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Change in the Weather Part 2

Getting to that bit of meteorological phenomenon any time now...


Sept. 10, 2020, 7:20 p.m.

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Danielle Gavin Amethyst Kyrie



The Breeze Inn

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Kyrie was not overly social the evening after her arrival in The Switchback. She did get to the inn twice, once to eat and more importantly to drink, and then later to sleep. She was up and out early in the morning though, and now returns. She doesn't look any happier about her situation than she did before, though. Maybe less so. She heads first towards the liquor.

Gavin can be an early riser, not so much today, It seems. The knight emerges from the room he'd slept in up stairs. He stiffles a yawn before running his fingers through his dark hair. He makes his way to the ground floor and seems to stand there for a moment as if he's processing something.

Liquor. Liquor. Which one is the winner. Kyrie finally opts for something whiskeyish, then collects a glass. At least she's planning to use one as she carries both to a table. Gavin's arrival earns a rise of one hand for a wave.

Gavin makes his way to the bench of one of the tables. "Morning." He looks at here, "Taking the edge off?" He looks around and then starts to rub his temples. "There is a pounding in my skull."

Kyrie mms quietly as she pours herself a few fingers before setting down the bottle in Gavin's direction. "Different edge. Nothing here is familiar. Normally I'd be ecstatic. I think. If we weren't trapped."

Danielle smirks "actually i flew the pattern..just kidding. My mother was the daughter of prince brand, which means I get to say things like that just make people think i've lost it, but I haven't you know, not even every other tuesday. actually if grandfather had limited bouts of lunancy to every other tuesday, it would have been quite convenient as i would have been able to stay in amber and study with man was quite brilliant when not insane but as it was you never knew just what you were going to get and consequently most of our time was spent in shadow, but yes i've walked the pattern, which means i should sense it, but i don't

"Perhaps. I dunno. I think Danielle is going to try something drastic but want to build up to it. She wants something we can throw and a rope to pull it back." He hmms, "I guess I shall see about finding a rope." He lays his head on the table, "In a bit."

Amy is even less of a morning person than Gavin. She is still yawning as she arrives from upstairs, stretching a bit, and then running fingers through blonde curls. "Oh. Hey. Did I miss anything?" She moves to look and see if Martha's around. Since she's in the kitchen, Martha that is, she asks for something to eat and maybe tea. Yeah, that's right, no alcohol. Perhaps she over imbibed the night before or something.

Kyrie's eyes slide to the side and towards Danielle a long moment before her head follows. Perhaps it was the run-on. Watching the woman, she takes a healthy sip from her glass before saying "Wow. I literally understood nothing you just said." She takes another sip. "Am I the weird one out, here?"

"Granddaughter..?" Kerf sits up and then leans back in his seat, eyes narrowing as he examines Danielle - as though in a new light.

But nothing has changed about the light that filters in through the front windows... has it? Still the same streaming angle of pale gold, suspending hazy dust motes in its glow. No one has seen the sun itself, yet it shines, it casts shadow, it... flickers? The light in the window begins to flutter, then dance, as the sound of pattering starts up. Rain?

"The Pattern, that sounds fimilar." Gavin says as he continues to rub his head. "What's there to eat? I think I can eat." The knight announces before he sits up and the inn slowly spins. He lowers his head back down. "The game known as quarters had to be invented by Caine."

Amy listens, quietly. She rubs her head for a bit, and then moves to settle down next to Gavin. "Martha is bringing food," she says quietly. "What did we end up drinking last night anyway?" That to Gavin, with a half amused look. "I feel like I was run over by a taunataur." Whatever that is. She looks to the others, and then she says slowly. "I - maybe understood some of that. I'm not sure."

Danielle and looks at Kyrie, then back at Kerf "Well, he did ask" it's rather petulant "just rember the part where I'm not insane" and then her eyes travel to gavin and then between he and Kyrie "No it's my turn to be lost" Shesquints at gavin "What are you on about

Kyrie starts to have another sip, then pauses and her forehead wrinkles. She looks towards the nearest window. "Hm." she says, then muses "I wonder if the rain's drinkable, after it goes through whatever's blocking the sun. And there's a sentence I never thought I'd say. I'm guessing there'll be a lot of those in the coming days."

Kerf has just gotten a look around at those newly arrived.. and griping.. the dining room, when his attention is drawn away from them again and to the windows. His gaze travels upward to the ceiling, although at least one other storey keeps the tap-tap-tap on the inn's roof from being heard distinctly. Still... it's making an unusual racket that has nothing to do with the room's acoustics. "Right now sounds more like hail than rain.."

He only gets around to saying that when the tapping moves against the inn's outer walls. With a sharp crack, one of the window panes develops a small hole. A dully glinting shape bounds, then rolls along the floor.

"Herd of wild horses here." He says eyeing a bit of Amy's food then making his way to get some of his own. "I will remmeber your not the crazy ones as long as we establish that we're not all crazy."

Danielle blinks and puts her hands in front of her reflexively as if she actually expects that to do something and she waits, peering at the newly arrived object from a distance

Amy is about to expound on quarters, but she stops short. "Caine?" she asks, somewhate bewildered by the name. Then there's something coming flying in through the window the hard way. She moves too, with the sound, ducking reflexively behind the table. Did that thing end up in her plate? That would be just her luck when it's bad, right?

Kyrie nods slightly to Kerf's observation about the nature of what's apparently falling from the sky. She looks towards the hole that was just made in the window, and says "Maybe we should slide a bucket or something out there, and collect some of it." she says, then stands to find something suitable for that collection. "Anyone notice if we have access to fresh water in here?"

Kerf half-rises from his seat in the ensuing clamor, just that break of the window allowing further clarity to the din outdoors: Brittle, clinking sounds, other cracking reports as unseen things get smashed. He tracks the course of the intruder that eventually trips on a gap in the floorboards and falls down, beneath Amy's table and not in her plate.

It is the diameter of a standard issue coin, and has a moulded design on its side that confirms its nature. Only, its metal is marred by a discoloured, flakey coating.

Gavin moves to protect... well then stops as well people are collecting the coin. He quietly makes his way to Amy's side and silently offers Amy a hand up off the ground. "If that's a coin. I am not playing quarters with it."

Amy takes Gavin's hand and stands up, sticking by his side. She looks at the coin, frowning at the discoloration. "Looks like it got punted into something nasty for a while," she says. Really that's all she knows at the moment. "Definitely not playing quarters with that one. Even if you would lose your shirt." Pause. Well, better Gavin loses his shirt than Amy does, right?

Danielle peers and looks about for a cloth, a napkin or anything to pick up the coin on the floor to examine it more closely

That probably depends on who Amy asks.

Kyrie finds something acceptable, but certainly isn't actually going outside herself. All she will do is open the door enough to slide the empty wooden storage crate out there before slamming the door closed quickly in the hopes of avoiding being hit by something out of bad luck. She clearly has some strength to her, given how easily she moves the crate.

Kerf relaxes a bit. "Oh good, not a grenade.." he mutters, and now nods in agreement with Kyrie, although he doesn't go looking for a bucket. Striding to the window, he finds the view isn't all that crystal, only seeing the small shapes whizzing and chipping away at brick and mortar.

While the door is open for Kyrie's collection attempt, there's the view of the darkness that interrupts the breadth of the street, the rock Amy likes to sulk upon, and a layer of coins spread thinly over all, with more falling and bouncing and careening, with all the force of having been tossed down from a mountain. Several more spit through the open doorway before Kyrie can complete her operation.

Kyrie rolls with advantage 0 at difficulty 15, using no gifts.
The result is a success.

When Danielle picks up the first coin in a cloth, her examination tells her it is, or used to be, silver. The mottling and raised bubbles over its surface are weird to say the least.

"That looks like rust or corrison, are you an alchemist?" Gavin asks and ignores any commens about him losing his shirt. The knights brow furrows. "I don't like this."

Amy actually steps forward, instinctively. "Are you okay?" she asks Kyrie. She inspects her like she's checking for injuries, and then steps back, if there's no need of any medical attention. "It does look like rust, doesn't it?" She takes a breath and then says, "Apart from meeting all of you, I don't like any of this."

Danielle wipes thecoin against the coin "What do yu mean you won't player quarters with it? Explain this game ? What's a quarter?

Those things are wicked, and Kyrie just barely avoids getting winged by those shooting through the doorway as she gets it shut. They skitter along the floor, instead. She shakes her head, and blows out a breath. "I'm alright, thanks. Hope no one got caught outside in that. I suppose we'll find out later." She turns back to the others, and pulls back her coat to show a belt pack at four o'clock. From it she fetches a small hard case, and from it what look like intricate goggles of some sort. One side seems to be fitted with some sort of jeweler's loupe.

Kerf rolls with advantage 0 at difficulty 15, using science.
The result is a failure.

Kerf moves to help with the door, in case Kyrie is unable due to multiple perforations. Relieved that she is unscathed, he stops an errant coin's travels with his boot, then bends to experimentally touch, then pick it up with his bare fingers. Turning it over, he can seem to make neither heads nor tails of the coin beyond what others have commented already. However, his attention is grabbed and zeroes in on the appearance of **G(O)^(O)GGLES** in Kyrie's hands. "...Here..." He holds the coin out to her.

Outside, the clinky shower has begun to peter out.

Gavin sits down at the table, he keeps watching the coins invade. "It's a game where you take turns trying to bounce a coin into a cup. If you do it. The other team has to take a shot. Then you can start gambling. If you do, you might loose your shirt." He looks at Amethyst, "I also think the game other name is Amy wins." He whispers.

Amy moves to settle at the table by Gavin, giving him an amused look. "You're good at that game." She's not touching the coins, honestly, but she does keep an eye on those who are near the broken window, who might get injured. "I can't say I always win," she replies, softly. Her eyes are dancing though. "But I'll take the compliment."

Kyrie removes her hat, dropping it onto the nearest table so that she can carefully fasten the **G(O)^(O)GGLES** in place. It is clearly a prized possession, and extremely intricate. Little levers here and there seem to manipulate layers of lenses on one side, and the loupe looks like it can be removed to reveal other interesting things under it. She nods to Merrisol, and accepts the coin. "I'm not much of a scientist, of course." she says to them, "But I've done more than my share of appraisals. Poor sap that lost this to me cried for a week. Teach him to bet so heavy on a low straight." She pauses, as though it just slipped from her mouth before the memory actually filled itself in, then she shakes her head. She focuses the loupe on the coin, for a closer look that way, first.

The magnification affords Kyrie the crisp details of ragged, raised peels from the surface of the misshapen coin, the rough blooms of grey, orange, and aquamarine patina covering the silver. If she were a scientist, she could use words like electrochemistry and oxidants, however the educated guess would indeed be corrosion.

Kerf watches with anticipation, only somewhat dampened by Kyrie's recollection of liberating the instrument from some poor nerd. However, when he notices the coinfall coming to an end, he returns to the table he shared with Danielle to wipe off his fingers on a cloth, then scoop all his loose items back into his jacket pockets. "Better head out there and make sure nobody got hit. If I find anyone I'll bring them here." He picks up the long covered instrument last and straps it across his back while he leaves through the door to the stables.

Amy calls to Kerf, "if you find someone hurt and you can bring them back, please do so. Or - let me know, I'll come see if I can help." That comes out automatically and then Amy looks startled at her own words.

Danielle hms "alright so a quarter is another name for a coin or type of coin so the upshot of this is that someone mentioned coins and we get a coin shower. Several possibilities exist. one of us has unconsciously summoned coins, one of us consciously did it and is decieving the others, or someone else is listening and responsible

"Well I had wondered that myself. Though I guess some coin somewhere is a quarter of something." Gavin shrugs and actually starts to eat, "I think the fact that we talk so much about coins. The game and well the coins from my boots." He frowns at the coin on the table. "I don't like one bit."

Kyrie remains mostly still as she studies the coin in various ways, though there's a wave towards Merrisol when he goes to look for coin-ravaged people. "Hm." she says, peering intently. "Probably be better if I were a scientist." she notes. "Just looks corroded. I'm guessing someone versed in sciences could figure out more. I think I'll try scraping one down." She looks up then, and puts down the coin so she can remove the **G(O)^(O)GGLES**. She's clearly listening, but doesn't weigh in on the esoteric.

Amy doesn't know about the coins, or the science. She shrugs a bit, still blinking at herself. "I don't know why I offered to go help folks," she murmured. "Though I guess healing them is a good thing. Maybe I'm a healer?" Danielle's words get a glance and then a grin from Amy. "I guess those are all possibiities, sure."

Danielle nods "There's definitely magic involved. I sensed it's presence briefly. the specifics were fuzzy but the fact that i could sense it is some comfort. I wonder what the rules are to thi game beyond caprice. i would be choosy with your words however"

"The corruption though is what concerns me. Well that and it sounds like hail out there." Gavin nods, "Did you come with a black bag? Do you have the tools and medicine of a doctor? Not that I have blade, armor, or charger."

Kyrie shakes her head slightly, and quietly echoes "Magic." There may have been a roll of her eyes. Apparently, not a fan, Or, not a believer. On the other hand, it just rained corroded metal. She frowns, then opens the door to look outside again, and up at the sky. "Cloudy with a chance of corroded currency. Weird."

Danielle nods " I'm surely not suggesting that the corrosion is not a concern merely that the coins were as well. the way they were introduced was not quite benight. i hate to think what might happen if we should discuss something inherently more dangerous

Amy pats her hips, and then shrugs. "Nope, none of those. But - still, it just seems like the thing to do, somehow." She pauses to grin at Kyrie's weather commentary. "It could be worse," she says. And then stops, nodding to Danielle. "So watch what we say, got it."

Danielle shrugs "We don't have much more to go on other than our instincts and we may have need of healer that would be good fortune if you were

Kyrie looks in the bucket she slid out there, and shakes her head again. She leaves it out there for now, though. "I'm going to collect some of what's fallen." she says to the others. "Might be worth a bit, if we can get to somewhere there's something worth buying. Somehow." She adds after a moment "I'll try not to think of anything really dangerous. On the other hand, we might want to try talking about food before we run out of provisions.

"When it stops, we should actually explore the other homes." GAvin nods, "See what else we can find. I wonder who could create a Shadow like this and trap us here?" He says pushing his food away. If it was time to ration, It was time to ration.

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