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Getting Started

Questions and answers for new players.


Bringing Items

Question: Can my character bring things from where they were before?

Answer: If it is on their person, then items may be brought with them through to the Switchback. However, if they used to have magical enchantments or the like, these may not work as expected, if they work at all.

Please exercise reason in what items you have -- only items that can be reasonably justified as your character having them on their person, please.

Waking Up

Question: How do I get started on this game? What does my character know?

Answer: On getting started on Shards, all characters wake up in The Switchback. Some may walk out of the fog as well, and this is okay, but they will not have been wandering around lost for more than a few minutes in the fog.

Memory is foggy. Folks may have memories of their past - people and places they know, things they can do. The people may or may not exist now, and even if they do, they may not be the same as is remembered. Places may or may not exist now. And things that someone used to be able to do - they may be able to do them still. Or they may not work.