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Exploring a palace, getting stuck in a place full of snow, being attacked by icicle monsters... what more could go wrong?


Aug. 22, 2021, 11 a.m.

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Danielle Amethyst Markus



Outside Amber - Mystery Fog near Mysterious Fog - In a cold climate

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Danielle got a bit distracted on her way to the room with the music box and arrives at the tail end of the dance shannigans. The music box gets more than one curious look but a music box that seems to play by itself is far from the oddest thing they've experience. Nonetheless, she picks it up for inspection as well as tries to sense magic around it

The great palace does not quite rival memories of Amber in size, but entirely overdoes it in glory. The rooms are huge, mosaic-covered, parquet-decorated, guilded, and in more than one case hung with cloth of gold. Some of those that Danielle saw through broken doors were open to the cold air, with windows smashed. Others were perfectly kept, save for a layer of rime frost as if they were about to be warmed by a maid lighting a fire.

The music box is only slightly magical, probably enchanted to keep the wax cylinder in good condition. The cold magic of the area almost entirely overwhelms it, yet it is one of those things that has its own little bubble.

Naturally, a little time has passed while she looked into that.

After the dance shenanigans, Amy went off and into the fog. She ended up finding a desert oasis, and ended up stuck there for a while, until Gavin found her there. It is from the oasis that Amy is suddenly pulled back into the fog and to the ice palace, which leaves the petite blonde shivering due to severe temperature changes.

The ice palace has one great and interesting thing that might well be useful here; fur coats. Of course, Amethyst would have to remember where she was when she saw them, and then get back there, but at least there are footprints to guide her.

Danielle murmers "Odd. How parts show wear and possible signs of attack and parts don't. "She would almost fin the place enchanting were it not for the naging worry that her own barrier against the cold could disappear at any moment. She blinks at Amy's arrival . "Hi. You look like your freezing?" stating the obvious, but she also casts about for something to warm her shivering companion

"Ack, it's cold!" Amy exclaims loudly. She wraps her hands around herself her shoulders, teeth chatttering a bit. "Danielle, wait - is this the ice palace again? I was - I tried to go back to Amber and found a desert oasis. it was hot!" A pause. "and it does feel very cold here." Though as she adjusts to the temperature, in her own little bubble, her teeth slowly stop chattering.

Not just an Amethyst, but a couple of minutes later a Markus appears, ejected from the fog not far away, to find himself in a palace that was once grand, and is still magnificent in a broken down way, but has also lost a fight with a glacier.

Markus appears out of the shadows and the fog, and hears a voice, which directs him to the ladies. "It is cold, I agree. Strange. I entered the fog...and arrive here. Wherever here is..." Looking around Markus tries to get his bearings and fails.

The ladies have holed up in a music room, of all places, with frost-covered violin cases and harps, and evidence in the white covering of the floor that people have been dancing.

Amy doesn't worry about people dancing, for some reason. Probably because she remembers being one of them. As Markus arrives, she jumps a bit, and sidesteps out of the way. "Markus, hello. Haven't seen you in a while." She recognizes him at least. "There's an oasis out there somewhere. A desert. It's hot." Overstating the obvious, but still. "And the Fog seems to be snatching us out of places and dropping us off here for some reason.

Danielle nods 'Oh that sounds lovely. Yep back in the ice palace." At Markus appearance however, her posture stiffens as she gives the stranger a bow "Danielle of Amber"

A harp-string breaks in the cold, with an odd pinging noise.

Markus walks closer, and regards the ladies with a thoughtful expression. Bowing in front of Amy and then following up that with a respectful bow towards Danielle, Markus says, "Good day ladies. I see that we have a frigid first meeting. hopefully the next will be slightly warmer."

Amy's attention goes to the harp, blinking at it. "Why do you pick now to break?" she asks. "Is it getting colder?"

Breath continues to freeze in the air, but the temperature around people continues not to be cold enough to kill them. The harp, of course, does not answer.

Danielle startles as the harp string breaks and ponders 'like the houses in amber like time has stopped until we enter and then starts forward again"

Markus considers Amy's words about the fog snatching them up, and he just nods, not knowing what else to say at that point. Then, he regards the harp, and frowns. Usually not a man of many words, similar to his father in many ways, the resemblance is almost uncanny. "It may be." Getting colder. "Any know how to fix a harp?"

Amy looks over at Markus and shrugs, then suggests, "Maybe Mortimer? Or Kyrie?" She doesn't, that's sure. A pause and then an oh! at Danielle's words. "Yes, that makes sense, like that apple with the bite out of it." A nod of her had and the riot of curls bounces around her face.

A tiny sound is audible nearby; a drip.

Danielle shakes her head likewise at Markus' query "No we left our mechanic back in Amb...Oh hell she's started to call it amber "a dripping sound? With this temperature?"

Dripping, and temperatures cold enough to freeze vapour instantly... Yes, that is a little odd, isn't it?

It's a lot odd, that is. Amy starts to look to see if she can figure out where the drip is coming from. She gives Danielle a grin though. "I'm pretty sure it's Amber," she says softly.

There's definitely a sound, a small one, but there, and it is coming from - of course - a second music room connected to the first. This one is set up for a quartet. There is an intricate wooden floor here with multiple colours of wood, showing a beautiful pattern of roses. It is reflected, in darker tones, up on the ceiling. The walls have mirrors twelve feet high, behind which hand-painted wallpaper is visible; it shows dramatic hunting scenes, with Princes, hauntingly familiar to some. The scene is etched into the mirrors where it is covered, indicating that someone thought about the scene. A tall thin man with questionable taste in autmn-coloured clothing and a knight dressed in white armour pursue a beast that has snakes for tails, although it is mostly a leopard.

Huge double doors, padded for quiet, are ajar enough to see it, but open on hinges that seem oiled, swinging to the lightest touch.

Markus nods and crosses his arms to retain some warmth. "It seems like an interesting conundrum then."

Danielle surveys the adjoining room, looking about and then spins looking to Markus-some revelations come slower than others and then she steps forward

Amy slowly walks forward as she hears the sound, moving towards it. Nobody ever said she was bright, did they? The petite blonde peeks through the door, and accidentally touches it, so that the door swings quietly. "Well oiled," she says, thoughtfully. "The door that is." She steps into the secondary music room, looking at the floor, ceiling and walls. "Someone put a lot of time and energy in this," she observes. "Does anyone know who these folks are?" Is Random there? She'd possibly recognize him...

Further into the room, other Princes, and Princesses, are visible. A woman in black and silver armour is not far from the white knight. A small man with sharp features, dressed almost like harlequin, blows a horn as he leads hounds. He has a marked resemblance to Amethyst.

Markus looks, and points to the thin man with autumn coloured clothing. "He bares a striking rese,mblance to my father...interesting. Benedict."

By a large pavilion tent, a red-headed woman with mother-of-pearl skin is seated with a figure who only appears as an etching in a mirror, but who looks much like the barman, only with more icicles.

Danielle nods "It's clear the royals of amber were known here...and not as enemies it would appear" She moves to place her hand against the mirror etching

The mirror is cold enough to freeze Danielle's skin to it, of course.

What is surprising, perhaps, is that it DOES freeze the skin, or at least the moisture on it. The bubble effect stops at that mirror.

The drip is from an icicle over the conductor's podium. There is not much, but it IS dripping.

Amy stops at the image of her father, staring for a long quiet moment. "It - Yes," she agrees quietly. She finds where the drip is, her gaze going to the conductor's podium and so misses Dani's experimentation with the mirror.

Amy walks over to stand next to the podium, looking to see what's around it.

There is a bit of sheet music there, getting ruined by the water. It is, with inevitability that is only obvious if you have been to a Coronation in Amber, Greensleeves. For four instruments, and a voice.

Danielle quickly attempts to pull her hand back from the mirror to avoid getting stuck to it

Amy reaches to rescue the sheet music, if she can. And she tries humming the tune.

The sheet music is warmer than anything else here, although the water drips in the middle of it indicate it is not immune to the ravages of time. The tune is easily hummed; the voice line is well marked. The author is apparently K. Oberon.

Danielle leaves behind a handprint and a couple of bits of skin. Nothing major, nothing that will not heal swiftly.

Danielle looks upward toward the water droplets "what's up there. I wonder

Amy's attention is on the sheet music. "Hey, this was written by someone called K. Oberon," she lets the others know. After humming a bit, she does note the voice line is there, loud and clear, so she starts to sing it. Hey, musicality does more or less run in her family. Somewhat? Ahem. Anyway, she can sing, in tune even, and she does so. Curiously. While now looking up at the icicle that is dripping.

Alas, my love, you do me wrong... Whoever wrote this probably understood poetry, or at least, lyrical poetry. Certainly, they knew enough to make it sentimental, pressing emotional buttons with the music.

The icicle has formed on a part of the ceiling where vaulting meets, and a twisted piece of pale rock or bone, like a horn, has been made into a centrepiece.

To Danielle's magical sight - because of course one must look - this place is its own 'bubble'. A little warmer than the rest of the palace, it is all focused around that white twisted horn, and within it is just above freezing point.

Amy gets a tad dramatic as she sings, enthusiastic. Looking up takes a bit of time, but once she finishes singing and quiets, she spies the twisted horn up there. "How curious," she murmurs. "What do you make of it?"

Danielle hms "It has a warm center. That's why the drip" she remarks

Amy stares a bit more, and then she looks to the sheet music. "K. Oberon," she murmurs thoughtfully. "Who would have thunk it?"

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