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Going Round the Houses

An exploration of houses in the area


Sept. 12, 2020, 11:15 a.m.

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Kerf Danielle Amethyst Gavin



The Switchback

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Comments and Log

Martha has not exactly been *worried* about food, but she has made a few comments about hoping that the deliveries come soon. So it makes sense, after all, to go out and see what the situation is, in this little slice of world that the fog allows. And there they all are.

A faint breeze blows from the... direction the sun comes up in. Maybe the East. It smells of the city, even though there is not much city in any direction.

Kerf had his look around and reported finding no one on the 'property' had been outdoors and thus struck down by killer coins. It does bring up the question of who else even exists in this space aside from Martha. He leans in to gaze through the window of one of the available homes.

Danielle steps from the inn with an air of confidence, odd perhaps given the situation, particular given her present lack of lack of weapon. perhaps its her default default expression

Many windows have shutters, but these ones hang open. Kerf can see a room within; seats, a fire, a chimney. A baby's cradle, unmoving.

The breeze that greets Danielle and ruffles her hair is almost pleasant, cool in the hot, sunny air. It feels like early autumn, today. Rains of coin might be unseasonal.

Brushing aside rusty coins in his wake, Kerf crosses the front yard of the house, waving at Danielle as he goes. He examines the front step for indications that anyone has been in or out lately before knocking.

No signs of passage are there, although the coins have chipped the front door and one is embedded in the wall. No signs of passage, but also no spider webs, no drifts of dust. It could have been just hours ago it was used.
Knocking on the wooden door brings out no echoes, no sound but a dull thud, like the door itself is part of the wall. Yet it seems and feels like wood.

Danielle moves to join kerf by the door way. once more she reaches out to see if she can sense anything magic in the surrounding, noting the oddity of the sound and presses a hand against the door

Amy is slow to come out of the inn, but here she is, following the others. The petite blonde automatically heads to that rock she likes to sit on, and has gotten there, before she realizes the others are doing something. "Hello," she greets. "What's going on?"

Danielle rolls with advantage 0 at difficulty 15, using occult.
The result is a success.

Danielle can, immediately, sense a strange coldness, hollowness... lack. The door feels like wood, half warm to the touch. The magic feels like her senses fall away to nothing at all.

Danielle rolls with advantage 0 at difficulty 15, using occult.
The result is a success.

Difficulty has been set to 10 in this area.

Kerf nods to Danielle when she reaches him, standing back to observe her own actions by the door. "There's a fire going in the hearth inside, and there's a cradle with no kid," he remarks. "So..." So, someone lives here and the wall and door's not just a theatre prop? His ellipses convey so much.

He glances at Amy over there, and gestures a c'mere if you're so curious.

Gavin, the Knight? He'd been on a patrol of the area and had been on the other end of the area. He had been lost in his own thought so when he comes back around to find the rest of the party performing home invasions with Amy sitting upon the rock throne. He raises an eyebrow, "Is ther anything in there?"

Amy, who is so far sitting over on her rock, shrugs and heads over to join Kerf and Danielle at a door. "We going in to explore?" she asks, curiously. "I'm game. What could go wrong?" She reaches a hand to tug Gavin along to come with her. "That's the question we're looking to answer. Also, I think maybe we're hoping to find supplies or something." She pauses at the door, peeking in, as the others have done.

The door is, so far, closed. It has a wrought iron lever which could probably lift a latch inside.

Danielle hms "It could be a very convincing theater prop. There's something of about. All of my physical senses say door. Magical senses say it's not quite there." She frowns, reaching for the latch

The latch lifts. The door will swing inwards, of course, because that allows people to bar their doors at night.

The breeze has died. A light rain of coins does not fall.

Kerf leans in, encouraged both by the door opening at all, and the fact that someone would seem to have not barred the door at night. "Hullo! Who's home here?" he calls in while taking a step over the threshold.

A good *plan*. But the fog... entirely fails to ambush him behind the door.
The floor creaks underfoot, old wooden boards moving under this new weight in an entirely expected fashion. There is no answer, but the fire still burns in the back of the room, and a door beyond indicates there is a second part of the house to explore, or even a third. From the front, this house is two stories, wood and stucco.

Amy stands back, her head tilting. Once Kerf is in, she moves to follow. "Hello?" she calls, repeating his first call. "Is anyone here?" It seems that Gavin also follows her in. "Maybe they're injured?" she hazards a guess. There's a moment of a frown, and then she steps forward, scanning the room for people. She even goes to check the fire, frowning softly. "How is this fire still going?" she murmurs.

Kerf rolls with advantage -1 at difficulty 10, using no gifts.
The result is a success.

Danielle rolls with advantage 0 at difficulty 10, using occult.
The result is a success.

Kerf stands in the front room now, unassailed but waiting a requisite amount of polite-time for someone to call back. He nods to Amy's logic that the homeowner may not call back due to being unable, and proceeds to open the next door in to find out.

Danielle meanwhile stands in front of the fire determining if she can feel heat from the flame

No answer. Stillness and silence, and the drifting of dust. Despite the fire, the air in here is cold. To Kerf, the air smells faintly of ozone. To Danielle, there is a faint feeling that someone's lightning spell just went wrong.

The flame is hot, yes. Fire gives out heat. Of course.

The door beyond hid a room with a staircase going up, and a kitchen with a bed for a servant. The top right part of the kitchen is lost to fog, the corner eaten away and replaced by grey-black nothing.

Amy moves away from the fire as Danielle nears. Gavin follows her. She looks at the front door, making sure it's still open, and takes a look around, at all the objects here, to see what they are. And if any might be of use. She then moves slowly after Kerf, since he's got the scout position on this little endeavour. "Anything?" she asks, curiously.

The cradle is empty of children, thank heavens. It has a milk stain on the upper blanket in there. This is a room for people who can afford a servant, but not a wetnurse. Two chairs, a table with a candle holder on it, a few books on a shelf. There are hangings to keep out the cold, and a rug and fireguard by the fire.

Kerf's gaze moves around the new room but the nothing-corner tops anything else of interest. He breathes deeply of the sharp odour before saying back to Amy, "Nobody here, and suspect if they could have gotten snatched by the fog devils. Look," he gestures her attention upwards to the dark void.
"Has anyone noticed this ozone smell elsewhere? Could be from the coin storm, or may be produced by the barrier." Moving ahead a bit more cautiously, he scouts up the stairway.

At the top of the stairs, there is a bedroom, and to the left, one further door. That would lead to a room above the kitchen. The bedroom has two beds; a large one presumably for two adults, and a small cot. An elder child than the cradle. A half-eaten apple is on a shelf next to a still-burning candle.

Danielle frowns " Magic has been used here recently but it's been interrupted. either of your suppositions could be correct. my worry is that thiat fog is not fixed and could...expand..She gives it a wary look before following kerf gingerly upstairs as if she fullow expects the next to disappear

Gavin rolls with advantage -1 at difficulty 10, using no gifts.
The result is a success.

Gavin rolls with advantage 1 at difficulty 10, using notice.
The result is a success.

Gavin notices a little detail in the front room. The books on the one shelf that hangs on the wall are odd. The spines are all in different scripts. Very different.

Kerf steps aside for the others to look around upstairs and picks up the apple, eyeing it over for freshness as enough days have elapsed since the first strangers awoke on the street outside to merit some decomposition if it is indeed that old. "Careful, likely to be more of the fog behind that door," he notes.

The apple is hardly brown at all. It might just have rested there.

Amy sniffs the air at Kerf's comment, and shrugs. "I don't remember noticing it at all," she says honestly. Then he heads upstairs, and she looks over this kitchen, curiously. Are there any supplies here they could maybe take over to Martha, if there's nobody here. "No bodies so far, that's - I guess good. But - no people either." Hrm. How ... disconcerting. She turns to look back towards the front room.

The kitchen's shelves have packages, and there is a flour sack set on a crate, to keep it off the floor. There is an oven here, although it is barely warm.

Gavin has let Amy look in the kitchen, he would have told her not to mess with the fog but he's pretty sure she's smarter than him and probably knows more about magic for sure. Maybe not Danielle amount of magic. Though he's wondering through the house and stops at the book shelf, "Why are all the books written in different langauges?" He picks up one and starts to flip through, "I mean this house doesn't seem like the place somebody like Danielle or Kerf would live! I mean they're the types with books with strange languages right?" Why weren't there any pictures.

There are not MANY books, only four here, precious items. They all have complicated diagrams in.

Danielle hms as she reaches the top without falling into nothing ness and gently tries the door, though she steps backward rather than forward as one normally would would enter a room and she reaches out her mind to "look" beyond

Danielle rolls with advantage 0 at difficulty 10, using occult.
The result is a failure.

Amy eyes the flour bag and the rest of the packages, curiously. She tilts her head a bit, and calls out, "There are some packages here, maybe Martha could use them. I think maybe this one is flour?" Maybe. Seems Amy is not a cook, at any rate. She is ignoring the fog, but not entirely watching where she goes, as she checks out what is in this room.

A stab of sudden pain is her reward. Perhaps when you look into the void, it looks also into you. Perhaps she just does not remember how to do that properly. The door opens, passes through an angle of the fog that has invaded here, and stays open. Beyond there is... not an ordinary room. It is, or what a laboratory. Glass and brass and crystal holders, chalk and charcoal, it's all here. And the fog has cut off half of it, at an angle from the top right corner.

Gavin picks up the books as the others are exploring. He opens the kitchen door and he peers in at Amy, "Hey you know smart stuff, right? I found books with diagrams and in different langauges. It's not battle formations. "

Kerf reports for the benefit of the others, "Got evidence someone was here fairly recently," before looking around and seeing Danielle's discovery. He puts the apple back on the shelf and approaches the door as well, glancing at the woman to see her own reaction. "That might explain the smell.." He looks over the half-nothinged set-up with concern, while a part of his mind sets to work calculating the angle of the fog's presence in the room - curving upward like a dome, is it? "We should figure out if this field of free existence is static, expanding.. or shrinking."

The fog's shape is an irregular curve that seems to stay put where it meets the walls, but roils and shifts somewhat everywhere else.

Danielle staggers backwards eyes widening in pain as she staggers back. normally she would be all over that that lab but that would assume she could see straigt. "I think I need to sit down a bit" she says and perhaps a bit unwisely given her lack of steadiness staggers back downstairs to find a chair

Amy pauses and looks at the books Gavin has passed her way. There's a bit of a frown, and then she shrugs. "I can't make heads nor tails of it, truthfully. But we can bring these books with us, see if anyone else can. We also have some stuff to bring back to the inn and see if Martha can use it." She is distracted as Danielle arrives, checking over her and making sure she is okay for a moment, before she turns back to Gavin, leaving Danielle some space. She looks at the stairs, and then to Gavin. "Okay, what did they find up there?" she asks, and she heads up to see what Kerf has found.

Kerf is back on the main floor, since Kerf walked down with Danielle to steady her from falling on the steps. No question about that. Once she is seated, he starts to go back with Amy, but pauses as he sees the books Gavin is puzzling over. "Let me see one of those.."

"Have fun, they're niether battle strategies or histories, I can't make head or tail of them." The knight hands them to the tall Kerf. Then moves to follow Amy upstairs. "I don't know but lets go see what we can discovoer."

Gavin rolls with advantage 1 at difficulty 13, using science.
The result is a success.

Kerf rolls with advantage 0 at difficulty 13, using science.
The result is a success.

The books are something strangely, weirdly, creepily historical to Kerf; alchemical diagrams.

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