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Cold Cuts

On Filinia's behalf. Heck if I know what will happen - but show up and find out!


Aug. 29, 2021, 11 a.m.

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Zephyr Filinia


Amethyst Danielle



Outside Amber - Mystery Fog near Mysterious Fog - In a cold climate

Largesse Level


Comments and Log

Amy keeps trying to leave this icy place. This time she found a beach! It was lovely - peaceful. Ocean waves, sunshine, sand. Only thing missing was the pina colada. Alas, she suddenly finds herself grabbed once more, and swoosh, here she is, back at the icy palace. "This is getting annoying," is her comment, wryly.

The icy palace makes no reply, although the foggy doorway she was pushed through to get here is now firmly shut, closed by a massive door. The music room and its odd not-quite-bubble have her once more. However, this time, Danielle has been here for some time, and has discovered a thing. In this room, it is colder. Breathing is no longer a freezing-in-the-air matter, and it is probably around freezing point, but the air can be *felt*. The cold hits home.

Danielle hms "Must mean there's something important to do here. Old man told Dirk something abouut waking the ships, whatever that means"

Amy glares at that door. This time though she's not seeming to be freezing, despite the obvious tan she's sporting. "Wake the ships, hmm? I suspect they're not here in this music room, but there is that thing up in the ceiling here, right? Do you think that's the cause of this?" She frowns, and then says, "Not to discount the ships, but I don't think we've found any, have we?"

Danielle hmslooking up at the horn "Not sure what to think if that is what it appears to be. Neither a dead unicorn nor one missing its horn seems auspicious"

A little water drips down from the horn, onto the conductor's music stand.

Amethyst rolls with advantage 1 at difficulty 15, using occult, pattern initiate.
The result is a success.

To Amethyst, looking upwards with a strange gling in her eye - and a pattern held in her mind - this horn looks bright, but not in the way she might expect. It pulses and radiates a power she has never seen before, and the effect bounces off the mirrors and fades slowly in the room. If the Pattern is the bright pale blue of carbon dioxide screaming, this is the pale purple of neon lights at dawn.

Drip, drip, drip, goes the water.

Each falling drop changes from purple to blank as it flashes downwards.

Danielle peers suspiciously at the water droplets and the horn "What are you then definitely magic but.." She examines the images in the room searching for unicorns or other hornrd beasts'

Amy calls the image of the pattern into her mind. it's a slow process for her, she's not the most experienced at this, but that pattern is etched into her, and so she gets there. She's staring up at the horn. "It's bright purple - I don't recognize that - whatever it is. It's not the Pattern though - it's different." She tilts her head, staring at it, and then she says, "We tried singing the song that is on the paper we rescued, but that didn't seem to have any impact. But - Danielle, is it just me or is it colder in here? And how can that be dripping if it's colder?"

There are unicorns a-plenty on the hand-made wallpaper, but none on the mirrors. The mirrors have scenes that are mostly based around costs, rivers, fjords, and sees. However, there are horns there; narwhals are etched in, along with many other beasts of the sea and sky.

Danielle shakes her head "Not just you. Definitely colder. I think whatever power is in that horn, pattern or not is melting the ice. I got a sension of warmth when I looked at with magic before. I wanna see if i can sense anything else before we attempt getting out of here. She concentrates on looking for other-not horn- magic in the room

Danielle rolls with advantage 1 at difficulty 15, using occult, magic sense.
The result is a success.

The warmth of that horn, and the slow drip of the water - it is spreading warmth into the room after all - fill Danielle's eyes for a while, but then she sees a little tiny tag attached to a mirror. Someone has magically marked that one, and the little bright worm of magic leads further in.

Amy frowns, thoughtful. "Huh. Well, just melting the ice doesn't make it our friend, but - I wish I knew what was going on."

Danielle takes a long moment to focus, the horn fighting for her attention "I know. I know. You're special" she continues her odd habit of talking to forces like their sentient, a small reminder of just whose blood flows in her viens and then walks over to the mirror that gives off signs of magic and physically touches the tag while reaching out her magic sense "hello There"

There is, when Danielle looks around the corner in the mirror, a patch that does not reflect. Magically, of course, it should not - but this is different. Someone has made magical marks in the mirror, designed to stay. They are at all different depths, so they look like etchings, scratchings, and damage just under the surface, until the right thing happens... Look at the right angle, and they form a message:
',niatpaC droL
.dleh ti gnipeek si cigam eht ;gnol rof ecalp siht tceffa t'naC
.nwod siht kcol t'nac yehT .srorrim htiw gnissem ma I ereh ,oS
.stib emit eht neve ,flesti gnizeerf yb tuo gnidloh si dnal-ecI
(loC) .G.T .nem gnuoy evitcartta ro/dna ,eeffoc ,noitcartxe dneS'
The little magical tag comes away under Danielle's grasp, a tiny wriggling strand of will and personality. It feels like sarcasm and slow-flowing desire.

Amy grins at Danielle's comment to the horn. "Of course it's special," she says easily. She watches as Danielle goes over to the mirror, her head tilting. "What is it?"

Danielle hms "Well their humor was holding whoever they were" A touch of warmth pulls at her face. A moment etched in time. "Not that this desperate message gives me any certaintu but perhaps amber and iceland were not fighting each other but a common enemy. the land frose as a defense mechanism not an attack strategy

"There's a message?" Amy asks, curious.

Unseen by anyone without magical senses, the little tag string winds itself around Danielle's forefinger.

Danielle " Yep someone tried to send their captain a status report using the mirror, last ditch effort it seems the city itself was freezing itself and putting itself in stasis to with stand attack. they wanted coffe and pretty boys along with escape...Hey Watch it. What do you want

Amy doesn't have magic sense, so she is left to stare at Danielle for the moment. "I didn't do anything," she says.

She does take in the message, and adds, "Any idea who might be sending that message?"

The knotted magic remains around Danielle's finger. That's pretty good going for a tiny magical tag.
It pulses slightly in concert with the drips.

Danielle is urgently staring at her finger wondering if defensive maneuvers might be necessary but does answer amy "Not you. It's signed T.G. Colonel....Is there more you wish me to know?" Conversationds with fingers are apparently a thing today

Amy blinks. TG? Does she know any tg? "Do we know any TG?" she muses, thoughtfully. "Or any colonels?" She looks at Dani's finger now, since that's where Dani is staring. "Are you okay?" she asks, worry starting to bleed into her voice. Now to be clear, she's never met Dani's illustrious bloodline. "TG ... Tommy - ? I don't know."

The little tag does not wave, or answer, or tighten and cut off fingers or circulation. It does, however, begin to wave its tiny spare end back and forth. Tick tock?

Danielle hms "I am but I got this little bit of magic reaching out to me. it feels like the residual emotions of whoever sent the message. Wasn't sure if they were spirtually still around somehow. I'm not at all clear on how this works

A what? Now Amy is looking as closely as she can at Dani's finger, curious to see if she can see anything. At all. "Oh," she says. That's eloquent, right? "How - okay, that's different. I have I think even less idea how this works than you do, but certainly there's some sort of power here that I don't recognize." She reaches out a hand curiously, but stops just short of touching Dani's finger.

The little tag's back-and-forth brushes against Amy's fingertip. *tap* and it recoils.

Danielle hms "she doesn't bite I promise" apparently this conversation thing is a reflex she can't shake

Amy stands still, looking at Danielle. "What did I do?" she asks, in confusion.

Tick Tock. The little thing keeps moving, always on the same plane. Amethyst's finger feels like a small spark hit it. Danielle's like it has a smooth, warm ring.

Amy pulls her hand back, as she gets that feeling of a spark against her finger. "Well then. I guess it doesn't like me," she says ruefully.

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