back of his head in consternation and perplexity. Vitas resits the urge to do this with his foot. That's be weird.

Dorian looks around briefly, his countenance turning rather angry, "Damn! Damn! Damn!" He exhales sharply, "A lot more questions with no answers. Do you really think this is Amber Amy? If it is, we are very far up shit creek with no paddle, and a leaky boat." He tries to calm down, "I just don't understand this. Amy, did you disrupt that whatever it was? And if so, how?"

Amy pauses, watching Dorian cautiously for a moment. "I - haven't spent a lot of itme in Amber, so maybe I am wrong but I do think it is. It's definitely different from what I remember. I think you are right, we are up a creek and no paddle at all. As for our icy friend - maybe? I am not sure if it was already leaving, or if I pushed it, but I reached out with my Will, like when we try to push the Fog away. And I tried to reach for the Pattern, but that doesn't seem to work at all. Not since we arrived here."

\Vitas recalls: "I seen it sorta tickle folks. One time. I mean, them as have the Blood n'all. Just to reassure it's still here. There. Somewhere. What happens when y'all try to find your way to one of em? To walk it, or, whatever you do that needs doing?" Dogs need to be walked regularly, or they get cranky. Maybe Patterns like it too? Vitas dunnos.

Dorian takes another swig from the flask and sets it down beside himself. He gestures to it, "Help yourself, if you want." He looks back to Amy, and shrugs, "Well, some of the geography is right, and the layout of the city is similiar, nomenclature, and language are the same as Amber. I just don't know. Hell's Bells I don't even want to face the possiblity to tell you the truth. So you used pure will. I have some ideas regarding....." He stops, and turns his attention to Vitas, "Very astute question Milord. What happens is nothing. Now that indicates several possibilities that have several possible explanations. Except for telling you that I for one am completely cut off from the Pattern, I can't offer anything else."

"It's here. It's somewhere. Danielle and I both nearly touched it once. In the hospital basement when the spider creature was there. And the little spiders made white webs, that seemed to be somehow familiar." She stops for a moment, and then says, "But - it's very vague and fuzzy."

Dorian gives Amethyst a curious, questioning look, "Really? Okay, that's something. What I don't know, I will have to think about it." He points to the nearest bank of fog. "You indicated that stuff may be sentient, right Amy? I'm not so sure about that either. Hell, a venus-fly-trap responds to prey. That doesn't make it sentient, only.....alive somehow?" He begins to shake his head again, "Focus, and Will appear to be the keys to use to unlock this mess. We just need to find some locks to open."

\Vitas wonders, "Weren't Focus and Will 'nvolved with makin' the Pattern? I mean, as, the First One. Seem to recall all the old stories had mentioned it to be powerful difficult."

"It's difficult enough to walk the Pattern, never mind make one," Amy says with a whoosh of air, feeling that thought shiver through her as Vitas mentions it. "But - I don't know if the fog is sentient, that's true. It's - it feels like it reacts to us though, so it might well be alive. And it's focus and will that gets us anywhere so far as I've seen."

Amy shakes her head, and shrugs. "But I do need to get going to the Inn, cause I have to come back to check on a patient after a bite to eat."

Dorian gives Vitas an appreciative look. "You Milord, are pretty damned sharp for mere guardsman. Focus, and Will are what one uses to traverse the Pattern. It's making is still a mystery to me. But they seem to be tools that can be used with this damnable mist too. Perhaps that's a connection?" He gives a nod to Amethyst, "Aye, I have some business to attend to myself soon. You've given me much to think about. Both of you. My thanks."

\Vitas sets out his priorities. "Well, seem as to me, as long as we gots food we are decent. Then after that, just seeing what we can see of 'our' territory, by which, not knowing better, I'd say is right up to what the fog has done ate." Foood. Watching the perimeter. Instincts run deep

Dorian gives a bark of hearty laughter at Vitas' statement. "Well, you put that rather simply, but succintly. I'd like some really good soap, a decent tailor, and a good card game to go with the food. But, one can't have everything. Tell me, Vitas what is it you do around here. It seems you are a bit more...grounded than me at least. Tell me a bit about yourself."

\Vitas shudders just a bit at the mention of soap. Vitas shrugs: "Well, me and my brother got into the KingsGuard. So we used to do that. Nowadays, the monarch has not got a face even. Cannot tell if it's King or a Queen, and they don't give out no orders, lest none can be heard. So we're tryin' to be pro-active, take initiative, go on out and keep the peace. Which mainly means keep the cultists from fighting. And try to make sure everyone's fed. That part's not easy."

Dorian nods at the fellow's statement, "I haven't been able to find anyone in charge either." He takes up the flask, and partakes, and offers it to Vitas. "It's rot gut, but it does the job." He sighs briefly, "I know what you mean about the other situation. I became a damn goat roper the other day helping Amy procure supplies the other day. And I've been dealing with the fisher folk on the Northern Shore. It's a mess." He then fixes Vitas with a frank stare. "You mention initiative. Though I really hate to, perhaps it's time to start take up the obligation of my House. If that's ever found out, I will never live it down. But I haven't seen much of the Family, and none of my House. So perhaps..."

\Vitas wonders: "What be your House, Sign, and Sigil, and what Duty have they?"

Dorian stays silent for a moment, still looking at the guardsman, "My House would be House Karm, and I am related to the Royal Family being the son of Dierdre, Princess of Amber." He shrugs, "I more identified with Karm though." Title I have none. As far as a Sigil, that seems to have faded beyond me at the moment. I cannot access the Pattern, and my magical abilities have vanished. I mean I know the aracane lore, the secrets, and the ways, and many aspects of Craft. But I cannot get them to function in this place. It's like the power just disappeared."

\Vitas wonders: "Y'mean them as what keeps the bad things locked up and the good things locked away all be-safe and protected-like? That would seem a worthy Craft, if that's what yer sayin! Could we lock the spiders into a bin, y'think? Or lock 'em outa the hospital, t'least?" Ever the practical one, is Vitas.

Dorian nods, "Yes, that is Karm, "We are the Lock" He then shrugs, "My friend, all I can do at the moment is step on them." He pats the hilt of his saber, "Or kill the ones responsible for them. As I said, I am bereft of much of what I once took for granted. But as that old charlatan St. Germain told me, 'Power is acquired by knowledge, and the application of that knowledge.' So, one way or the other we can learn to rid ourselves of the spiders."

\Vitas wonders: "Might be as the spiders, themselves, are symptom and not the curse? Them ones in the hospital, making the white webs, that's the only time I ever done see Patternfolk even -sensing- the pattern. Maybe the spiders are jus' Idunno, like the top of one of those great big sea mountains of ice things?"

Dorian nods, "Icebergs, they could be. They were definitely caused by someone, or something. I need to confer more with Amethyst, or Danielle on what actually that spider thing was all about. But, Amy is definitely disturbed by the spiders, and she's like you grounded." He points to the fountain, "And what happened there is another fine kettle of fish. Was that a symptom, or a cause? And of what? I just don't know Vitas. That vexes me."

\Vitas brightens "Ahyah. That's the word, thankee most kindly for the remembrance. An Aye, I don rightly know neither, but that's more of a common thing for folks which ain't royals. There's a whole darn lot what we don known, and we just muddle on, day to day. Now that I know some, 'twer somewhat a luxury, when I look back, and remember -not- knowin!"

Dorian stands, "I do apologize Vitas, but I have much to think about, and an appointment to keep. I do hope to converse with you again soon. Take care in the meantime."

\Vitas waves in a friendly way: "Have ye a good one, till next time!"

Dorian gestures a farewell, and makes his way towards the Gateway Road.

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