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Name Gender Age Concept Fealty Social Rank
Alonzo Male 400 Son of Caine, Patter walker, trump artist and battle mage - above all, a poet (RTA character) Amber None
Amethyst Female 22 Healing Oberspawn Dragon Amber 3
Autumn female 25 Lost Mage/Librarian Amber None
Catigern Male 30 Traumatized Weir Amber None
Danielle female 30 Mercurial mage Amber None
Dasha femme 30 inquisitive seeker/explorer Amber None
Dirk male 39 Minosian pirate turned arden ranger Amber None
Filinia F 18 Like a street urchin, but clingier Amber 5
Gaval Male 26 Reformed Assassin Amber None
Gavin male 25 Heroic Knight Amber None
Kerf Male 30 Dual-natured Chimera Amber None
Kynan Male 25 Addled Sorcerer Supreme Amber None
Kyrie Female 78 Previously shadow-locked steampunk gambler, daughter of Random. Amber None
Lucafrase Female 21 An artisan with a talent for imbuing woodworks with supernatural power, Lucafrase has materialized in shattered Amber without a memory to guide her... Amber None
Maggie Female 230 Elementally inclined Pattern/Trump Adept, Minosian Captain channeling her father Brand's insanity into useful pursuits. Amber None
Markus Male 30 Noble Officer Amber None
Ruby Female 666 Ruby carries a number of occupations under her belt: Weaponsmith, Admiral, Pattern adept and warrior to name a few. With the loss of so much, she'll be frantically clawing at whatever she can clasp to herself as a means to survive. She'll be taking a hard line on practical aspects in this new situation. The acquisition of power, influence and trying to be the last woman standing if the clock is really running out. She'll be trying to make big decisions because she believes the strongest are the most qualified to do so. What can be salvaged will be salvaged. What needs to be remade will be remade. And if she's ever questioned it will always be with the excuse of the pursuit of some greater need or goal. She feels that to make anything last or have impact, it always comes down to sacrifice. She feels she's just the right ruthless person with the proper amount of willpower to make the hard decisions. Amber None
Vitas M 29 Poetry, Prophecies, Weir, and Tir Amber None