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Is there a Beach to be Found?

Amy's fed up and wants to see if she can get to a beach with some friends.


March 17, 2022, 8 p.m.

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Danielle Yewan Lucafrase Shouye



Dark Foggy Area

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Amy is sitting on her rock, more or less in the middle of the Switchback. She does have a basket and a knapsack on the ground nearby, but she seems to be waiting a bit. She's in human form, yay, but seems to be a lot quiet and keeps looking at her hands over and over again, quietly. A deep breath and she gets to her feet, pacing a bit. Just a little bit. One hand reaches up to try to soothe the riotous mop of blonde curls atop her head, with little success. Okay, no success really. It happens.

Danielle comes walking along from the inn with a thoughtful look , but gives a smile upon seeing amy "Where are you off to?"

Yewan had been scarce for the most part. He would appear for some meals, though not all, and of course, if there were activities that needed help with, he would show up for those as well. He hadn't eaten without contributing /something/ in return. Be it physical labor or something else. For instance, he's really good at starting cook fires. He looks.. about like he always does. Calm and relaxed. His left hand rests at the small of his back. His fan is out and being used, as tends to happen on a fairly regular basis when his hands are free. Slow movements, wafting the thing back and forth. Maybe he just enjoys the breeze.

Lucafrase tumbles out of the fog, *splat* into the square. "Ah, home." she announces, without getting up. Eventually she disentangles herself only to elbow anyone else off the pump, for a few minutes, drinking like a thirsty dog.

It is from the relative direction of the inn that Shouye Ren makes his way. His steps are soft and seeming at ease, his pace even. His dark gaze wanders from place to place, keeping an eye on things about, and his hands rest lightly at the small of his back, with his right hand resting within his left hand. He is still broken, and yet, for the moment, he seems to be maintaining some measure of control. As he reaches the switchback, his steps stall as he notices the others, Yewan Ying included. He remains quiet, though, and simply continues then to approach, to take a position near but not too near to Ying. A position where a Guardian belongs. He'll do his damnedest to protect Ying.

Amy pauses in her pacing as Danielle arrives, flashing a smile her way in return. "Hi, Dani," she greets. "I'm thinking to try to go find a beach to relax on. Which does mean fighting through the fog. Want to come?" She looks over to Yewan as he arrives, and Shouye, including them both. "You are also both welcome to come along - it - we can show you how it works, or at least how we think it does." A rueful grin and then a blink as Lucafrase tumbles in. "Luca! Are you okay?" she asks, promptly checking the other woman over with a healer's well trained gaze. "Do you dare to go back into the fog? and - wait, how did you end up there anyway?"

Lucafrase fills a wineskin. Her heritage has certainly blunted, although not eliminated, some signs of exposure? A bit tanned, a bit chapped all over. "... hm? The fog in the lower-lower basement. Kicks like a mule. It's, well, let's just say I've been on more than one climactic adventure." Her nose wrinkles, instinctively. "Ah, more sand. At least I'll have company?"

Danielle smiles "I should like that. You have figuired out how to make the fog take you where you wish to go or might we end up snowbathing?"

The approach of a certain Guardian has Yewan's eyes swinging the man's way. He fixes him with a steady stare. The warning within them is clear. He turns away and paces toward Amy. He inclines his head once. He probably means he will join. But he doesn't actually say that he will be joining. He simply stands nearby, his expression almost expectant.

One of his eyebrows faintly quirks upwards at Amy's mention of a beach. Though he might inwardly groan at that, for he remembers well what Amy had indicated she liked to do there, and that evokes certain other thoughts. Shouye Ren closes his eyes for a moment and takes a deep breath before slowly releasing it. He keeps his hands resting at his back, and then he opens his eyes to look towards Yewan Ying. He sees well the warning that Yewan fixes him with, and there's a frown that slightly turns the corners of his lips. Yet he's not going to obey, to let them all venture off into the fog willy-nilly and possibly find danger. Ying included. He looks away for a moment, and then he quietly steps forward and closer to Amy. Though he says nothing, it would seem that he intends to go as well. The fog has already wreaked havoc with his life, what worse can it do to him?

Amy shrugs, and in human form, the mischief is clearly identifiable. "Not really, Dani. But we can try?" she offers with a laugh. "I guess first we need to step into the fog. So, lesson number one on travelling in the fog." She moves to her knapsack, where she has a rope. A nice strong woven rope, that is not really long. She ties it around her waist at one end, and there are loops along the length of it. "We need to stick together. it's easier if there aren't very many folks to hold hands or the like, but honestly, a good rope seems to also work. Everyone needs to grab a hold and then we'll go into the fog. Please keep in mind, it's hard to see in the fog - so mind your step and don't bump into the person in front of you."

Let's all type fog (twice I think,) and go into the fog room for the next poses.

Walking into the fog is easy. Well, it's still a bit creepy, but the fog does seem willing to let anyone in. Getting out is always another question, of course. Amy leads the way - Gavin can be mad later, since he's otherwise occupied. She moves deep enough into the fog that it surrounds everyone, swirling and moving in gentle ripples. It's easy to get lost, and just turning around to walk out - no longer works.

"Alright," Amy says. "It's always hard to see in here. You'll hear sounds, may see lights or ghosts or such. I'm not sure what of it's real or not, but if something attacks, please defend yourself. People have come out of here with real wounds." She tugs the rope, and says, "We're going to start walking, and I need you all to help me by focusing with all your strength and will power on getting to a beach." She pauses, and then adds, "We might not find a beach, but - we should at least find a way out of the fog."

Danielle can be heard sighing if not seen the fog is at once familiar and unfamiliar and annoying "Welcome to our sometimes nemesis, sometimes helpful always confounding fog

Lucafrase shrugs. Her voice can be heard: "I've been a lot of places thanks to the fog, but I could do with a nice beach."

Yewan walks toward Amy and takes ahold of the rope loop, moving his left hand from the small of his back to do so, directly behind her. And then he walks into the fog behind her. The fan in his right hand continues to waft lazily.

Though he might not be too keen upon the fog, Shouye Ren does step forward and towards the rope that Amy holds. His hands slip away from his back, and he reaches out a hand to take hold of a loop on the rope. The loop that is behind the one that Ying selected for himself. He will go with them, and he will protect them -- especially Yewan Ying. He listens to what Amy says about the fog, and he gives a small nod to her words. Defend himself? Perhaps he will. But he is more interested and concerned with defending Ying. Protecting Ying. That is his primary goal. He walks as they do, to head into the fog. And still, he is quiet.

The trip through the fog is not easy. It's tiring to continue to focus so hard, and yet without that focus, one could wander lost in the fog forever. Each step becomes more difficult, feeling like one is weighted down at times. At other times, it's just a question of whether they're moving at all. Impossible to see anything. There are howls in the distance, small will-o-the-wisp lights flickering off in the distance. And yet, as the group continues to walk, slowly, one step at a time, there is eventually a lightening of the fog, first just a lighter grey, and then it starts to seem as though there might be shapes in the mist. And then it opens up and the group finds themselves ...

Danielle, Yewan, Lucafrase, Shouye, Gavin leave, following Amethyst.

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