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The Heroes Return

Let's take some time to have our heroes return to Amber, and bring back poor Garin, who may or may not still be unconscious. Of course, the trip back may not be quite as simple as it seems, because it does involve travelling through the Fog.


Sept. 30, 2021, 8 p.m.

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Gavin Dirk Kyrie



The Switchback

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Comments and Log

It's been a couple days. Quiet days mostly. Garin has been mostly unconscious, not really waking up. Lucafrase has fashioned a sled, and everyone has had a bit of time to rest and recover. It's still cold here, but the bubble seems to hold. That's the bubbles around each of the people that keeps them warm. It's morning, it's chilly, and Amy's not looking happy as she regards Garin. "We have to go now, or she may not be able to survive the Fog," she mutters.


Gavin had sepent the days keeping them safe or guarding them. Though as Amy brings up the topic of moving Garin. The Knight had drawn his atteniton to the healer. "If you think it's best. Then we should do that. I'll get the litter that Luca built."

Dirk growls "Its cold."

\They were headed to an ice palace. Kyrie dressed and packed for it. They've certainly killed enough furry critters in their time in and out of the fog for a few good capes. Not that she doesn't mind the bubble. She's spent the time exploring for anything of use in their ongoing efforts to make life easier all around.

They all dressed for the cold, thankfully. And they were successful in rescuing Garin. So far, nothing else has come back to check on Garin or the dead body that Amy and Dani took care of. It's been quiet, but Garin's got a fever, and it's not getting better.

Amy nods to Gavin and Dirk. "We're all getting cold, I think. It's probably time we headed home."

Kyrie does occasionally study Garin. A little, anyway. She's there at the moment, lips pursed. "What could be keeping her ill, when you have such skill as a healer?" she asks, more musing than anything else. "Is it unnatural? I never put faith in the idea of curses until I came into all of this."

Gavin had disappeared for a bit but then he returned with the litter that Luca had built. He pulles it up to next to Amy and Garin. He looks to Kyrie giving her a nod. "How best do we load her up? I figure I'll pull the litter along?"

Amy looks to Dirk and asks, "Can you help? We need to lift her up without jiggling her, as steady as we can." She looks to Dirk briefly, hopefully. "Kyrie do we have some furs we can put under and around her, do you think?"

Kyrie nods. "Of course. Since we don't really need them, with the magic, we can use some of what I brought for warmth." She takes the large cloak from her back, and folds it suitably for several layers under and then to tuck in over Garin.

Dirk lifts Garin up carefully and whispers ""I got you." to her and is careful to place her quietly.

Garin's left arm is really badly mangled. It's splinted at the moment, but only just to keep it immobile and from being jostled painfully. Whenever Garin is jostled, she moans in her state of unconsciousness.

Dirk watches and keeps an eye out.


With Garin on the litter, Gavin takes up the ropes. He looks to Amethyst, "Do you know the best way for us to go?" He says preparing to pull.

\As Gavin moves to pull, Kyrie sets herself alongside and holds onto the litter. Sometimes ropes do odd things in the fog, after all.

Amy shrugs. "No, not really. I think we have to find the nearest fog and head into it." Cause that's always fun, right? She moves to the side of the litter, to help stabilize it. On the opposite side from Kyrie. "Alright, shall we go?"

Dirk nods "sure."

The small group (including some others who are not online at the moment) heads off into the fog. It's the usual brutally tiring trip, with clammy tendrils and eerie sounds in the backgrounds, off in the distance. It's difficult walking, difficult thinking, difficult concentrating, and difficult to find the way out. But the group manages it, and they come out of the Fog, back in Amber.

Amy sort of slumps as they arrive at the Switchback. There's not even any fog here ... any more. But still somehow the Fog dumped them out here.

Those crazy folks who keep wandering off into the fog came back again. Somehow. But this time, they brought someone else with them, on a sled. She didn't look too good but they did bring her back. Don't ask me what they'll find next.

\ Gavin continues to pull the litter. He's surprised as they find the switchback. "Home sweet home. It's always back to here." He looks to Amy, "Do you want me to head towards the Inn?"

"The hospital," Amy says immediately. She's tired, but she is ready to head that way as well.

Gavin moves to follow Amy. "Following." He says carrying the litter along.

Dirk sighs softly..

Also tired, Kyrie hides a yawn behind a hand. "And then, maybe something to eat. And a hot drink."

Amy grins at Kyrie's note, totally in agreement. "Best idea I've heard in a while. And then a good night's sleep in a real bed."

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