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Lost in the Forest

There's a purple dragon in the woods - someone needs to investigate!


March 10, 2022, 7 p.m.

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Shouye Yewan Lucafrase



Forest Edge

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There are banged up trees, a trail of a scale or two, and even some blood. All can be tracked or followed if wanted. This is a small clearing in the woods, with several rocks piled up in a semicircle in the middle. A stream is not far away, the sound of water can be heard when it's quiet.

There's a fairly large dragon curled up inside an almost cave, made up of some large boulders. The weather at least is not too bad today and there's no fog right here at the moment. The dragon is resting a head atop some paws, watching out of the makeshift den to see if anyone comes by, trusting it to mostly keep anything from sneaking up behind her.

The wild life is unusually quiet - even in this area, there had been birds and insects flying about. They seem to have vanished.

It would seem that there are some explorations that Shouye Ren has decided are safe enough to venture out to do. And for today, that has meant coming here, to the forest. He's found the banged up trees, the scale or two, and worse than that -- he found the blood. His curiosity, and concern for the dragon who had helped Yewan, draws him along the trail to follow it. He is armed, as he always is, for what is a Guardian without his weapons? He moves carefully, attempting to be somewhat quiet along the way. His gaze turns towards the boulders but, more specifically, to the dragon who seems curled up within them, and he approaches.

The dragon is watching, but she recognizes the fellow as the one from the switchback. There's a moment, then a slight move. Her head lifts just a bit, but mostly so she can talk. "Saaadddddd." is the word that comes out, eventually. There's a dragon that is very sad, of all things. Who would expect that? She inches a bit out of her makeshift den, and it is true she has a couple gashes, lot a couple scales. A little battered up.

Softly, Shouye Ren approaches the dragon until he's closer. Not invading her space variety of closer, but still -- closer. And once he is, he smoothly settles to the ground in cross-legged fashion, then brings his hands to rest within his lap. He lifts his right hand, to offer it towards her. "If I knew you were here, I would have brought food for you," he says softly, a thoughtful tone to his words. He seems comfortable, sitting just so. "Why are you sad?" he asks, a gentle tone to his words. His gaze moves from her head to look her over, and his brow wrinkles in concern as he sees the wounds. "You are hurt," he says, frowning a little bit.

Amy Dragon is sad, and mournful, and her head ducks back to her forepaws, before she tries to explain. "Not draaagggooon. Am Aaaammmmmyyyy. Cannnnnnnoooot - " a pause comes as the dragon fights to get the vocal cords to work as she wishes the to do. or whatever it is that Dragons have in place of vocal cords. The pause drags a bit, as she struggles with words. There's a shudder, and her wings nearly unfurl, but they stop in time to not smash against the rocks. She says, "Cannnooootttt go backkkkkk. Waaaannnnnttttt to." There, hopefully that explains it. At the comment about her being hurt, she twists her neck so she can see her own self, more or less. "Crrrrrrrassssshhhhh llllllaaaaannnnnndddddddinnng."

The hand he'd lifted is settled back to his lap, and he listens before he gives a small nod. He studies her for a lingering moment, perhaps considering what she's said. Or what she's tried to say. "Yes. You gave your name, at the Switchback," he says softly, tilting his head a touch to one side. "Back... to human form? Or back to where you were from, before being here?" he asks, a gentle note to his voice. "I do not know of the magic of changing forms. I am sorry," he says softly, his gaze lowering for a moment before lifting back to her. "Do your wounds need tending?" he asks, tilting his head faintly to one side. Shouye isn't going to leave her in pain if he can help it, even if his help is quite small in nature.

Amy considers those questions for a moment, and then she crawls a bit forward. Not to get into Shouye's space, but just a bit out of the rocks. She's definitely battered, bruised, and bleading in a couple spots. "Backkkk to me," she says. Well, not back to a location, but a form. She settles again on her haunches, glumly. "Meeeeee tooo. Doooooooooo noooooooooooooot knnnowww." She shrugs a bit, wings fluttering a bit, and then says, "Fffffllllyyyying fffffuuuunnnn. Llllandddinggggg hhhhurrrrtttts." It probably says so much, and then she adds, "Nnoootttt sssuuuuurrrreeeeee."

"Landing is easy once you get the hang of it," says a voice belonging to someone who clearly hadn't been behind the dragon two seconds ago. In fact, Yewan had been there, walking toward the dragon and the companion she talks to beyond. He seems a lot better than he had the last time she'd seen him. Much of the paleness has gone, but for just a touch. And a bit of tightness around his eyes is all that shows of his former predicament.

Shifting his position slightly, he tilts his head a touch to one side as he watches the dragon -- as he watches Amy -- move. He gives a small nod to her words, and he settles one of his hands atop the other there in his lap. "Ah. Back to human. I would help you, if I knew a way to give you help," he says, his brow wrinkled. A smile ghosts at the corners of his lips, and he inclines his head towards the dragon. "I imagine that it would be. I have not flown before," he says. He shifts his weight slightly, and then he gracefully rises to his feet before giving a nod to her. "Do you wish your wounds to be checked?" he asks. Crashing, he expects, would hurt.

His dark gaze turns in Ying's directly as he hears the mage's voice. "You would know such better than I would, Ying," he says, a thoughtful tone to his voice. He is more stable than what he had been when he'd first appeared from out of the fog, yet he's not back to normal. There is still that emptiness within his head where the bond with Ying had been, where Ying had been. He's just trying hard to keep it all contained and under control.

There's a moment as Amy tenses, a voice from behind her causing her to whirl swiftly, ignoring the wince that brings. Sore all over, no doubt. She relaxes though as she sees who it is, settling back down. Her head tilts to look at Yewan, and she asks, "yooouuuu fllllyyyyy?" since that's a good question really, given what all she's heard. "Hooowwww?" That's the follow on question, of course. She then unfurls her wings, which are remarkably undamaged somehow. Probably because they furl up, and hide. "Yeeessss, plllleeeeeeaassseee," she manages to say to Shouye, given his question about her wounds. "Stttrannngggeee tooo neeeed helellppppp."

Yewan nods. "Yes, I do," he says. He chuckles. "Oh, that's easy. I change into a bird and fly." He looks amused. He considers the dragon and shakes his head. "Everyone needs help sometimes," he says to her. For now, he doesn't demonstrate his ability to fly. Or to shift shapes. It's always worked before. He has no reason to think it won't now.

The Guardian gives a small nod to the dragon, and then he steps slowly closer to her. He moves slowly to prevent from startling Amy. He doesn't answer the question about if Yewan flies or not, for that is something the mage will answer for himself. He stands peacefully, though his gaze has turned from the dragon to Yewan, to watch his mage. The bond may not yet be there, but that has not changed how protective he feels of the man. Once permission has been granted by the dragon, he gives a small nod. "Thank you. I will be as gentle as I can be," Shouye Ren offers. Then he carefully moves along the dragon's side, to at least visually inspect the wounds. Any that look bad enough to warrant it, he will check them closer. He looks towards Ying and raises an eyebrow slightly. "She is stuck, Ying. She cannot go back to her human form," he says, watching the mage. Then he gives a nod before looking to the dragon. "Yes. We all need help, sometimes."

There are two wounds that could use further attention, the rest mere scrapes and bruises. Sore, but not dangerous. Just a couple that are a bit deeper, trying to infect and cause yet more pain. One on her right flank, near her forepaw. Shoulder really. And the other at her back left flank. "Yessss, Heeelllllpppppp gggooooodddddd. Bbbbbuuuuttttt - hheaalller. Not nneeeeddddd heeeallllzzzzzzz." Usually, anyway. There are always exceptions it seems. "Neeevvvveeerrr dddraaagggggooonnnn. Firrrrst." She's still, though her head moves to follow Shouye's movement.

The bond is definitely gone. Yewan does his best to ignore the gaping hole that was left behind. He moves around tothe front of hte dragon and sinks to sit gracefully atop a handy rock. He looks to Shouye and considers the words about the dragon. Hm. Yewan looks to Amy, his grey eyes as stormy as they had been the previous time he'd see the dragon. Eyes that seem to see far too much. It's a mage thing. "Tell me about your human self, Amy," he says. "Please." Apparently, he's not going to tell her how to get back! But why would he ask her about her human self?

"You may be a healer, yet... you have wounds, Amy. Two of them, they are not good," Shouye Ren says, a gentle tone to his voice. "They will become infected, without help. Without treatment," he adds, stepping closer to the dragon. He lifts his right hand, gently bringing it near to her left flank but not touching near to the wound. "I can rinse the wound, clean it and put a salve on it. It will help it to heal," he offers. At least he'd brought his satchel along with him, which has mundane healing supplies in it. He has no magic for healing. He will wait until he has permission before actually touching her. His gaze turns to Ying, and he inclines his head towards the mage. He doesn't question the method that Ying chooses to take but simply trusts in him. He only hopes that it will help. Without the bond, he must rely on what he sees to tell him what he wishes to know, and so he pays a bit closer visual attention to his mage.

Amy's wings unfurl and ruffle as she listens. She tries to look but the wounds are such that, placed well enough that she can't see them. The perils of a larger body and learning how to move with it. She rumblegrowls at it and then she settles back down, looking at Yewan with large amethyst eyes. "Haaarrrrddddd," she complains first. Definitely not liking trying to talk, as a dragon, though she's getting better. "Aaammmmmyyyyy. Heeaaallller." she starts with, since she's been asked about her human self. "Blooooonnnnddddddeeee haiiiiirrrrr." She's trying to think about it to figure out what to say. "Shooorrrrrttttt."

Yewan considers what is said of the human shape. Of the wounds, he ignores it for now. He knows his Guardian is capable of treating such things without his input. "I know," he says, instead, that it's hard. He knows it's hard. It's hard to think of what another shape looks like. Feels like. "Tell me more," he says. "What does her hair look like? How does she like to wear it? What kind of clothes does she wear? What kinds of things does she enjoy doing?" Oh dear, he's asking her to work for it, isn't he?

Lucafrase, perhaps circling the area over the last few hours in her capacity as a lumberjane (or scavenger of useful wood, if refinement is of no concern) can be heard saying: "What the heck, dust devil? Tornado?! I'm rich!" Her expression falls as the clearing comes into view, and she pointedly sheathes her axe. Looking pained, she lifts a hand in greeting.

"I have heard it said that those things which are hard are often the most worth accomplishing," Shouye Ren says, a thoughtful tone to his voice. Yes, leave it to the Guardian to have a philosophical streak. "May I touch you, to treat your wounds, Amy?" he offers, tilting his head slightly to one side. He lowers his hand to the satchel he carries, lifting the flap of it back in order to be able to access what's inside. His gaze turns to Ying, listening to the questions that he asks of the dragon, and he gives a small nod that seems it might be approval of them. As the other woman arrives near, Shouye turns his gaze towards her, and he inclines his head to her. "Good day," he offers in greeting to her.

Amy looks over as Shouye identifies a newcome arrival. "Lllluuuuuccccaaaaaaa," is what the dragon says, lightly. That greeting is left there, as she turns to Shouye next, thoughtfully. "Yess," she tells him. "Neeeeeeddddd heeeaaalllll. Nnneeeeed helllp...." But really she's sidetracked and distracted by Yewan. Given it's hard to talk, she pauses to think how to answer appropriately. "Cuuuurrrrllllssss. noooooottttt goooooddddd. Loooonnng." That's her hair, yup, more or less. "Meeeesssssssss." Is that how she likes to wear it? Or something else in answer all those questions? "Beeeaaaacccchhhhh."

Yewan glances briefly to Shouye and gives a warm smile to the man. He offers a polite nod to Lucafrase, too. His attention returns to Amy. Mess? Maybe clothing? "What do you like to do on the beach? Lay in the sun? Swim?" Those are the two things typical when a beach is involved, right? Yewan pulls his legs up beneath him, until he's sitting cross legged.

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